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    Film about female ex- con?

    Carole Lombard. Of course! It was "Virtue". Thanks! There's another movie with another female ex-con on probation and she's visiting her aunt. Somewhere along the way she falls in love with this guy who doesn't know about her past. In the end he finds out somehow but he's committed to waiting for her. Sound familiar?
  2. I remember it vaguely: There's this woman who has been released from a correctional facility, and she meets and marries a cab driver. I think she tries to run out on paying the fare, but I'm uncertain. She somehow gets mixed up with her old crowd and framed for a murder.I think her former friend,the murder victim, was trying to blackmail her. The actress was blonde. That's all I can remember. I thought the main character was played by either Claudette Colbert or Betty Hutton, but that's just a guess. I'd guess it was filmed anywhere from the late 1930s to mid-1950s. It wasn't "I want to live" because the woman cleared her name. I saw it on TCM 5 or so years ago. Does anyone know the movie I'm referring to?

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