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  1. Actor-singer David Cassidy (1950-2017)

    My condolences as well. From the act that inspired them: 1960s 2004 Kind of neat to see that they got together again for old time's sake (and for a benefit concert for their brother who was ill). Their family went through a lot of tragedy around this time, as they lost one member to Hurricane Katrina and another due to illness.
  2. Christmas-in-the-film vs Christmas Film

    WRT "Black Friday" You CAN be too careful! Customer is stunned to find 100ft of packing paper has been used to protect his Amazon order - of BUBBLE WRAP Man in South Hampshire gets bubble wrap delivery protected in 100ft of paper
  3. Christmas-in-the-film vs Christmas Film

    Not in the ordinary sense at least. It is there more like a paid service, like satellite radio or Muzak, which you can rely on to be there during the season.
  4. Stupid Science

    You know, this reminds me of the Energy-Saver/Frost-Free setting on a household refridgerator. That is controlled by a switch inside that turns on or off a heating element that spans around parts of the perimeter of the door and around the inside. Most probably wouldn't see the value in having some heat, unless you take into consideration the example of a frost-free setting on a refridgerator. Or think about all the outdoor lighting which could get snow packed into it during a blizard. Say for instance snow gets packed into traffic lights during a blizzard, that has actually happened with newer LED lights. Then they are not thawing out and the traffic light gets blocked. So should traffic lights also have a heating element, in addition to the dropping resistor in the base of the LED bulb (which in some cases seems to be an insufficient source of heat to thaw out the snow)? Then there are some benefits to having less heat, such in small recessed lighting fixtures, small rooms, etc. I like the color of the ordinary halogen/incandescent lighting in my indoors living areas. So only in the most unusual lighting fixtures do I have LED lighting. These include small recessed fixtures above the stove and above the kitchen sink, where traditional bulbs would overheat and prematurely burn out. I do have fluorescent lighting in my shop area, though I don't bother at all with CCFLs. The halogen lights around the house almost all have dimmer switches (either on the lamps or on the walls) which I use to knock off the top 5% to 10%. This can be used to get a nice pleasant orangish-redish glow which is not really possible with other technologies. Also dimming any incandescent bulb by just a small amount will increase the life of the bulb dramatically. A good analogy to that is that hard service incandescent bulbs, such as those used in conventional traffic lights, are actually 130 volt bulbs. Since they operate on 120 volts, they never reach their rated power. That helps them to last much longer. Also there is a new technology being developed by scientists right now, outside of LED, fluourescent, and incandescent (tungsten and halogen) which I have read about. It is a reimagination of the incandescent bulb: Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient than LEDs These will have the aesthetics of a conventional incandescent (tungsten or halogen) bulb. If they can make this work, and at an affordable price to the consumer, then I think this is the way to go.

    I didn't. Back to work now on my chainsaw bayonet.

    I come across a lot of dumb stuff on this forum, most of which I usually just ignore, but that is just "special".
  7. Christmas-in-the-film vs Christmas Film

    Just a speedy reply, usually not my style. My preference, the original silent King Of Kings. Either way, I wasn't thinking of anything that actually relates to the faith. Just the early decorating and use of Christmas music in commercial retail establishments. I do celebrate Christmas with family and friends, but this year I think I first saw decorations and heard it being played about a month ago, and that is just a bit too soon.
  8. update sucks

    For me it's a thread problem. Most of the threads are not anything interesting to look into. Also the footer/signature area seems to be missing.
  9. Christmas-in-the-film vs Christmas Film

    I find it much to early for this crap, and I am NOT an Athiest.
  10. Acquisition of TCM's parent company called off

    Unrelated to the ongoing soap opera cycle, AT&T/Directv is lowering all their prices for new customers. This is the first I have heard of this, nice to see them paying attention to the market. It would be even nicer if that plan propagated to existing Directv customers as well.

    There was once an older color cartoon I saw (think 1960s, maybe WB) where the cartoon was interrupted, and it was revealed the cartoon was being shown through a Moviola type of device, and the film strip had in fact broken in two and was curling up and sticking out at both ends. A human hand gently reached down and pushed the two halves down and back together (no splicing necessary!), then the feature continued.

    Yeah, that's what I think too.

    Same here, but no audio breakup on my end.
  14. ann wedgeworth dies

    The older lady that chased Jack Tripper around. He couldn't get away from her quick enough. (Recovering Three's Company fan here) Rest In Peace
  15. U.S. Suburbs As We Knew Them Are Dying

    I took a look at some images of Fairlane Mall and yes, even similar patterns on the ceiling. As long as the shoppers keep showing up and spending money, then it should be just fine. The problem with Randall Mall was that shoppers who spend money were eventually too afraid to shop there anymore.

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