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  1. Cyrion

    It's a Dog's Life-

    Hopefully this picture collection tickles the funny bones of dog and pet lovers in this thread..
  2. Cyrion

    It's a Dog's Life-

    This looks like a good place to offer this link to pictures of pets sitting like people.
  3. Cyrion

    Did Rock Hudson ever make a good movie?

    I remember reading in my Encyclopedia of Science Fiction about Hudson financing the movie "Seconds." Not sure I reached that movie, though.
  4. Cyrion

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    I still like 1980s music the best. Fast and catchy. Like The Touch by Stan Bush, Desperate Dreams by Survivor, Whatever Possessed You by Care and Dream by P. Lion. But for movie and TV show music, Japanese tokusatsu has the best soundtracks in my view. Also from the 80s, but usually the Japanese are very ingenious with background music.
  5. Agreed with the Anime thing. Aside from Akira, Howl's Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke may work as essentials. Hmm, that reminds me to look up some Japanese classic films.
  6. Cyrion

    Re-listing of the Essentials

    Let me offer a possible list of essential classic horror films.

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