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    I Just Watched...

    The Falcon in San Francisco (1945) - Eleventh in the mystery series, from RKO and director Joseph H. Lewis. Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway), aka The Falcon, and his pal Goldie (Edward Brophy), are headed to San Francisco for some rest and relaxation when they run into precocious rich kid Annie Marshall (Sharyn Moffett), whose nurse has just been murdered. The Falcon and Goldie end up involved in the case, which includes ex-gangsters, smugglers and a mysterious ship. Also featuring Rita Corday, Robert Armstrong, Fay Helm, Carl Kent, George Holmes, John Mylong, and Jason Robards Sr. The plot of this one is overly complicated, and not particularly interesting, but this features one of the best performances of Edward Brophy, playing the comic-relief sidekick looking for a wife so he can get the tax deduction. (6/10) Source: TCM.
  2. LawrenceA

    Gloria Swanson

    I've seen Male and Female (1919), an early hit for C.B. DeMille, based on The Admirable Crichton. It's a good example of her early work. Sadie Thompson (1928) is another good one. It's been filmed many times, such as Rain (1932) and Miss Sadie Thompson (1953). The Trespasser (1929) isn't silent, but it's worth checking out. She was nominated for Best Actress for it.
  3. LawrenceA

    some POSITIVE News...for a change

    That's cute that you don't think the Trumps have power\money\fame based on the womb they came out of. And that has nothing to do with Christine's point about the royal men serving in the armed services while the Trumps don't. Oh, and the Kardashians "earned" their attention how, exactly? I have no love for the royal family either, and get annoyed whenever their births and weddings are made into media events.
  4. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    The Dolly Sisters (1945) - Technicolor musical biopic from 20th Century Fox and director Irving Cummings. Jenny (Betty Grable) and Rosie (June Haver) Dolly are twin sister singing and dancing stage entertainers circa 1912 when they catch the notice of Oscar Hammerstein and become sensations. Jenny falls in love and out and in again with songwriter Harry Fox (John Payne). Also featuring Reginald Gardiner, S.Z. Sakall, Frank Latimore, Gene Sheldon, Sig Rumann, Trudy Marshall, Cathy Downs, Paul Hurst, and Theresa Harris. The backstage romances and dramas are strictly routine, but the many stage musical numbers are unique and memorable, particularly "Powder, Lipstick and Rouge", and the bizarre "The Darktown Strutters' Ball". Grable is lovely, and gives a charming performance. The movie received an Oscar nomination for Best Song ("I Can't Begin to Tell You"). (7/10) Source: Fox DVD.
  5. I think I follow you, in that, if these rules had been in place in the past, perhaps some of the previous shootings would have been prevented, many of which serve to inspire later shootings by persons trying to emulate those shootings. Making guns less accessible in any way, no matter how modest or limited, may serve to deter a potential shooter.
  6. Most parents and guardians will be very reluctant to admit that there's a real problem with their children/wards. That's a social stigma that we'll have to address and try to overcome, since mental health is at the root of the problem, and if the parents refuse to see the warning signs, nothing can be done until it's too late.
  7. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Yes, Dennis O'Keefe advises him that one needs to knock some sense into these crazy dames every once in a while. He recommends using a closed fist. 🤜👄
  8. LawrenceA

    Unbilled Film Performances

    I watched those early seasons relatively recently. You see Robin Masters' hands and body, but never his face. I think there was a later comment that Magnum assumed that Higgins had hired an actor to play Masters to try and throw Thomas (and others).
  9. I have to ask what "BIB" stands for, as well. I noticed it the other day and meant to look it up. I just did, and I don't think you mean "Back in Black" or "Bigger is Better", which are the two highest answers.
  10. You can dismiss my response as defeatist, but there's nothing that I can do about guns in this country other than vote, and that's what I've done. I've never voted for anyone with an NRA approval rating. And whatever my attitude is, that changes nothing in regards to this latest case. As I said, none of the proposed changes that anyone has come up with would have affected this latest shooting, other than the most extreme of banning and confiscating all firearms, which will not happen. He did not use an assault weapon, he didn't buy the guns via loopholes, age restrictions would not have stopped him as he wasn't the buyer, and as far as we know, he never had any mental health screenings that would have red-flagged him. That doesn't mean, and I never said, that none of these things should be implemented; in fact, I believe they all should be. My point was that none of those restrictions and regulations would have helped in this case, and therefore we as a society need to examine the whys, as well as the hows.
  11. LawrenceA


