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  1. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    Reprisal (2018) - 4/10 Low-rent, uninspired crime drama with Frank Grillo as a family man and assistant bank manager. When his bank is robbed by a violent, methodical pro (Johnathon Schaech), Grillo is left emotionally traumatized. He eventually teams up with his neighbor (Bruce Willis), a retired police detective, to track down the robber and bring him to justice. Grillo is better than this kind of cheap junk, although it's the sort of thing that Willis appears in too often anymore. It straddles the line between a crime thriller and a dim-bulb action flick. Either way, it's bad.
  2. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Action/Adventure

    Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) - 4/10 Terrible action flick starring Sylvester Stallone as Ray Breslin, veteran escapologist and penitentiary and security expert. The deranged son (Devon Sawa) of Breslin's deceased ex-partner kidnaps a Hong Kong executive's daughter in order to lure Breslin into a revenge scheme to destroy him once and for all. With Dave Bautista, 50 Cent, Jaime King, Russell Wong, Daniel Bernhardt, and Jin Zhang. This is the third part in the series. The first film wasn't terrible, but the second film was a complete trainwreck, marred by budget issues and production delays. This third installment was rushed into production at the behest of the Chinese backers who salvaged the second film from bankruptcy, and it features several Chinese characters who seem to be operating in their own separate film. The end result is only slightly better than part 2, but it's still atrocious, and worth avoiding.
  3. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    We Die Young (2019) - 6/10 Surprisingly competent crime drama about a Washington, D.C. teen (Elijah Rodriguez) mixed up with the local MS-13 gang. The kid sells drugs for gang boss Rincon (David Castaneda), including opioids to Afghan-war vet and auto mechanic Daniel (Jean-Claude Van Damme), who suffers from PTSD and painful injuries that have left him mute and with a permanent tracheostomy. When the kid gets into trouble trying to protect his little brother from the gang, Daniel steps in to help. Van Damme hasn't starred in a good movie in decades, but this wasn't bad, as far as low budget crime dramas go, and the performances by everyone are good. Castaneda's gang boss is a complex character, and Van Damme's aged visage adds to a wordless performance. Not great, or even very good, this is still the best thing Van Damme's made in a long time.
  4. I tend not to refer to Korean music at all. Except, I guess, right now.
  5. LawrenceA

    Ultra early 2019 Oscar tracking???

    We're still a few months away from the end of the year, and there's usually one or two surprises left in that time frame. Maybe we'll see somebody new emerge, however unlikely. And I'm sure one or two more of the "shoo-ins" will fizzle out, like The Goldfinch. Yeah, everything I've heard about Ford v Ferrari says that Bale is supporting, but whether due to a contract stipulation or studio hype, they've decided to submit him as a lead. A couple of yours above were under my radar. Clemency and Just Mercy. I'm always glad for more recommendations.
  6. LawrenceA

    Ultra early 2019 Oscar tracking???

    I saw an article yesterday that said that Bale will be submitted in the lead category by the studio. I'm not sure if that therefore means he has to be considered, or if the Academy can ignore it and nominate him in whatever category they see fit.
  7. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Horror

