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    TCM 2016 Cruise Cabin Mate Wanted

    I'm considering going on the cruise. If I choose to do so, I would definitely need cabin mates. Are any females currently looking for an additional cabin mate? If so, what type of cabin, costs, etc? Thanks!
  2. 76sunflowers


    Tickets relisted http://www.ebay.com/itm/281459961423 . Accepting offers.
  3. 76sunflowers


    Please don't let these tickets go to waste. At this point even if I lose money on selling them it's still better than having it all go to waste. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281455160340
  4. We can't use our cruise tickets and can't file a claim with the travel insurance due to pre existing medical problems...even though we didn't know I'd need back surgery when we booked...I sought medical care beforehand. Would anyone like to buy these reservations? Otherwise when we cancel, they keep their money and turn around and sell it again to someone on the waiting list. Just incase someone would like our reservation, I won't be canceling until the last minute. Please feel free to email me at 76sunflowers@gmail.com. I have paypal and can sell them to you through eBay so we are both protected. I am not trying to make money...just want to get back what we paid.
  5. I had to have back surgery after I booked and my recovery isn't going as well as hoped. Is there anyone who'd like to have our cabin? We purchased the insurance but it would be much easier to just sell the tickets at face value to someone out there waiting for an opening. I have a paypal account so I'm sure there would be an easy, secure way to handle this.

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