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  1. LawrenceA

    From around the galaxy

    Just to clarify: I took the time to try and help you with a technical problem you had. For some reason you took my response as being condescending. That was not intended, just as my prior effort to answer your questions in another thread was not meant as "preaching". Instead of simply responding with some open hostility of my own (which I did at first; more on that in a moment), I further clarified how to use the schedule in an effort to once again help you out. I then removed some incendiary comments, but not knowing if you had already seen said comments, I thought I should leave an Edited By clarification, and, apparently ill-advisedly, used some gallows humor that was meant to be taken at my expense. This led you to respond with more hostility, to which I responded with "Okay, thanks", because honestly I didn't know what else to say at that point. I was in the process of supplementing that post with something along the lines of what I've written here when I was notified that you responded, so I checked to see if perhaps there was some ceasefire in action, but instead it was another insult. That makes what...four or five? And all for the sin of taking the time to try and help you out, something that no one else seems to have had an interest in doing. I've just received another prompt that you've commented again, but I'm going to post this first before checking it, as judging by tonight's mood so far, I'm not holding out much hope on a friendly quip or anything of that nature. I'll leave you to the last word, but I will thank you for finally teaching me that it seldom pays to offer help. I'll leave that to others around here.
  2. LawrenceA

    From around the galaxy

    Why exactly are you being so hostile tonight? I really don't know.
  3. LawrenceA

    From around the galaxy

    Okay, thanks.
  4. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Thus Another Day (1959) - Japanese domestic melodrama from Shochiku and director Heisuke Kinoshita. A young wife and mother (Yoshiko Kuga) takes her child and moves in with her parents in the countryside. Her husband (Teiji Takahashi) is a struggling worker who decides to rent out their home for the summer to his boss. The wife encounters various characters in her new surroundings that summer, changing her life forever. Also featuring Kanzaburo Nakamura, Takahiro Tamura, Kazuya Kosaka, Koji Mitsui, Shuji Sano, and Rentaro Mikuni. There's too much going on in this muddled drama, over stuffing its brief 75 minute running time to the point that most characters don't have time to connect with the audience, and thus their outcomes become meaningless. There's a bit of surprising violence that comes across as an attempt to shock rather a necessary story beat. (6/10) Source: FilmStruck
  5. LawrenceA

    From around the galaxy

    You can see October and November's schedules on the "Schedule" tab provided above.. I'll try this again, going into more detail. Click the "Schedule" up above. You are now looking at the "Daily Schedule". Just above the day's listings, you'll see a "search" bar. To the right of that, you'll see "Day/Month". To the right of that, you'll see the date listed, with a small triangle/arrowhead pointing down. If you click on said triangle/arrowhead, a drop-down calendar will appear. Click on any of the dates shown to see that day's listings. Click the arrow pointing to the right at the top of the calendar, beside "September", to switch to the next month. Another option is to go to the "Schedule" screen above, and then at the bottom of that day's listings, you'll see an arrow pointing to the right that says "Next Day" beside it. You can click that arrow to go day to day all the way through November 30th. I also previously provided links to both October and November's weekly schedules. Hopefully this further-detailed information helps. If not, my apologies, as I tried. I've enjoyed our chat.
  6. LawrenceA

    From around the galaxy

    I tried to explain how to look at the October and November schedules, as well as posted links to said schedules. I'm not sure what else you're looking for. That's as far into the future as they go. As I also mentioned, December's schedule should be posted in the next week or two, and I'm sure someone will make a thread about that one with links, as well.
  7. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959) - Surprisingly serious jungle adventure movie from Paramount Pictures and director John Guillerman. A gang of ruthless crooks led by the scar-faced Slade (Anthony Quayle) kill some African villagers during a heist. They escape upriver, and are headed to the supposed location of a cache of diamonds, but Tarzan (Gordon Scott) is on their trail. Also featuring Sara Shane, Niall MacGinnis, Scilla Gabel, Al Mulock, and Sean Connery. There's very little humor or lightheartedness in this Tarzan effort, with as much time spent on the infighting of the gang members as on the hero. The performances are all good, particularly from Quayle as the monomaniacal Slade, and MacGinnis as an ex-Nazi. Connery's first scene in the film features him in blackface. (6/10) Source: Amazon video
  8. LawrenceA

