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  1. DVDPhreak

    Stalker Movies

    A good source of info are the testimonials of stalking victims posted on social media, such as the one from this journalist, to name just one. A total stranger who saw you online could do things that make you fear for your life. Many of these accounts are from well-known and/or attractive and/or young people, but in fact ANYONE is susceptible to this kind of thing if you make yourself vulnerable to it.
  2. DVDPhreak

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    I just want to amend my views above a little bit by saying sometimes movies and pop culture in general DO affect the way real-life people talk, as we all well know. A memorable thing or line of a dialog in a movie may have been invented by the filmmakers, but it may enter into our language (go viral, so to speak) and become a real thing. For instance, there wouldn't be the English expression "bunny-boiler" if it weren't for Fatal Attraction (1987).
  3. DVDPhreak

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    Filmstruck had a lot of technical difficulties in its early going that might have led to fewer subscribers and ultimately its demise. This new service will need to be a better starter than Filmstruck was.
  4. DVDPhreak

    After The Thin Man - questions and SPOILERS

    I'm afraid you're over-analyzing this, my friend. My original post was clearly a complaint about movie cliches (hence, screenwriting skills), but I guess I wasn't too clear. I believe the term is "talking killer:" a villain who, at the most decisive moment, suddenly becomes a vociferous talker, an act that ultimately leads to his or her doom. Another example is that when a killer has the prey cornered and all he needs to do is pull the trigger; but then he starts talking ("Hahaha, are you afraid? Do you regret ____ my ____ ? Oh, I'm going to make this nice and slow, hahaha", etc.), just giving his prey enough time to find a way to escape. How many times have we seen this, and the example in After the Thin Man? Thousands.
  5. DVDPhreak

    Trafic (1971). Jacques Tati.

    There is a pricey Blu-ray set called "Complete Jacques Tati" that includes all the feature films he directed, all 7 of his shorts, including his incomplete 1978 short "Forza Bastia" (completed by his daughter in 2002), and his made-for-television film "Parade." This set can be had for $63 plus tax when Barnes & Noble has its annual 50% Criterion sale.
  6. DVDPhreak

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    LOL, excellent comeback!! Uh, Targo? Taco? Da..r..g, something...
  7. DVDPhreak

    After The Thin Man - questions and SPOILERS

    It's not really about logic, but screenwriting skills. The first Thin Man movie is done much better: the killer is revealed and is knocked out cold right away, end of movie. We don't have to endure any over-the-top histrionic confession. I was being facetious when I suggested the killer should call the lawyer, but ANYTHING other than a histrionic confession would be fine with me.
  8. DVDPhreak

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    I love hearing these expressions immortalized in movies that would otherwise be forgotten. Two things: Movie dialog didn't and doesn't necessary mirror real-life language. If a line is used in a movie, that doesn't mean it came from real life. It might have been invented, modified, or paraphrased by the screenwriters. In short, people in the movies don't and didn't always talk like people in real life. Another kind of expressions immortalized in movies are those involving contemporary topical subjects. Some movie dialog may refer to news events that occurred around the time the movie was made. If the news events are forgotten, then the meaning of the dialog is hard to understand for modern viewers. This is akin to watching those old SNL skits, many of which lampooned events of the day that are now forgotten. In A Night at the Opera (1935), when Harpo refers to those "five kids up in Canada," he refers to a set of Canadian quintuplets that were quite famous at the time, but are quite unknown to us today.
  9. DVDPhreak

    After The Thin Man - questions and SPOILERS

    Has TCM shown "After the Thin Man" in HD? Actually has any of the Thin Man movies shown in HD? No Blu-ray has been made for them, and all the streaming services still show them in SD.
  10. DVDPhreak

    After The Thin Man - questions and SPOILERS

    Speaking spoiler-freely, why can't the killer in this type of movie just plead the fifth at the end?? Just say you want to see your lawyer! You won't get caught, the detective can't do anything, nobody knows you did it, END OF MOVIE right there. Instead, in this kind of movie, the killer ALWAYS confesses everything to the camera at the end, complete with over-the-top emoting, instead of doing what is always done since the beginning of time: just say, "Talk to my lawyer, please!"
  11. DVDPhreak

    Stalker Movies

    "I Can Make You Love Me" (aka. "Stalking Laura") is 1993 made-for-TV movie based on a real-life 1990 case that led to the passing of the first anti-stalking law in the US. It stars Brooke Shields and Richard Thomas. The movie shows a man who becomes infatuated with his co-worker, stalks her, invades her privacy, and ends up opening fire on her at her workplace. She survives, but several people in her workplace die. It is not a very cinematic viewing experience since it was made for TV, but if you want some basis of reality, then this will do.
  12. DVDPhreak

    Predict the Oscars???

    It would be interesting to predict what Oscar winners will differ from the guild winners in their respective categories, because this happens every year and it is always an interesting indication of how the make-up of voters differ among the voting bodies. From your predictions, you seem to be going for the guild winners also winning the Oscars, but there are always exceptions every year, such as Moonlight's best picture win over La La Land a few years ago. I'm sensing another similar upset this year: best picture Oscar may go to another movie instead of the producers guild best picture winner Green Book. There has been some "shake-up" within the Oscar voters in response to calls for diversity, and the result may be less predictable best picture races.
  13. I watched this doc when it first aired on PBS back in 1989 and had never seen it again until I found this local PBS page that is streaming it. Sometimes, this kind of PBS streaming content is restricted to certain regions, so let me know this works for everyone. The film has interviews of many former child stars such as Baby Peggy, Dickie Moore, Roddy McDowall, Margaret O'Brien, etc., and it is hosted and narrated by Maureen Stapleton. Has this been aired on TCM??
  14. "Whitelisting" is an industry standard term that means always allowing a sender's email to come through. It is the opposite of "blacklisting," which does the opposite. Different apps call whitelisting/blacklisting differently: trusted sender list, safe sender list, blocked sender list, etc., or it could simply be called "filter." ALL email apps (although not on all platforms), as far as I know, have to have whitelisting and blacklisting features because these are pretty much industry standard features. One thing we need to watch out for is that a sender could change his or her email address. Your email app would then treat it as a new, unknown entity and may treat its emails as spam. So you would have to whitelist it all over again. Whitelisting is not always used or preferred because a sender's email address could be "spoofed" (i.e. faked).
  15. Do some of you check your spam folders, and/or whitelisting the sender's email address so it doesn't go to the spam folder?

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