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  1. I cannot get my watchlist to save til I come back and continue watching. It is rather tedious for this to keep happening. Please anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? I am about to use a time machine and go back to when TCM was easy to use. Thanks for any assistance.

  2. kirbybirdy

    New tcm Website?

    I'd like to contact the person or persons responsible for ruining my viewing experience on TCM. I really liked the old schedule format. Someone has already mentioned the unnecesary clicks we have to go thru just to get to the movie or to find end of run date. There is so much to say about this mess I'm confusing myself, please please bring back our old format. New is not better
  3. kirbybirdy

    New tcm Website?

    I totally agree, there is so much I miss from the old format. It has been said before but will say it again, If a thing is not broken don't fix it. So disappointed with whoever is responsible for this mess-up.
  4. This format is absolutely awful. You cannot pause a movie once it has started, not only that but a person cannot fix volume unless you do not go full screen. This is perhaps the worst idea TCM has ever come up with. I love TCM but not sure new format is worth the trouble. If an object is not broken don't fix it OK.

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