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    It's Robert Helpmann, I think. I've seen the movie, as well. I thought it was awful.
  2. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Horror

    The Sect (1991) - 6/10 Strange Italian horror film from director Michele Soavi and writer-producer Dario Argento. An American school teacher (Kelly Curtis, older sister of Jamie Lee Curtis) in Frankfurt is targeted by a mysterious cult with sinister purposes. Also featuring Herbert Lom, Tomas Arana, Mariangela Giordano, Michel Adatte, Carla Cassola, Angelika Maria Boeck, and Giovanni Lombardo Radice. This slow, long (117 minutes) film has good production values and decent acting, but the script is beyond bizarre, and it takes a long time for things to come together in any comprehensive way. I expected the usual devil-worshipers-trying-to-foment-the-antichrist type of thing, but that's subverted, as the cult has something to do with an insect that went extinct 10,000 years ago but has recently been re-discovered in Antarctica. So you've got some Rosemary's Baby mixed with a little of The Thing as well as Prince of Darkness, as churning well of mysterious blue liquid is found under the protagonist's house. It's all very odd, and there's a bit of gore, too, with one scene reminding me of something in Hellraiser. This was also released in the U.S. as The Devil's Daughter.
  3. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Cult/Exploitation/Grindhouse/Etc.

    Science Crazed (1991) - 1/10 Canada comes through again with this zero-budget horror/comedy (???). A mad scientist impregnates a woman using an experimental procedure, resulting in her giving birth a day later, and the fetus becoming a fully grown person a day after that. This "newborn" (a guy wearing jeans, a bloody t-shirt, and bandages on his head) goes on a killing spree. The majority of the film's runtime is taken up by shots of the monster's feet as he shambles down hallways and corridors. A good solid 15 minutes of the movie's 82 minutes is comprised of footage of two women working out, first through aerobic dance, then at a gym. Large portions of the rest of the film are also padded in this manner, with people lounging around an in-door swimming pool, or walking in parking garages. There's about 30 lines of dialogue total, and several close-ups of people that look more like lighting tests than actual film footage. Truly one of the worst movies ever made. Enter at your own risk!
  4. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Action/Adventure

    Samurai Cop (1991) - 2/10 Absurdly bad action flick about a San Diego cop nicknamed the "Samurai" (Matt Hannon) who works with the L.A.P.D. to stop a yakuza gang. With Robert Z'Dar, Mark Frazer, Janis Farley, Melissa Moore, Cranston Komuro, and Gerald Okamura. This has the reputation for being one of the absolute best worst action films ever released, and I have to say that it doesn't disappoint. Ineptly directed, badly acted, bafflingly edited, poorly dubbed, and sporting one of the dumbest screenplays ever produced, this is a gem of a turkey. Highly recommended to bad movie fans.
  5. LawrenceA

    on svengoolie tonite

    Dracula is 75 minutes long, so there will be a lot of commercials and Sven silliness.
  6. Coming summer 2021... JOAD: The Wrathening of the Grapes
  7. LawrenceA


    Academy votes not to change Oscar eligibility rules for streaming services in major win for Netflix The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted to maintain its eligibility rules for the Oscars amid calls for a crackdown on streaming services from some prominent members. On Tuesday night, the board of governors decided to keep the current requirements, which state that a feature-length film must run for one-week in an L.A. County theater to qualify for best picture. “The Academy’s Board of Governors voted to maintain Rule Two, Eligibility for the 92nd Oscars. The rule states that to be eligible for awards consideration, a film must have a minimum seven-day theatrical run in a Los Angeles County commercial theater, with at least three screenings per day for paid admission. Motion pictures released in nontheatrical media on or after the first day of their Los Angeles County theatrical qualifying run remain eligible,” the board said in a statement on its website.
  8. LawrenceA


    That's a Netflix produced film, and they usually don't get wide theatrical distribution. I can't find a source for the exact number of screens it opened on, though.
  9. LawrenceA


    I'm not much of Garland fan, so I had no interest in this regardless. If the reviews had been ecstatic, I may have seen it eventually, but it was never something I was going to actively seek out or shell out money for. While the producers wanted to turn a profit, no one expected this to be a huge blockbuster hit, as the appeal would be very limited. Has there been a classic-era biopic that was a box-office hit in the past decade? And Zellweger isn't the most bankable star, either. Judging by the box-office take thus far, this seems like something that would have done better going straight to a streaming service or cable channel.
  10. LawrenceA


    I saw one very brief TV commercial for it, nothing else. So it didn't receive much promotion, especially compared to other recent films. It also didn't get wide distribution, as it didn't come to my local theater. The only new movie we got this week was Abominable, which opened on 4242 screens.
  11. LawrenceA

    The Soap Opera Thread

    Victor Kiriakis!
  12. Dracula prequel - Dracula Untold (2014) Hannibal Lecter prequel - Hannibal Rising (2007) See, you could be a Hollywood producer, after all! Except these were both flops.... They haven't done Tom Joad yet, but...
  13. LawrenceA

