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  1. What actors and actresses are your favorites by decade? They should be judged by their output decade by decade specifically. Meaning, when considering the 1930's, Cary Grant should only be considered for the films that he made from the 1930's, and not from subsequent decades. If you feel someone is your favorite for more than one decade, then list them for each decade. Also, it's fine if you wish to skip some decades that you are less familiar with. I'm sure we've all done this before a hundred times, but I'm bored, and there's not much happening. 1920's = Lon Chaney & Lillian Gish 1930's = James Cagney & Myrna Loy 1940's = Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman 1950's = Marlon Brando & Deborah Kerr 1960's = Sean Connery & Jane Fonda 1970's = Jack Nicholson & Diane Keaton 1980's = Robert De Niro & Meryl Streep 1990's = Gary Oldman & Emma Thompson 2000's = Daniel Day-Lewis & Cate Blanchett 2010's = Joaquin Phoenix & Amy Adams
  2. LawrenceA

    Favorite Performers By Decade

    For me, it was toughest settling on the 50's, 60's, and 70's actresses. I was also surprised at how tough it was settling on either for the 1990's, a decade that I know the films of quite thoroughly.
  3. LawrenceA

    Favorite Performers By Decade

    I like that you mention Pam Grier, Mickey Rourke, and Rosario Dawson. I like all 3 quite a bit. Denzel Washington would be in my top 3 or 4 faves from the 90's, too.
  4. LawrenceA

    Which Peter Ustinov Films Do You Like?

    Spartacus is my favorite movie that he appeared in, and he was very good in it.
  5. LawrenceA

    The Boys in the Band play

    Boys in the Band Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, Matt Bomer, Charlie Carver, Tuc Watkins and the entire Broadway cast of last year’s classic gay drama “The Boys in the Band” revival will reunite for the Joe Mantello-directed Netflix film adaptation of Mart Crowley’s famed play. Ryan Murphy will produce the project which will premiere in 2020.
  6. The Big Sick (2017) - Autobiographical rom-com from Amazon Studios and director Michael Showalter. Kumail Nanjiani stars as Kumail, a Pakistani-American stand-up comedian struggling for success in Chicago. He meets and falls for Emily (Zoe Kazan), who he meets at one of his stand-up gigs, but there's a problem: his traditionalist parents want him to submit to an arranged marriage to a Muslim Pakistani girl. His efforts to keep his relationship with a white American girl a secret from his parents eventually leads to discord with Emily, who is unaware of Kumail's dilemma. When Emily suddenly falls deathly ill and into a coma, Kumail must also deal with her parents, Beth (Holly Hunter) and Terry (Ray Romano). These trying times force Kumail to reevaluate his life and make bold decisions about his future. Also featuring Anupam Kher, Zenobia Shroff, Adeel Akhtar, Bo Burnham, Aidy Bryant, Kurt Braunohler, Vella Lovell, and David Alan Grier. I know Nanjiani from some TV series that he's been in, as well as seeing his stand-up a few times on talk shows. While I've always liked him, I didn't expect to see him in such a well-balanced, authentic, romantic film. He co-wrote it with the real-life Emily (Emily V. Gordon), and their story is fresh, funny, and compelling. Holly Hunter has garnered a lot of praise for her role as Emily's brash mother, and she's good, if a bit showy. Romano is excellently low-key, and I was impressed by Shroff as Kumail's matchmaker mother. This was executive produced by Judd Apatow, and it has that same disregard for cinematic flourishes that all of his movies do. Most modern rom-coms are so formulaic that it's become a running joke how predictable they are. While this movie doesn't re-invent the wheel, it's a very well done look at an unconventional couple. Recommended. (8/10) Source: Lionsgate Blu-Ray.
  7. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    I'll be watching a lot of that stuff as I move through the 60's. I have the rest of Secret Agent and The Prisoner, plus The Saint, available through Amazon Prime. I have the Emma Peel seasons of The Avengers, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Mission: Impossible on DVD to watch. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the earlier seasons of The Avengers, and I know that most of the first season episodes are lost.
  8. LawrenceA