    You're right! Hayes was a barber in Dark Command.
  12. LawrenceA


    I recently watched a Western with Gabby Hayes as a dentist. Was it Dark Command (1940)? And another one with Edgar Buchanan as a dentist...? Texas (1941)!
  13. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Doll Face (1945) - Musical romance from 20th Century Fox and director Lewis Seiler. Vivian Blaine stars as Mary Elizabeth "Doll Face" Carroll, a star of burlesque with dreams of making it in the "legitimate" theater world. Her manager Mike Hannegan (Dennis O'Keefe) tries to get her auditions, but all of the theater producers turn up their noses at "Burly-Q" performers as being low-class. Mike hits on the dubious idea of having Doll Face write her autobiography to add a sense of sophistication to her image. As Doll Face has no literary ability, Mike approaches novelist Frederick Gerard (Stephen Dunne) to ghost write the book, only to get jealous when Doll Face and Fred start to get too close. Also featuring Carmen Miranda, Perry Como, Martha Stewart, Reed Hadley, George E. Stone, Donald MacBride, and Lex Barker. Como sings a lot, Miranda very little. The movie would have been much better with that situation reversed. Blaine and O'Keefe are both good, funny and with notable chemistry. This was the second consecutive 1945 musical set in the world of burlesque that I've watched, and this one seems to be pushing the "naughty", "wink-wink" boundaries of the production code, as well. (6/10) Source: Fox DVD.
  14. Sorry if I misinterpreted your gun culture comment. What appropriate restrictions are you referring to, specifically? None of the previously proposed laws (age restrictions, assault weapon of assault-style weapon bans, mental health and watchlist restrictions) would have altered this latest shooting at all. The only thing that I've heard was perhaps charging the father as an accessory for leaving his guns in a place where his son could take them.
  15. Yeah, I was going to mention that our old "gun culture" arguments targeting movies and TV and video games and whatever else showing a steady stream of solving problems with a gun and that might makes right, has now, sadly, morphed in a "school shooter culture". There have been so many school and other mass shootings that they have become their own thing, sociologically, and the media feeds into it every single time by highlighting the shooters and airing their motives, which amount to their personal grievances. That is exactly what they want. It's really a more nihilistic, narcissistic suicide attempt, as most of them plan on their own deaths as the endgame.
  16. I think that may be one reason that Texas Lt. Governor made those comments blaming the number of doors to the school. They feel the need to blame something, and the usual targets are absent (assault-style weapons, gun-show purchases). Some reports were saying that the shooter carried an AR-15 but didn't use it, only I haven't seen that substantiated anywhere else.
  17. LawrenceA

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Gene Tierney was in Scruples with Connie Stevens.
  18. LawrenceA

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Thunder in the Sun
  19. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Delightfully Dangerous (1945) - Musical comedy from United Artists, Astor Pictures, and director Arthur Lubin. 15-year-old Sherry Williams (Jane Powell) attends a private all-girls music school. She's very proud of her older sister Josephine (Constance Moore) whom Sherry believes is a very famous concert singer. Sherry heads to the city to track down her sister, only to learn that she's actually a burlesque queen known as "Bubbles Barton". Sherry's image of her sister is shattered, and Josephine and friend Arthur Hale (Ralph Bellamy) try to smooth things over. Also featuring Arthur Treacher, Louise Beavers, Ruth Tobey, and Morton Gould & His Orchestra. This was the second film appearance for teen singing star Powell, and her first in a fictional role (she'd played herself in 1944's Song of the Open Road). She's cute and has screen presence, but she's also a bit rough, acting-wise, overdoing several scenes. But perhaps that was intended, as she's an emotional teenager. The songs are passable, if unmemorable. The burlesque setting, and some of the racy dialogue, shows that the production code boundaries were being pushed against, if ever so gently. (6/10) Source: Mill Creek DVD.
  20. LawrenceA

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Cry of the Werewolf
  21. LawrenceA

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Ellen Corby
  22. LawrenceA


    Marathon Man Little Shop of Horrors Novocaine Dune The Dentist
  23. LawrenceA


    I didn't call religion tripe. I said that Revelation was tripe. Taking the Book of Revelation as literal truth is something I've had to put up with my entire life here, as this area is chock full of "true believers" who take it all very literally and very seriously. I still recall that when the first laser barcode scanner was added to a local supermarket, many customers refused to use it as they said that it was the Mark of the Beast.
  24. LawrenceA

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1950

    1950 Rashomon, Akira Kurosawa, Japan Los Olvidados, Luis Bunuel, Mexico Orpheus, Jean Cocteau, France Scandal, Akira Kurosawa, Japan 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Los Olvidados, Luis Bunuel, Mexico Orpheus, Jean Cocteau, France Rashomon, Akira Kurosawa, Japan
  25. LawrenceA

    I Just Watched...

    Confidential Agent (1945) - Murky, effective thriller based on a Graham Greene novel, from Warner Brothers and director Herman Shumlin. Luis Denard (Charles Boyer) is a republican operative during the Spanish Civil War. He's traveled to England to try and secure much-needed supplies for the fight, but he's beset by shadowy agents of the fascist Spanish cause, and he's not sure who to trust. His encounters with an ill-tempered heiress (Lauren Bacall), a meek language teacher (Peter Lorre), and a creepy landlady (Katina Paxinou) keep him off balance as he attempts to fulfill his mission. Also featuring Victor Francen, Wanda Hendrix, George Coulouris, John Warburton, Holmes Herbert, Dan Seymour, Miles Mander, Ian Wolfe, Art Foster, and George Zucco. This was reportedly a troubled production, and Warner brass were so put off by Bacall's performance that they re-configured the later The Big Sleep to reduce her role. She swore that her career never really recovered the way it should thanks to her panning from this film. I have to disagree, as I thought she was good. Her character was unusual in that she makes no attempt to be likable in the traditional Hollywood manner. She's a self-possessed woman who doesn't make concessions to the men she encounters. Perhaps that kind of strength was off-putting at the time. I also liked Boyer, even though a Spanish actor may have been a better fit. I recorded this for Lorre, whose role is rather small and inconsequential, and because Swithin recommended it. I'm glad I took his advice, as most of my movie books write this off as a turkey. I liked the disoriented, nightmare quality of the first half, as Boyer is a stranger in a strange land, and the later character turns, especially by a wild-eyed Paxinou, are worth seeing. It also features one of the more shocking deaths in a movie of this time, both in the way it's presented and who the victim is. Graham Greene later said that this was the best movie by an American director made from one of his works. (7/10) Source: TCM.

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