    From around the galaxy

    Do you know how to access the schedule? Look at the top of your screen.You'll see the word "schedule" in between "Watch TCM" and "Month Highlights". When you click on "Schedule", that brings up the grid schedule for the day. You can click from day to day, or use the drop-down month calendar to pick a specific day. You can also choose to view an entire week's schedule rather than just a day's schedule by clicking where it says "weekly". The schedule has only been posted through November, with December's schedule expected any day now. If that all seems too complicated, look for the monthly schedule threads in the General Discussions section. They each start out with links to each week's schedule for that month. Edit: here are the monthly threads: September: October: November:
  9. LawrenceA

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Just look at the schedules. TCM Underground is on every Friday late night, usually at 2:00 AM ET, but sometimes a little earlier or later. I posted the lineup and dates for the next 10 weeks or so earlier in the thread.
  10. LawrenceA

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Night of the Living Dead is not Return of the Living Dead. The former is a serious horror film, the latter is a horror comedy. ROTLD is only tangentially connected to NOTLD. However, there was a direct remake of NOTLD in 1990, as well as sequels including Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and remakes of those, too. Return of the Living Dead also has sequels. Confused yet? Return of the Living Dead is available in several different DVD and Blu-ray editions. I recommend the Scream Factory version:
  11. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Street of Love and Hope aka A Town of Love and Hope (1959) - Japanese social drama from Shochiku and director Nagisa Oshima. A high school age boy from a very poor family feels guilt over a scam he pulls wherein he sells his family's pet pigeons knowing that they will escape from their new owners and return to his house, enabling him to sell them to another unsuspecting victim. The daughter from a wealthy family feels sorry for the boy and tries to help out he and his family, which leads to tragedy. Featuring Fumio Watanabe, Yuki Tominaga, Kakuko Chino, Yuko Mochizuki, Fujio Suga, Hiroshi Fujikawa, Michio Ito, and Noboru Sakashita. This marked the feature debut for director Oshima, who would go on to an illustrious if controversial film career. There's a bit of his "dark recesses of the human psyche" already on display here, with characters making rash and even abhorrent decisions. The cast are uniformly good, and the B&W cinematography adds to the depressing squalor of the lead character's situation. (7/10) Source: FilmStruck
  12. LawrenceA

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    The Night of the Hunter Cape Fear Out of the Past The Friends of Eddie Coyle Farewell, My Lovely
  13. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    The Snow Flurry (1959) - Japanese melodrama from Shochiku and director Keisuke Kinoshita. A woman and her lover attempt a double-suicide, only she survives. She learns that she's also pregnant, and the film follows the difficult lives she and her son lead as a result of that early tragic decision. Featuring Keiko Kishi, Ineko Arima, Yoshiko Kuga, Yusuke Kawazu, Chieko Higashiyama, Yasushi Nagata, Kuniko Igawa, and Chishu Ryu. Kinoshita's widescreen, color compositions are visually pleasing, and the location cinematography is nice (the film is set in the countryside). However, I wasn't thrilled with the storyline, and the characters were either bland ciphers or over-emotional founts of sappy sentimentality. (6/10) Source: FilmStruck
  14. I can't post screencaps, so I'll try to verbalize it: If you click where it says "Forums" at the top left tab, next to "Members" and "Contact Us", it will show you the full index with the genre sub-forums, etc.
  15. LawrenceA

    Host replaced?

    While I don't have anything against the current hosts, or the previous ones (although I have to admit to not caring too much for Dave Karger, but I've only seen him once or twice), I too have voiced the opinion that I could do without hosts all together. That idea was not only met by general indifference, but outright vitriolic hostility by one poster. The intros and outros are okay by me, but not a necessity, and if it meant more money for rarer movies to be shown, then I would dump them in a heartbeat. Eddie Muller on Noir Alley is the only one who goes in-depth, outside of the random spotlight guest-hosts.

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