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  1. Thanks for helping me, I finally figured out that it was Chamber of Horrors.
  2. Ok, I figured it out last night (finally). It was actually Chamber of Horrors. I guess I bought the DVD a long time ago and I found it in my collection. Thanks for the help though!
  3. You were right! I forgot that I actually bought the movie a long time ago and I found the DVD last night. I think I had the details of the movie a little mixed up when I last described it, but Chamber of Horrors was the one! Thanks
  4. Hi everybody, can you please help me find the name of an old horror film that I watched once? It was a classic film about a man that was kind of like Jack the Ripper that married a young woman then murdered her and kept her in his bed. It has a Vincent Price kind of feel but it wasn't a Vincent Price film (at least I don't think so). I think it was in color and had a one-word title. I remember it has an audience warning at the beginning. It was kind of Hitchcockian but I don't think it was a Hitchcock film. Any help you can give would be appreciated. I've been scouring the internet and haven't found it. I don't know the director or any of the actors. Just that it kind of had a Hammer films look to it and a Vincent Price feel to it. It's not the movie Macabre by the way but the tittle is something like that.

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