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  1. Just took the survey regarding possible upcoming cruise options for 2020.  There seem to be 2 choices: a 5 day out of Port Canaveral starting at $1,700pp or a 7-day Alaskan cruise (departing??) starting at $3,500pp.  I sure hope they don't do the latter.  There are a lot of logistics to be worked out for an Alaskan cruise that would make it more difficult and more expensive (airfare!).  Plus, I think that's one reason why they stopped the original cruises back in 2016 - too big, too long, and too expensive.  They did not sell out the 2016 cruise quickly, if at all, and I suspect it was because of the price point and length.  Keep it short and sweet TCM!!

  2. Just went in to look again at the pricing and availability (I'm already booked) and it appears it's SOLD OUT!?  There don't seem to be any remaining categories to "click on" and book.  That was fast - about 4 weeks to sell it out.  However, I'm sure as time goes on and situations change, availability may pop back up on a limited basis.  Looking forward to the FUN!

  3. How about some more from the "golden" age?  Doris Day, Rhonda Fleming, Vera Miles, Anne Jeffreys, Dina Merrill, Barbara Rush, Gloria DeHaven, Mitzi Gaynor, Joan Collins, Kim Novak, Claire Bloom, JoAnne Woodward, Angela Lansbury, Olivia De Havilland, Dorothy Malone, Marge Champion, Janis Paige, Terry Moore, Nancy Olsen, Debra Paget, Marsha Hunt.

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  4. I am considering the cruise for 2016. I have been on several Disney cruises, but never a TCM cruise. I was wondering if things will be somewhat the same. Do they still have dining rotations and the printed daily navigators? Are there TCM movies playing in the theatre most of the day? Are the bars/nightclubs still open?


    Since it is probably mostly an adults only cruise, I'd like to hear what goes on. The normal Disney cruises can be quite loud, but I am assuming this won't be the case as there won't be piped in Disney music everywhere and characters roaming around. 


    Yes, things do run somewhat the same.  There are still dining rotations and the daily navigator.  Of course, the entire theme of the cruise is classic movies so most all of the activities center around that.  There are movies playing in multiple locations - in the theaters, by the pool, etc. - all day long and well into the night.  The bars and nightclubs are still open but usually have special talent provided as part of the theme.  For example, the Hot Sardines usually play.  Overall, it's very good talent!  Yes, I would say that this cruise is 95%+ adults - only a very small handful of children.  No piped in Disney music but the Disney characters do make a few special appearances on occasion.  I have been on several Disney cruises and all of the TCM cruises.  If you like movies ... and want to experience an "adults only" Disney cruise, this IS a fantastic opportunity.  You'll have Castaway Cay all to yourself!  As an adult, this is most definitely the way to have a Disney experience (minus the kids)!

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