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  1. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    Don't miss Fritz Lang's masterpiece, "Metropolis" 1927 Tonight, on "The Essentials" (Robert Osborne & Drew Barrymore) *Full 2010 Restoration of Original Movie Print, (Discovered in Argentina)
  2. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    ATTENTION GROUP: Movie Alert! Don't Miss "For the Defense!" 1930 Saturday morning 6:AM EST William Powell at his Best; as an immoral attorney!
  3. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    Although I am not interested in becoming a referee in this forum between disagreeing members.. (Free Country & all) Because I opened the discussion, I believe it's up to me to ask that participating member's use good taste in their posts. (Referring to TCM Viewers as, "Old F*rts" is inappropriate!) Difference of opinion is to be expected in any discussion.. Bad manners is not!
  4. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    Satan met a lady was just like the Maltese falcon, but, WW played a guy named Shane, & he wasn't looking for a bird, but.. (Believe it or not?) "THE HORN OF ROLAND!" Bette Davis was the femme fetale if memory serves? The movie is worth watching because of what WW does with the character. But, because it dates BOGEY, You might believe HE studied WW Too!
  5. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    WW should DEFINITELY be featured as SOTM on TCM! *Elvis Presley gets a whole DAY? I'm just saying!
  6. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    I would like to add a "foreign" pre-code movie that would be considered just as shocking & controversial (amongst) today's audience's.. As it was when first released in Germany in 1931! Fritz Lang's "M" *1931 (Germany) 1933 (USA) Peter Lorre is the best remembered actor in the film, & deserves credit for portraying the most frightening, totally believable pedophile/psycho/murderer ever portrayed on film (Ever!) However, There wasn't one actor in the film that was not just as believable, nor any less Brilliant in performing their role! (Mostly) thanks to Fritz Lang's brilliant script writing and direction! *It was Lang's favorite movie too! Not shown very often, but if you get a chance to catch the original, German language version,(English subtitles) Don't You Miss It!
  7. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    Thank you for the welcome primosprimos. Lucky is not a lovebird, he's a Pineapple Cheek Condor Parrot! I agree, AMC WAS Great, (Until they started showing commercials during the movies) Thank God for TCM! As for Lucky's age? My daughter gave him to me when he was 8 weeks old, & I've had him almost two years! I'm sorry about "YOUR WW" scared me. But, you have to see him chew-up the scenery & other actors in this story! You won't believe what he gets away with! You will be surprised his character was allowed to be shown to audiences in theaters.. Even back then!
  8. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    Thank you for the welcome message Mr.6666…! WW scared the hell out of me! (Met a LOT of his kind in the past 64 years) The Parrot's name is "Lucky!" It WAS "Chicho." But, he's escaped fatal calamities so many times since he was a baby, he's earned the NEW name a dozen times over! .. & in he's EARNED the name!!
  9. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    "Hero's for Sale!" 1933 Being a Vietnam Veteran, I was really saddened to see the problems I went through, are the "SAME" exact problems TODAY'S Veterans, and those that served our Country 100 years ago! You'd think the VA would be able to do a better job, helping veterans by now! But, the problem gets WORSE every WAR!
  10. paroland

    Best Pre-Censor Movie/Actor/Actress

    "Employee Entrance!" Great Movie! Loretta Young is jaw dropping good.
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