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  1. nolagirl27

    Expand the Underground

    I think they have, but I think its unique oddness particularly for the time would be good reason to show it on the underground. I agree with you about the selection for a underground host and I would also love it if they extended the underground to two nights or week or honestly just starting earlier in the night such as beginning at 12am or even 11:30, (where I live it starts at 1 am) and showing more than just one or two underground films a Saturday night.
  2. nolagirl27

    Expand the Underground

    yeah death race is a pretty enjoyable romp with nice amount of camp and trashiness to it. It has some interesting elements such as a young Sylvester Stallone, david Caradine at the height of his fame. I think it is one of Roger Cormen's more clever almost witty exploitation films! I always love the part about the the points for hitting people with your car..more points for children and handy capped people! ha ha! I also like that that it satirizes American society and its obsession with violence, as well as the sensationalization of the news media. Death race also holds up to me because in the film people watch it on the race on their tv's as if it is a reality show. I think it is still on netflix
  3. nolagirl27

    Expand the Underground

    I love the TCM Underground! I have a few suggestions: -private Parts (1972) -Hi, Mom! (1970)-switchblade sisters -The Big Doll House (honestly anything Jack Hill would be amazing anytime all the time!) -Death Race 2000 -Circle of Iron -safari 3000 -faster Pussycat kill! kill! (i know its a given..buts just so amazing!) -The apple -they came from within -Sharon's Baby (Joan Collin's is such a campy delight! love her big death scene!) -Lord love a duck! ("Periwinkle pussycat!!!") The loved one -Bloody Mama (Shelley winters is amazing! and also has a young deniro and Bruce dern -pink flamingos (again i know obvious but come on it john waters in my opinion there should be a john waters film month) -blood for Dracula -black Christmas (because I don't think it gets a enough credit for how revolutionary and awesome it is) -ash Wednesday -boom -Bluebeard 1972 -secret ceremony -wake in fright -mad dog Morgan -the glory stompers ( Hopper is just so amazing in this) -Repo man (1984) -Beyond the valley of the dolls (delicious soundtrack! and another wonderfully campy mess!) -Ilsa She Wolf of the SS (if we're getting dark..dont hate me for posting this..not a fave..just kind of a classic of the genre.. and wow if it doesnt stick with you!) -Caged Heat (1974) -piranha (1978) more will come to me later! Also it would be so cool if there was an announcer for the underground movies, before or after the film-someone who has made or has been inspired by these films (like Quentin Tarantino) or just a cult film nerd who could discuss something about these kinds of films. like why there was a famous star in it, why there is a following etc.
  4. nolagirl27

    Expand the Underground

    sorry accidentally posted twice

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