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    Recently Watched Horror

    Svengali (1931) - Supernatural thriller from Warner Brothers and director Archie Mayo, based on the novel Trilby by George L. Du Maurier. John Barrymore stars as Svengali, a composer and music impresario who teaches singing in hopes of finding the right talent to mold into stardom. He discovers it in pretty young woman Trilby (Marian Marsh), and sets out to harness her abilities, which also requires him to exert his supernatural ability to hypnotize and dominate the thoughts of others. This understandably upsets Trilby's suitor Billee (Bramwell Fletcher). Also featuring Donald Crisp, Carmel Myers, Luis Alberni, Lumsden Hare, Ferike Boros, and Paul Porcasi. Barrymore, with a long pointed beard and heavy makeup, gets to glare about and look intimidating. The scenes showing his hypnosis, during which Barrymore wears white contact lenses, are effective, as is a scene with the camera swooping over highly-stylized rooftops to show his hypnotic pull over great distances. Marsh is pretty but unpolished, acting wise, but as she was just 17 at the time, it's understandable. There's a scene of her nude modeling for an art class that could only have been Pre-Code. While this film is generally categorized as horror, I wouldn't go in expecting much of the typical horror film elements. This earned two Oscar nominations, for Best Art Direction (Anton Grot) and Best Cinematography (Barney McGill). 7/10 Source: TCM.
  2. Please feel free to answer him, then. Every time I say I'm done trying to help people because it never turns out well I end up doing it again you know what they say about trying the same thing over and over again with the same outcome well I guess I never...
  3. Now you know how I feel.
  4. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie (1963) - 7/10 Lengthy documentary originally made for Swedish television by director Victor Sjoman. Sjoman and his crew follow director Bergman as he films Winter Light. There are many interviews with the director, the cinematographer Sven Nykvist, lead actor Gunnar Bjornstrand, and others. The process is shown from writing the script to location scouting to costume fitting and set construction to rehearsal and finally filming. For film nerds, especially those with a taste for foreign films, this is an invaluable document. All others will be bored to tears. Source: Criterion DVD
  5. Okay then, I'll leave you to your confusion.
  6. LawrenceA


    C.H.U.D. Beauty and the Beast TV series Mimic The Mole People At the Earth's Core
  7. I answered you yesterday. It was on late last night/ very early this morning at 3:45 AM ET, just like the TCM schedule said that it would be. How it appeared in their programming? I would guess the same way everything else does. They paid a licensing fee.
  8. LawrenceA

    Favorites and Other Lists & Musings

    Sh! The Octopus
  9. I'm starting this thread to discuss the movies that I have previously picked as my top ten favorites from each year. After I rewatch them, I'll post a short review and make any comments or observations about my enjoyment of the films as well as any anecdotes or associated trivia bits. Feel free to comment on my choices, my reviews, or post your own reviews or comments about any of your favorite films that you've rewatched recently. I've already posted my thoughts on my picks for the Silent Era (any movies made up to 1928) in the Silent section in the Genre Message Boards. I'll be starting this thread with my picks for 1929. A couple of comments beforehand, though: I was not able to find copies of all of my choices for my ten favorites of the year, so I'll only be rewatching six titles. Also, I've recently more than doubled the number of movies that I've seen from 1929, and a few of those titles would appear on my list were I to rewrite it. I'll list those titles here first, but since I just watched them, I won't review them again, as there are reviews of them elsewhere on the site, down in the Genre sections. These are the titles that I could not secure a copy of to rewatch: The Trespasser The Letter The Love Parade Pandora's Box These are the titles that I watched recently that would likely appear on an updated list: The Mysterious Island The Last Warning The Great Gabbo The Old and the New A Cottage on Dartmoor As for the rest of my original list of my top ten favorite films of 1929, the next would be...
  10. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Eyes of Fire (1983) - 7/10 Strange, unique supernatural thriller set in the mid-18th century. A group of American colonists are chased out of town due to their allegiance to a crackpot preacher (Dennis Lipscomb). They travel via a river into "New France" where they set up residence in some abandoned cabins in an area of a primeval forest that the local Natives refuse to enter. It seems the place is haunted by a "devil-witch", a demonic entity that captures the souls of the unwary, placing them into trees and using them as ghostly slave labor. A skilled trapper (Guy Boyd) and a mystical Irish orphan girl (Karlene Crockett) are their only hopes of salvation. Also featuring Rebecca Stanley, Sally Klein, Rob Paulsen, Kerry Sherman, Mike Genovese, and Fran Ryan. This was an independently made feature shot in Missouri, and the limited budget shows in some of the special effects work. However, the location shooting is very good, the acting is adequate, and the story is engaging and unpredictable. Despite its flaws, I liked this one, and appreciated the effort to do something different. Source: YouTube
  11. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    In the Cool of the Day (1963) - 5/10 Dismal soap opera starring Peter Finch as an Englishman who falls in love with the ill wife (Jane Fonda) of a colleague (Arthur Hill). Finch himself is trapped in a loveless marriage to a wife (Angela Lansbury) left literally scarred by past tragedy. Also featuring Nigel Davenport, Alexander Knox, Constance Cummings, John Le Mesurier, Alec MacCowen, Valerie Taylor, and Madeleine Sherwood. Dull, unbelievable people in uninteresting situations, with Lansbury standing out as another unlikable character. Fonda is just as bad. Source: TCM
  12. LawrenceA

