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  1. 1930's/40's Musical Comedienne Character Actress?

    Also memorable in Rosemary's Baby as Laura-Louise.
  2. Schedule and theater information

    You are correct - that's not all. You replied to a 2014 question and the main TCM Film Festival web site is wiped clean as the planning starts for the next year's festival. The schedule (and print button, supposedly) will be available a bit closer to the festival start. The website will be updated with the latest programming info when it's available. In the past, 5 theaters have been used simultaneously (TCL Multiplex - 3 screens, TCL Grauman's, and the Egyptian). These venues are used every day of the festival and usually show around 14 or 15 films at each theater over the course of the festival. That's 60 or so films. In the past, they've also used El Capitan, and at least once used the Cinerama Dome to round out the schedule. These theaters, if used, are typically only used for a day or two. Then they also show a few films around the pool area of the Roosevelt. There are also Club TCM presentations at the Roosevelt, and special programs that are held in other venues (such as interview tapings, etc). Films will be added to the website as they get closer to the dates. They will publish a complete schedule a few weeks ahead of the festival start, and finalize it the week before (but it's always subject to change). It's always a challenge (for me, anyway) to try to see what I want, since they have upwards of 6 or 7 things going on in parallel at any given time.
  3. We've been to the TCM Film Festival in the past, but have always sat in the bleachers for the red carpet opening. This year we have passes for the film. How does the seating for this screening work? Is it the same as for the other films (queue numbers with open seating)? In other words, are there advantages to entering early?

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