    on svengoolie tonite

    This Week on Svengoolie: Valley of the Dragons (1961)
  9. LawrenceA


    Harlan County U.S.A. (1976) Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Reds (1981)
  10. Sincere emotional responses are frowned upon by our society, or most societies, really. It may be a lizard-brain reflex to perceived "weakness". While I wouldn't (couldn't?) react to entertainment news this way, many do, just as many also get emotionally worked up about Tiger Woods winning a golf game, or March Madness, or paint their bodies for the big sports game, or wax ecstatic over the return of Game of Thrones, or the release of a new album from their favorite pop tart. It fills an emotional need apparently inherent in most people. Or they can be dead inside and never get emotionally invested or excited about anything. It works for me, but I'm also bored and boring.
  11. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    No, it was a loud, brassy jazz theme. Here it is below:
  12. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Danger Man Season One (1960-1961) British spy/adventure series, with 39 half-hour episodes. Patrick McGoohan stars as John Drake, an American operative working for NATO. He travels all over the world on various missions, everything from rescuing high-profile kidnapping victims to thwarting drug rings and smuggling operations, from stopping assassins to solving public health crises. He often goes undercover, adopting the guise of the loud, obnoxious Ugly American type to lower the guard of his enemies. He generally eschews the use of guns, and is positively chaste compared to the womanizing James Bond stereotype. I thought McGoohan was very good in the lead, an unusual mix of honorable man-of-action and quick-witted malcontent. The stories got pretty monotonous by the end of the season, with many of the set-pieces repeated, and the guest cast reappearing as different characters. The guest cast features many performers who would later appear in the James Bond films, including Lois Maxwell, Donald Pleasence, Robert Shaw, Honor Blackman, Charles Gray, Zena Marshall, Nadja Regin, Walter Gotell, Burt Kwouk, and Anthony Dawson. Other notable guests include Barbara Shelley, Hazel Court, Sam Wanamaker, Mai Zetterling, Nigel Green, George Coulouris, Bevely Garland, Jackie Collins, Judy Carne, Hermione Baddeley, Jack MacGowran, and William Marshall. The spy adventure was one of the signature genres of the 1960's, and many cite Danger Man as ground zero for the phenomenon. It wasn't the first, but it was the impetus that led to The Avengers on TV, to the James Bond films, as well as the shows The Saint, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission:Impossible, and more. However, this first (and technically only...but more on that in a moment) season wasn't very well received when it aired in the U.S. on CBS, and the show was ended. McGoohan was the first choice to play James Bond in the films, but he thankfully turned it down (too much sex!), and it went to Sean Connery. Meanwhile, after the genre exploded in popularity by the middle of the decade, Danger Man was revived, although changed a great deal. It went to an hour-long format, the character was made a British agent (although the John Drake name was kept), and the US title was held over: Secret Agent, while also adding the hit theme song "Secret Agent Man". This series eventually led to The Prisoner and cult immortality, but that's a story for another day... Source: Amazon Prime
  13. LawrenceA

    What Would Be Your Fan Dedication Movie?

    Sounds like a cool grandma.
  14. LawrenceA

    A 20th Century Fox Retrospective Scrapbook: 1942

    Those are the two that I haven't seen, other than those thought lost (The Way of All Flesh, The Patriot).
  15. LawrenceA

    A 20th Century Fox Retrospective Scrapbook: 1942

    When I first decided to try and see all the major Oscar nominees, this was one of the first movies that I saw, as it was shown on AMC many times back then. I didn't expect it would later become a rarity.
  16. It's tough to say...2009 was an exceptionally bad year for movies, in my opinion, and I'm not sure if I'd call any of them "classics", even if I liked a few quite a bit (Inglourious Basterds, A Serious Man, Black Dynamite, Watchmen, Moon).
  17. LawrenceA

    King Kong Hanging on Broadway

    Breaking: Present-Day Adaptation of OKLAHOMA! in the Works for TV Skydance Television today announced that it has partnered with The Rodgers amp Hammerstein Organization and Concord to develop an original television series inspired by the hit Broadway musical Oklahoma The present-day series written by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, The Highwaymen) and Bekah Brunstetter (This is Us, American Gods) will be set in America's heartland and include music by the legendary team of Rodgers amp Hammerstein, reimagined for a contemporary audience, in addition to new music to support the story.
  18. LawrenceA

    TCM FILM FEST 2019

    Are you the one in the middle?
  19. LawrenceA

    Well...we are proud of ourselves.

    John Wayne's not even on the list?!? I don't know all of your parameters, so I can't judge your results, and I'm not saying they're wrong. What do you think of these tables?
  20. LawrenceA

    Well...we are proud of ourselves.

    I would guess John Wayne had one of the longest stretches at the top. I don't have the data, and I may be wrong, but he was a top-ten star from the 40's-60's, at least. More recently, Tom Cruise would be a top ranked star from the 80's-00's.
  21. LawrenceA

    What Would Be Your Fan Dedication Movie?

    My choice would be Hell Divers (1931), an aviation movie with Clark Gable and Wallace Beery, and I would dedicate it to my grandfather. My grandfather wasn't the most demonstrative person, and kept his feelings and opinions to himself for the most part. He worked nearly his entire adult life for Kodak, and rubbed shoulders with the likes of James Wong Howe, but he never expressed any particular love for movies. He would see them on occasion, but my grandmother enjoyed them more than he did. However, there was one movie that he would mention really liking, and it was Hell Divers. He never said why this specific movie was so special to him; maybe he had a hot date when he saw it. But he mentioned not having seen it since he saw it upon original release. Which brings me to why I would choose it for a TCM Dedication. When TCM first became available in my area, I noticed Hell Divers on the schedule. My grandparents didn't have the same cable package that included TCM, so I recorded the movie and took it over to their place and watched it with them. My grandmother wasn't too impressed, but my grandfather had a grin on his face like a little kid, and he was effusively thankful for my having brought the movie over. He passed away not long after, so I'm grateful to TCM for providing a real bonding opportunity with him. P.S.: Watching Hell Divers with him was doubly great after having mistakenly recorded Hell Drivers (1957) and bringing him the tape, leaving it with him because I had to work. He called that evening to ask, "What in the hell was that?!?"
  22. LawrenceA

    Movies to Video Games (or Vice Versa)

    GoldenEye was probably my favorite. Many hours lost playing that one. Games based on movies were notoriously awful, from what I recall, but my memory is growing cloudy on such matters. I haven't played a videogame in over a decade, and I had largely quit trying to keep up with them long before that. I recall playing an arcade game based on the Clint Eastwood movie Firefox, and liking it. I also recall a Nintendo game based on Friday the 13th which was very difficult. I also recall several Star Wars based games, and a few Star Trek games, all of varying quality.
  23. LawrenceA

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Whatever your personal politics, most find it best to avoid the Off-Topics unless they enjoy pulling their hair out. If you're interested in movies, and talking about them, this isn't such a bad site, but don't judge the rest of the place based on what you see in the Off-Topic section.

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