    The Soap Opera Thread

    Wait, this Terry Kiser?!? I can't imagine him in a romantic role. I only know him for playing creeps, and the dead guy in the Weekend at Bernie's movies. In my household, Days of Our Lives and Another World were the shows my mother and sisters watched, so I got to know quite a bit about them without actually watching them very much. I also saw a lot of Dark Shadows. My maternal grandmother watched The Secret Storm and The Edge of Night. A lot of good classic film-era talent appeared in those shows, as did a lot of up-and-comers.
  14. LawrenceA


  15. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    The Indian Runner (1991) - 7/10 In late 60's Nebraska, a highway patrolman (David Morse) struggles to deal with his younger brother (Viggo Mortensen), an former soldier with a unpredictable violent streak. Also featuring Valeria Golino, Patricia Arquette, Charles Bronson, Sandy Dennis, Benicio Del Toro, and Dennis Hopper. A then-30-year-old Sean Penn wrote and directed this, and it has the hallmarks of a first film, with an occasionally weak focus and some self-indulgent bits. But overall I liked it. Mortensen, in one of his earliest major roles, has the most heavy lifting to do acting-wise and he's pretty good, although weak in spots. Bronson is surprisingly effective in a small role as the main characters' father. This was the final film of Sandy Dennis, briefly seen as their mother.
  16. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Cult/Exploitation/Grindhouse/Etc.

    Fishing with John (1991-1992) - 7/10 Oddball TV show/mini-series that ran only 6 episodes and was aired sporadically on cable. Musician and actor John Lurie invites celebrity friends on exotic fishing excursions, to laughable results. His guests include Jim Jarmusch (who he takes out shark fishing off Montauk), Tom Waits (Jamaica), Matt Dillon (Costa Rica), Willem Dafoe (Maine ice fishing), and in the final two-parter, Dennis Hopper (Thailand). Each episode features overly dramatic narration by Robb Webb which is punctuated with non sequiturs and outright fabrications. This may be too dead pan and laid back for most viewers, but those on a certain wavelength will find it hilarious (as I did). It's one of the earliest DVD releases from Criterion.
  17. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Comedies

    Defending Your Life (1991) - 7/10 From writer-director-star Albert Brooks. He plays Daniel, a middle-aged L.A. guy who dies in a car crash. He wakes up in the afterlife, which looks a lot like southern California, where he has to await judgment to decide his next destination: either moving on to the next level of existence, or rebirth on Earth to learn more life lessons. While he awaits his trial, he meets fellow recently-deceased person Julia (Meryl Streep), and the two hit it off. With Rip Torn, Lee Grant, Buck Henry, and Ethan Embry. Brooks' version of the hereafter is amusing in it's bureaucracy. I liked the never-ending food options, as those waiting to be judged get to eat whatever they want, and however much they want, with no cost or physical repercussions, and it always tastes amazing. Rip Torn is funny as Brooks' boisterous defense attorney, and here he seems to have set the tone for his later career triumphs, like The Larry Sanders Show.
  18. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Comedies

    Welcome Danger (1929) - Harold Lloyd's first talkie was this road trip/crime comedy from Paramount and director Clyde Bruckman. Harold plays Harold Bledsoe, the seemingly inept son of a famed law enforcement figure who travels to San Francisco to help on a case. On the way there he bumps into Billie (Barbara Kent) and her sick little brother who are also headed to Frisco to see a Chinese specialist to help the boy. When they arrive, Bledsoe quickly begins to irritate his co-workers at the SFPD in his overzealous efforts to unmask the Black Dragon, the mysterious figure running Chinatown's drug trade. Also featuring Charles Middleton, Noah Young, Will Walling, Douglas Haig, Blue Washington, and Edgar Kennedy. This was filmed in both silent and sound versions, with much of the latter being done via dubbing, which can be a bit distracting. The film is a bit overlong at 115 minutes, and the two sections of the film seem like they're from different scripts. The first 1/3, which is the rom-com road trip with Kent and her brother, is sweet if a bit overly familiar. I thought Kent was a real knockout, though. The other 2/3, detailing Harold's attempts to solve the Chinatown crimes, is much better. Young plays a dim-witted beat cop that gets caught up in Harold's mission, and their scenes together are frequently very funny. I was also amused by Blue Washington as the bad guy's hulking butler, who takes time to take his shirt off before attacking Harold with a whip. It's a weird scene, but funny. 7/10 Source: FilmStruck.
  19. Are you a Vaper? Or is it Vapist? Or perhaps Vapomancer?
  20. LawrenceA

    The Soap Opera Thread

    I think it was Port Charles. Dark Shadows wasn't the only one! 🤓
  21. LawrenceA

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    I asked Ham those questions because I've read today that there are several conservative pundits and politicians who have already moved from the "it didn't happen" defense to the "it doesn't matter" defense. They concede that everything happened as laid out thus far, but that they don't see anything wrong with any of it. I was curious if Ham felt the same, and if so, how someone gets to that point. In other words, I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't just engaging in blind partisanship, but that appears to be the case, based on his responses.
  22. LawrenceA

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    Oh, you were trying to be funny again? One day you'll do it, I'm sure. I politely asked you to discuss the issues at hand, but it's little surprise that you were unable to.
  23. LawrenceA

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    What part is a rumor?
  24. LawrenceA

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    But didn't the White House themselves release a call summary that said the same thing as the whistleblower's complaint?

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