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  1. LawrenceA

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    FORBIDDEN GAMES next: The Grand Canyon
  2. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    A word of warning about the DVD of THE ICEMAN COMETH. I bought the Kino 2-disc version, brand new. The transfer is pretty bad, with some ghosting and smearing effects in the darker-lit scenes. There was a bit of digital artifacting on the second disc as well, and the very opening of the beginning credits stuttered and froze for a moment. So keep that in mind when deciding if the price is low enough.
  3. And it isn't all politics, either. There are frequently updated threads about dogs, lions, tigers, elephants, the weather, the great "from around the galaxy" thread, poetry, stage musical performances, quotes from tv shows, etc etc. There's even a thread about what NipkowDisc ate that day. Just because you don't approve of something doesn't mean everyone else should follow suit. If you don't like it, don't look at it. No one is forcing your eyes to read it. Most, if not all, of the political topics are clearly labeled as such.
  4. I'm glad to see they separated things with an easily-bypassed "Off Topic" section. That way if someone doesn't like that kind of thing, they can just skip it, while at the same time those that do like it have a place to go and vent about such things with their friends and acquaintances they've made on these boards. That's much better than if someone just dictated what everyone else can and cannot discuss. Freedom of expression and ideas and all of that sort of thing.
  5. LawrenceA

    Favorite Siblings and Their Movies

    I like Jane more than Peter Fonda. Both Stacy and James Keach are good. David>Keith>Robert Carradine. Dennis and Randy Quaid are both good, until Randy flipped out. Both Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal are good.
  6. LawrenceA

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    7.) Richard Denning starred in the delirious delight CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN in 1955.
  7. LawrenceA

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

  8. LawrenceA

    The Director's Cut

    Wow, really put in the effort! Great read! Even if I submitted first, I gladly defer to your answer as the winner.
  9. LawrenceA


    Kid, I've been wracking my brain all night and day, but can't make headway with this. I'm gonna need a clue, anything!
  10. LawrenceA

    The Director's Cut

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz - A Letter to Three Wives (1949) All About Eve (1950)
  11. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    THE ICEMAN COMETH - (8/10) - The American Film Theatre was a company set-up to produce film adaptations of stage plays that remained completely faithful to the original plays. There was to be no additional scripting, or attempts to "open up" any of the imagery. They eventually produced 14 films between 1973 and 1975, and this was the third, released to limited engagement in 1973. Based on the highly acclaimed Eugene O'Neill play, this character study follows a small number of sad drunks and losers who hang around Harry Hope's barroom and boarding house. They each have their own reason for giving up on life in the outside world, and the lengthy verbal monologues and arguments make up the film's running time. The cast in this is phenomenal, and they each give performances ranging from very good to career best. Robert Ryan (whose last film this was, and who was dying of cancer at the time of filming) anchors the proceedings with a finely underplayed performance, as a washed-up anarchist radical, that should have garnered him his long-deserved Oscar. Fredric March, also dying and in his final role, plays the bar proprietor. Lee Marvin gets the showiest role as the obnoxious Hickey, who's kicked the drink and is now determined to "help" the others get back into the world. A young Jeff Bridges plays a nervous young man with an attachment to Ryan, and I felt he may get swallowed up by all of the other big performers, but he holds his own, and any uncertainty in his performance or intimidation he may have felt working with such actors only serves to enhance his performance. Bradford Dillman is also fantastic in an against-type role as a filthy, broken-toothed drunk who tries to dry out and suffers from the DT's. Also with Sorrell Booke, George Voskovec, John McLiam, Moses Gunn, Clifton James and more. The direction by John Frankenheimer is perfunctory, but it was this play-to-film series' intention not to distract from the written work. At 4 hours long, it can be a test of endurance, and the relentless down-beat mood can be taxing for those not prepared. However, as a piece of acting excellence, it comes highly recommended. First time watched. Source: DVD.
  12. The right spent a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy trying to destroy Hillary while she was in both jobs. I'm not trying to suggest people should vote for Bernie because Republicans hate Clinton. I was simply stating that, like Bogie said, they won't work with Sanders OR Clinton. This idea that she's more practical and has experience implies that either one matters to Capitol Hill Republicans. They openly state that they feel their election to national office is not to work for their constituents, but to stop any and every Democratic initiative that comes along, regardless of content, even if it's something they themselves promoted six months earlier. The US system of government has been on life support for the last 20+ years, and it may be flatlined. I'll vote, and do my part to support my beliefs, but I think it's never going to change, save for some massive, major disruption in the status quo (cataclysmic natural disaster, nuclear war, environmental catastrophe, etc).
  13. The right-wing hate machine was founded on the back of the Clintons in the 90s. Limbaugh, Boortz, etc on the radio spent hours everyday fomenting outrage and animosity towards Bill and Hillary. When Hillary first attempted healthcare reform while she was First Lady, they ripped her to shreds. By the end of Bill's second term, there was no more hated person in America by the right-wing than Hillary Clinton. I know, I used to hear it everyday on the radio. That venomous loathing carried over to Fox News and the ever expanding conservative radio propaganda machine with new, powerful voices like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Laura Ingram. So yes, the Republican establishment would hate Sanders, and refuse to work with him, but Hillary is an old, seasoned hatred that's grown and festered for 25 years. If/when she gets elected, I honestly think the rancor will be worse than it has been with Obama.
  14. LawrenceA

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    3.) Richard Denning co-starred in CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, one of the greatest monster movies of the 1950s.
  15. I'm glad you got to see PAPILLON, GregoryPeckfan. I've always felt it was one of the best prison movies ever, and McQueen and Dustin Hoffman were terrific.
  16. LawrenceA

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Eddie "Rochester" Anderson was in Broadway Rhythm with Gloria DeHaven.
  17. LawrenceA


    The Greatest Show On Earth
  18. LawrenceA

    Uh, TCM...What's Up with This?

    Fuhgeddaboutitt! has been around since Columbus landed. It was his first word upon landing in the new world. True story. As for Robert Englund:
  19. LawrenceA

    A to Z of Characters

    Wicked Witch - Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz
  20. LawrenceA

    *A to Z of Movies*

    It's a Big Country
  21. LawrenceA

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Peters, Jean
  22. LawrenceA

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    The Lion in Winter

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