    Trump vs. the Press/Media

    Maybe a montage of all of those over-the-top paintings of Trump as Rambo/Napoleon/Julius Caesar/Superman, with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent music in the background.
  13. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    I Fidanzati (1963) - 7/10 Italian drama from director Ermanno Olmi. Giovanni (Carlo Cabrini) travels to Sicily to work at a chemical plant, leaving his fiancee Liliana (Anna Canzi) back home in the north. He struggles to decide if the work is worth the loneliness and the culture shock. A sort of companion piece to Olmi's 1961 picture Il Posto, this film replaces that one's humor with a deep melancholy. The modern world is seen as dehumanizing and emotionally distant, and romantic notions are put away in the face of economic need. There's a sparsity to the film that I liked, but in the end I felt the movie paled in comparison to Il Posto. Source: TCM
  14. They're in English for me: 1 WEDNESDAY 2 THURSDAY
  15. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Hercules, Samson & Ulysses (1963) - 6/10 Italian adventure/fantasy with Greek demigod Hercules (Kirk Morris) and his pal Ulysses (Enzo Cerusico) getting shipwrecked while battling a sea monster (a sea lion in close-up). They wash ashore in the Middle East, where Hercules is mistaken for fugitive hero Samson (Richard Lloyd). The evil Saran (Aldo Giuffre), Philistine ruler of Gaza, and his cohort Delilah (Liana Orfei) devise a plan to capture them all. The blond Morris (really Italian former Venetian gondolier Adriano Bellini) and swarthy Lloyd (really Iranian bodybuilding champ Iloosh Khoshabe) make for capable beefcake heroes, while the lovely Orfei fills out her costumes well. The sets are good, and I enjoyed a lengthy slap-and-wrestle session between Herc and Sammy in some "stone" ruins. Ulysses is wasted as a character here, and didn't need to be in the title. This was dubbed and released in the US by MGM in 1965, making it one of the last peplum films to get a wide release here before the genre faded away. Source: YouTube Hercules (Kirk Morris) at center, with scrawny Ulysses (Enzo Cerusico) to the right of him Delilah (Liana Orfei) just hanging out Samson (Richard Lloyd) and Hercules prepare to get physical
  16. Mr. 6666, or anyone else who might help, do you know how tonight's showings of Watership Down and Twice Upon a Time are being presented? They are on during the traditional TCM Imports timeslots, and while Watership Down is British and could technically be called an Import, Twice Upon a Time is American. Are they foregoing TCM Imports for the night in order to make it all-animation following the Bobby Bumps 'toons, presumably being shown as part of Silent Sundays?
  17. Or they can pass Onan's Law, wherein self-pleasure is punishable by death. And they'll have to wear monitors to track whether or not they break the law. Seems only fair.
  18. Burn the Witch!!!
  19. It reminds me of how most of those who say that people should just "get over" racial depictions in (old or new) media are white ("As a white man, I'm not offended by black stereotypes in old movies"). Or straight people telling gay people how they should feel, or men telling women that there is no real sexism. Anyone can have an opinion on the subjects, but the source must always be considered.
  20. LawrenceA

    the dick van dyke show Richard Rosebud "Ritchie" Petrie (Larry Mathews) – Rob and Laura's son. His middle name is an acronym for "Robert Oscar Sam Edward Benjamin Ulysses David," all the names suggested by members of Rob and Laura's families in the episode "What's in a Middle Name?".
  21. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Hands Over the City (1963) - 8/10 Italian political drama from director Francesco Rosi. The film deals with the political ramifications of a building collapse in Naples that may have been caused by corrupt construction practices. The man chiefly blamed is wealthy developer and councilman Nottola (Rod Steiger), but he fights back with all of his connections to clear his name and continue with his lucrative deals, facing opposition from leftist politician De Vita (Carlo Fermariello). This is a powerful, incisive examinations of politics, business, power, and corruption. The performances are all excellent from a large, mostly unknown cast. Steiger, who is dubbed in Italian by another actor, is very good. The material may be too dry for some, and not only are there no comic relief moments or romantic subplots, there are no substantial female characters at all. However, the dissection of how politics work is still timely, and universal to any major metropolis. Recommended. Source: The Criterion Channel
  22. LawrenceA


    Mighty Joe Young (1998) Night of the Living Dead (1990) Village of the Damned (1995) The Haunting (1999) The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)
  23. I think I see the issue here. The TCM schedule and other parts of the TCM site do not follow the official calendar day. If you look at their daily schedules: you'll see that the days begin at 6:00AM ET and end at that time the following day. So anything airing from 6:00AM ET (today is was Roberta) until the last scheduled show (today it is MGM Parade Show #22 at 5:15AM ET) is considered part of the Sunday, May 19th schedule, even if everything showing from Bobby Bumps Caught in the Jamb at 12:15AM ET to the aforementioned MGM short is technically on early morning May 20th. That's the way the scheduling has always worked on this channel, as well as most TV guides for the past 50+ years. It's laid out from roughly one sunrise to the next sunrise. The same reason why shows on TV from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM are frequently called "Late Night" rather than "Early Morning".
  24. I don't know...I kind of find him charming, in a James-Coburn-telling-airport-stories-about-Kirk-Douglas sort of way.
  25. I can really only think of 3 people who fit that description, and one of them very occasionally pops up in a movie thread, but usually just to post something with a political slant. That particular person used to post about movies a lot in the olden days, but not any more. There are a few who post in the Off Topics that also post elsewhere, but not nearly as much. One in particular usually only posts in threads that he's created himself, almost always with copy-and-pasted material from other sources (pictures, tweets, YouTube clips, stories from other sites, etc.), and will rarely if ever respond to other people. I find that nearly as irritating as the politics-only posters, but it's easy enough to avoid them.

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