    Dead Trigger (2017) - 3/10 In the year 2025, a virus has decimated civilization, reducing the healthy population to a few scattered cities. Those afflicted with the virus become zombie-like killers. When a general's daughter goes missing in the infected zone, a team of fighters is assembled for a rescue operation. Featuring Dolph Lundgren, Isaiah Washington, Autumn Reeser, Romeo Miller, Brandon Beemer, Tamara Braun, Oleg Taktarov, James Chalke, and Joel Gretsch. This is cheap and dumb, and comes across like a bunch of bored actors found a box of military props and decided to make a zombie movie over the weekend. The oddball cast almost makes this worth sitting through. Almost. This was based on a videogame, and there's a go-nowhere subplot early in the film where the military recruits players of a zombie-survival game to become real fighters.
  8. Here are two answers to the question "Are there any warm-blooded reptiles": David Kirshner, Zoologist, wildlife interpreter, wildlife illustrator and photographer - "I am going to start by getting a bit technical, only because I think the terms ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ blooded are not very accurate descriptions . A supposedly ‘cold-blooded’ reptile will, on most days, have warm blood simply because that reptile will be doing anything in its power to keep itself warm, by basking or resting on something warm. So how do we describe this sort of thing? The first distinction we can make is whether or not an animal is able to maintain its body temperature at a fairly stable level. A poikilotherm is an animal whose internal temperature varies a lot. A homeotherm is an animal whose internal temperature is fairly stable. We know most mammals are homeotherms, but the surprise is that so are most reptiles. The difference is how that temperature regimen is maintained. An endotherm is an animal that produces its own heat internally. Mammals fall into this category. An ectotherm is an animal that gets its heat externally and uses behavioural or other means to maintain a stable temperature. Most reptiles fall into this category. The reptile that shuffles around to keep itself warm, through basking in the sun or resting on something warm is trying to keep its internal temperature stable (making it a homeotherm) but is getting heat externally (making it an ectotherm). Getting back to your original question, what you probably want to know is whether or not there are any endothermic reptiles (excluding dinosaurs and birds, presumably). And the answer is yes (sort of) . The leatherback sea turtle, Dermochelys coriacea, can maintain a body temperature up to 18C above ambient temperature. Although the heat isn’t produced metabolically, as it is in ‘true’ endotherms like mammals and birds, it is generated from muscle activity and is therefore produced from within." Donna Fernstrom, Reptile keeper and breeder, wildlife observation and ecology hobbyist - "Well, yes. Birds are endotherms, and they’re part of Sauropsida, which is synonymous with Reptilia. The Linnaean classification system is sadly outdated, and the old group ‘reptiles’ is non-monophyletic, so is falling into disuse. The only way to resolve it is to be rid of it entirely, or simply use it as a synonym for sauropsida (as I mentioned). And if that’s the case, then birds are definitely reptiles. There are some mesothermic non-avian reptiles. And some mesothermic mammals. The whole warm-blooded thing isn’t as important as it once made out to be. They’ve even found an endothermic fish now." So to put it more simply, there were warm-blooded and cold-blooded reptiles in the ancient past. The warm-blooded ones evolved into what are now birds or certain sea-life, while the cold-blooded ones evolved (or not) into the modern reptiles. Anymore questions?
  9. LawrenceA

    To TopBilled or anyone, where is Jakeem?

    Hey, I mentioned that I noticed your absence. You had stated something about setting a goal this year of posting about one movie a day in the "I Just Watched" thread, and then you disappeared a few days later. I noticed! But I didn't start a thread about it...
  10. LawrenceA

    GOP madness Unbound...

    Mark Levin: ‘Hasn’t Even Been a Hint of Scandal’ in Trump’s Presidency During a recent broadcast of his Blaze TV show, Levin—who also hosts a Fox News weekend program—took aim at Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) over the former GOP presidential nominee ramping up his criticism of Trump as the Ukraine scandal has deepened. With it recently being revealed that Romney had a clandestine Twitter account used for criticizing Trump’s behavior, among other things, Levin took the opportunity to claim that Romney “known nothing about” the personal lives and behavior of former President Barack Obama or ex-Vice President Joe Biden “outside of what we’ve been told.” “And they kept the [John] Kennedy stuff hidden for decades, they kept the [Lyndon] Johnson stuff hidden for decades, they kept the FDR stuff hidden for decades, and his affairs and so forth,” the conservative commentator added, implying that Obama/Biden had skeletons in their closets. Levin proceeded to go on a largely confusing rant in which he said he wanted to question Romney about the Founding Fathers’ sexual affairs and whether he thought it was right for Franklin Roosevelt to team up with Russia during World War II. “What do you think about that, Willard?” Levin grumbled. “I can go through history, one case after another, about how people are so terribly imperfect.” “But I will say this about our president,” the pro-Trump host continued: “While he’s been president there hasn’t even been a hint of scandal. Not a hint!”
  11. LawrenceA

    Recently Watched Horror

    Nightmare Weekend (1986) - 2/10 Incomprehensible sci-fi horror about a mad scientist (Debbie Laster) manipulating the minds of 3 women (Debra Hunter, Lori Lewis, Andrea Thompson), causing them to become drooling psychopaths. With Dale Midkiff and Robert John Burke. This is very stupid, incoherently edited, with an unfathomable script and terrible acting. There's also a lot of nudity and a puppet, so it's not all bad. Just 98.5% of it. There's a copy up on Amazon Prime. The end credits are unreadable.
  12. LawrenceA

    The Soap Opera Thread

    I saw that John Clarke has died. He played Mickey Horton on Days of Our Lives for 39 years, from 1965 to 2004. He had bit roles in a few films as well. He was 88. His daughter Melinda Clarke is also an actress. I first noticed her in Return of the Living Dead 3, and kept a poster from that up in my store for a few years. She was also recurring on CSI as Lady Heather, the dominatrix that occasionally romanced lead William L. Petersen's Gil Grissom.
  13. LawrenceA

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    We should be so lucky.
  14. LawrenceA

    Halloween horror quiz...the clues are alive!

    That one is so familiar, too... And #14 looks like it's from one of the Corman/Poe movies, but I don't know which one.

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