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  1. arieswarrior1

    How about a day of shorts and cartoons?

    I have a problem with the "One Reel Wonders" that are deragatory to minorities...
  2. The best advertising/ salesperson of the movie world was/ is Jack Lemmon...
  3. arieswarrior1


    The "cranium stuck in her ****" mother in "Now Voyager". Even it was done in a WASPy way, Charlotte Vale finally took that broad to school....
  4. arieswarrior1

    Strangest or Most Bizarre Murder Weapon.

    My mother used to make biscuits that were as lethal as Oddjob's hat...
  5. arieswarrior1

    Favorite Drunk

    Susan Hayward, Ray Milland, Jack Lemmon, Alan Hale, Sr. ("Stella Dallas")...
  6. arieswarrior1

    Stars We Love to Hate!

    ...and that's why he ran & won as governor...What the hell is wrong with the state of California?????!!!!!
  7. arieswarrior1

    Film Composers

    Max Steiner, hands down!!!
  8. arieswarrior1

    Favorite Smoking Scene

    Ditto, for "Now Voyager"...
  9. arieswarrior1


    O.K....Billy Wilder, Ernst Lubitsch, William Wyler, Clarence Brown, King Vidor
  10. arieswarrior1

    Hookers, Tramps & Whores

    I'm thinking Barbara Stanwyck in "Babyface." The hilarious part of this movie was seeing the outside of the building ideally moving from one department to the next, such as moving from filing to accounting.
  11. In regards to the "One Reel Wonders", I'm getting real tired of the spots that include people in black face, and songs that include the word "darky". Can we please get past this?????

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