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    Shorts missing from schedule

    Klaatu, I watched at least 2 shorts (both were Our Gang shorts) today that don't appear on the TCM schedule here. And according to the weekly schedule, there won't be any shorts until Tuesday. I'm betting that's wrong, too. I used to be able to check the schedule on the TCM app on my cell phone. But that app seems to have disappeared. There's an app for watching TCM, but I couldn't find a complete schedule on that app.
  2. I'm a shorts junky, so I always check the TCM schedule (both on this site and on my FiOS TV guide) to see what shorts are going to be shown. I've noticed today that at least 2 good shorts did not appear on either schedule. On the TCM site, I tried both the daily and weekly schedule options, refreshed them, etc. I just caught an Our Gang comedy a little while ago because I was flipping through channels and saw it in progress. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Mars

    Schedule problems

    Thanks!!! Just clearing the cache fixed the problem. I'm bookmarking that lifewire page in case I run into the problem again. It has a lot of good info. UPDATE: Problem is back! I'll try some of the other suggestions on lifewire.
  4. Anyone else having this problem? I'm getting this error message when I try to access the daily or weekly schedule. It's been kind of random for the past couple days, but now I can't access the schedule at all.
  5. Thanks!! I never checked the weekly or monthly schedules before. I see that I can even click on the "Shorts" button on the weekly schedule and see just the shorts. I'll be using that option a lot. The shorts are often the better parts of my day too.
  6. Anyone know why TCM no longer lists shorts in the program schedule? (They don't show up on the TCM schedule web page, or on my FiOS guide.) Is this a permanent change? I'm very fond of watching shorts, and always used to check the schedule in the morning to see what shorts would be shown that day. I miss my shorts! Literally.

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