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  1. MovieCollectorOH

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    That Dish package at least looks like a savings over the publicly disclosed Directv satellite prices. I still see some gack they could get rid of, only there due to carriage agreements and so forth, but nothing is ever perfect.
  2. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    You mean besides the 1937 Fox fire? On an unrelated side note - just watching some old Dick Cavett interviews. Good stuff, at times. I used to have a friend like him, he stuck his foot in his mouth the other half of the time. Great fun though.
  3. MovieCollectorOH

    News Broadcasting

    TV news is a no-no for me. All the above, plus I can skim much faster than talking heads can emote. If I want to know what's happening, I know where to go. I find the news, I don't allow the news to find me. P.S. Another case scenario - I am one of those people that madly hunts down automatic playing videos on news websites, just so I can shut them off. I would much rather read the daily news for myself than watch some talking head read a script.
  4. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    I could see why they wouldn't want to lowball themselves in other markets/divisions. The temptation is there, given the Netflix model, but they are looking at long term sustainability. In the end they don't want to have another flash in the pan overvalued dot com company.
  5. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    Here have a look at this.
  6. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    See above posts, in particular the first image posted by Gershwin Fan.
  7. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    Maybe... I seem to remember it being incorporated into the sputnik design though. It sort of caught me by surprise.
  8. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    Reminds me 1950s aluminum sputnik decorations, you could still see stuff like this in the shopping malls as late as the 1970s. Probably shot in multiple takes though (i.e. not just one big piece with moving parts). My favorite iteration of that moving logo was in its earliest days, for a short period of time they included the words "It's a Universal Picture".
  9. MovieCollectorOH

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    Best case scenario would be, if the older Disney movies being shown on TCM are any indication, that the oldest Fox acquisitions follow suit. I too have been hoping for better exposure to pre-1970 movies from 20th Century Fox. Maybe we will get that from Disney. I just hope AT&T allows TCM to continue those relationships.
  10. MovieCollectorOH

    TCMdb and IMDB

    Among those most likely to find this to be a sensitive issue are those who first came up with it (in this case "big tech"). A recurring theme of sorts. At least that's the low-hanging fruit in what I saw. FWIW, probably not much.
  11. MovieCollectorOH

    TCMdb and IMDB

    The irony. I love it.
  12. MovieCollectorOH

    TCMdb and IMDB

    To the OP: No. Two completely different unrelated data sources and no initiative.
  13. MovieCollectorOH

    DirecTV Free Preview March 15-18

    Still haven't had a chance to completely offload the stuff I recorded from last time. My life doesn't revolve around these free previews you know.
  14. MovieCollectorOH

    Where’s Ben?

    As long as they keep it about classic movies, huh? LOL
  15. MovieCollectorOH

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    Yes (I just checked). I just haven't added this month to my reports yet.

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