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  1. Emily Dean

    Can't Miss Movie Bits

    Well I have to agree with all the above scenes including the reference to the wonderful George Sanders in "All About Even" but I admit I always wait breathlessly for three scenes in "Casablanca"..as stated previously George Rains accepting his winnings, Ingrid Bergman framed in that most beautiful white dress when she and Paul Henreid first walk into Ricks and that most fabulous of frames when Rick first sees Ingrid over Sam's head. Everytime, everytime those are the scenes I wait for.
  2. Top Billed and the Films of the Forties: I too am drawn to the films of the forties. I believe as you do that the decade underwent such a significant transition for the American society and it is reflected in the movies made over that decade. I guess as well, even though I was born in the middle of the decade and can remember little of it, the events in that period influenced my life most probably due to my parents' experiences. Regardless I love the forties and wistfully think of myself either as Rosie the Riveter or in the trenches with the nurses of "So Proudly We Hail". Thanks too TB for keeping the topics on the boards educational and sophisticated. Emily
  3. Top Billed: I believe you have just added the possibility of a TCM focus "Movies of a Year" category. Wouldn't it be a joy to spend time watching these movies as a theme from each studio. So along with the Star of the Month TCM would be able to spend a year focusing on a set of movies from an earlier year. You have just programmed one year for them. Thanks so much for demonstrating another creative approach to the showing of classic films. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (I refuse to condescend to political correctness in this instance). Emily
  4. It's a George Sanders type of day. Thank you TCM for sharing more of George for those of us who are appreciative of the "George affect" to the films he appears in.
  5. Emily Dean

    I Just Watched...

    I watched "Here Comes Mr. Jordon" this past Sunday night and everytime I watch it I enjoy it even more. The movies is a complete summary of why movies were "golden" in the "golden era" of movies. The supporting actors of Claude Raines, Edward Everett Horton and James Gleason make this movie a classic representative of what studios did best in the 40's. When I see movies such as this as well as some others that rely heavily on the character actors to give the film that something special it saddens me that at TCM they really don't get the recognition they deserve. I know they had a focus on character actors this past year but they hardly touched the well of talent that the character actors possessed.
  6. Emily Dean

    What's Missing From TCM

    I was thinking the same thing this past Saturday and wished that TCM had a "Saturday Movie Day" at least once a month where we got a selection of "B" Westerns and other films that were available in the theater in the 50's when it was safe for parents to drop us off at the movies with money for a ticket, one treat and one drink. Always a double header with great movies (so we thought) plenty of action,music and cartoons (mostly politically incorrect today) and a second feature; monsters, science fiction, detective. So instead of "let's movie" let us have a push for a Rainy Saturday. Of course I would have to order my Licorice Allsorts from an on-line store, however popcorn and soft drinks are available. Thanks cigarjoe.
  7. Emily Dean

    The Falcons, Nov 6

    Yes Top Billed this is what we truly want and how TCM keeps on ignoring our pleas is unbelievable. Here I am, a faithful watcher from the very beginning, now having to sit through adverts for wine, pay as you go fan clubs and pestered with auctions and sales of DVDS, I still watch. You and I have been lobbying for George for several years now...how do we rile up the George "ettes" to give him his due?....I am with you TB. Emily
  8. Emily Dean

    The Falcons, Nov 6

    I really enjoyed my day with The Falcon...George and Tom both. It is a shame really that Tom didn't do better as he is quite attractive but "there is something about George" that just keeps you engaged with him and his character that Tom didn't quite have. Regardless, a fun day, light and enjoyable and I just loved how in "The Falcon in Mexico" we were given a travel segment re: the Butterfly Boats. It is cold and grey here in Kansas so it was a great day to curl up with the doggies and TCM for the afternoon.
  9. As an avid George Sanders fan....I'll be having a sit down all day tomorrow luxuriating in the wonderful sounds of George Sanders and his "Falcon" episodes. The best binge watch of the week..
  10. I agree this is horrible and the print is too small and on my screen the font is way too light to read easily. TCM is changing and I am moving away. Have subscribed to BritBox and Acorn on my Prime site...so I am having a retro English TV time at the moment. You haven't lived until you are taken back to the politically incorrect shows of the 70's on BBC and ITV.
  11. Emily Dean

    The Always Underrated Dana Andrews

    I do believe that one of the reasons for Dana Andrews "falling star" was his alcohol addiction. He is a great actor and nothing stands out more in his film history than his role in "The Best Years of Our Lives" especially with the closing moments of the film sitting in an abandoned bomber. His whole past and future life is wrapped up into that one moment in time. I empathize with his character so much and it always causes me to remember my dad who was a Halifax Flt Lt. and pilot for the CRAF..what his homecoming must have felt like...he never once said and foolish child and adult that I was, I never asked. Emily
  12. Emily Dean

    The worst movie I have ever seen!

    I can't really drag up any movie that I paid to see that was truly horrible I have to say that yesterday's offering of Zsa Zsa Gabor in "Queen of Outer Space" would meet the criteria. It was so bad that I don't understand how the actors were able to get through it with a straight face. Knowing how horrible it would be I still watched the opening scenes just to get an idea of the "kitsch" involved and still find it incredulous that anyone would spend money making the movie let alone spending money to see it. I noticed in the last several weeks TV viewers are being bombarded with movie adverts and I truly don't see one film that even rises to a curiosity other than the Judy Dench "Victoria and Abdul" film. However the film appears to be redundant to the one with Queen Victoria and her Scottish Bodyguard, so in keeping with kitsch...been there, seen that. Emily
  13. Emily Dean

    Crime Wave on Wed, Sep. 13

    Please stay safe and don't go on the roof to adjust the antenna. I remember my dad "roofing" around adjusting the antenna and my Mom shouting out the window with directions...similar to her driving directions on our many 50's road trips
  14. Emily Dean

    Crime Wave on Wed, Sep. 13

    You might be right about Ryan taking over " The Racket" but then he always seemed to take over the movies he was in. Love these 50's crime movies, the huge overcoats, the large hats and best of all " The Racket" has 2/5ths of Perry Mason, Lt. Cragg and Prosecuter Berger. Where's Della? Also saw a great Nash. I just love Nash's, especially Lois Lane's. Anyway love this program of movies.
  15. Emily Dean

    Ben Can't Pronounce English Names

    Dargo: I will always defend Ben and Alec from you lot. Everyone here complains, complains, complains and I 'll add whinges as well regarding these two individuals. From my point of view I'd like to complain about some of the programming where the same movies are played over and over when there are others that you have to wait for However I will say I admire the programmed "theme days" that they have had lately or "star days" where a star is featured all through the day. This is especially nice when the feature actor is someone you would hardly ever see on a prime time focus. I am also enjoying this month's featuring members of the actor's home...what great interviews and what a great reach back to history. I am saddened to think about the many actors who lived there and no one was interested in recording the history...what a great perspective on the films they would be able to offer.
  16. Emily Dean

    why can't tcm do better for horror/sci-fi fans?

    What a great idea Sepiatone, both the Saturday afternoon films and a "Drive-In Movie" feature. The Saturday afternoon film could consist of a combination of both the horror and sci-fi films combined with Tarzan and B Westerns. Remember when our parents would drop us of at the theatre for an afternoon of films, nicely done on wintry days and hot summer days when the theatres were "air cooled". Same goes for a drive in feature...I'd love a box of popcorn and Licorice AllSorts for those events...don't forget my Coke (well Diet Coke now). Let's all go to the lobby and lobby TCM for considering this idea.
  17. Emily Dean

    why can't tcm do better for horror/sci-fi fans?

    Well for real "sci-fi" and horror movies there is always Svengoolie. And yes most of them are poorly done but you have to admire the effort at the time in as much as the artists and directors had to use their imagination and other skills. Regardless of their weakness I much admire them over all these computer graphic films.
  18. Emily Dean

    Ben Can't Pronounce English Names

    You all cannot give Ben a break. If its not French, its English (?) or it is his nasal tones or it is something. Ben most likely can pronounce Yiddish well considering his background. As for pronouncing Hattie Jacques last name correctly, neither can the British or it would be the correct French pronunciation. And I suppose none of you have any problem with pronunciation whether it's names or just common vocabulary. It it were not for Ben or Alec Baldwin you "fans" would have nothing to complain about.
  19. Emily Dean

    Ben can't pronounce French names

    Pronunciation is in the "ears of hearer". Enough said.
  20. Emily Dean

    Richard Anderson (1926 - 2017)

    Yes I too admired Mr. Anderson and he was a very familiar actor to those of us raised on 50's and 60's television. I watch many a black and white television program and see him frequently. I am happy to note he lived a long, fruitful and successful life.
  21. Emily Dean

    Ben can't pronounce French names

    All I have to say about this topic, is that most Americans can't pronounce English correctly, let alone French. Cannot you all leave poor Ben alone? He has done nothing to you.
  22. Your remarks are "right on" and I agree that hiding history doesn't eliminate it and hiding it means we will not learn from it. I went to Budapest last year and the Hungarians and citizens of Budapest, rather than destroy their Soviet Era statutes moved them to a park. Keeping history visible is important. Art (certain movies are art to me) captures history and the two movies you mentioned were certainly art for their time and in the case of "The Birth of a Nation" captured history as it was, whether you like it or not.
  23. Emily Dean

    Character Actors

    Mr. JazzGuitar: Your solution is an admirable one and I agree with you. Any TCM recognition that is manageable and would focus on character actors meets my need. I quite agree many such as James Gleason (one of my all time favs) appeared in a vast number of films, however his character stands out in some more than others. I did enjoy that Saturday morning series of him with Dame Edna May Oliver. The detective series was an example of two great character actors getting their own series of films. Hopefully TCM staff somewhere will see our posts and wishes.
  24. I think the "Back Lot" is an insult to the hundreds of TCM fans who have supported the channel over the last 23 years. All of us who have to pay extra for cable services to view our favourite films show our support. If we didn't want to watch it...TCM would have gone off the air years ago. That is especially even more so as a large number of viewers have matured over the years and are sailing off into the sunset. While I know TCM wants to cater to younger viewers those of us Baby Boomers and the following generation (what ever their name is) are the main supporters. My SS and IRA have to support my healthcare and general living expenses and regardless, paying $89 a year added to my heavy cable bills (along with WiFi, phone and internet services) is an added expense. Besides...I'd have to pay hotel and flights to participate in any events. As for choosing films etc...I still don't think my voice would count for much
  25. Emily Dean

    Great Songs That Play Over Movie Credits

    I see no one mentioned the score and ending credits for "A Man and a Woman" the 1966 Claude Lelouch movie. Went to see that movie when I was 21 on a Saturday "date night". For those of you who remember...dress, heels, matching purse and your date called at the door in a suit and tie. Move score was absolutely mesmerizing and I still have the LP in the basement along with some Beatles and other sixties albums. One of the most romantic films I have ever seen, however "Casablanca" still rates number one on my list.

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