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  1. MovieCollectorOH

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    That is always the chance though that it could have been a pastie bra that looked like the real thing.
  2. MovieCollectorOH

    How much can you edit and re-edit your own posts?

    Until someone quotes your words. After that, write addendum posts below that. Better yet, compose and review it before you submit it. I speak from experience here. The Reason For Editing tab is to guarantee your changes are seen, more than anything else. I forego that and just type a capital "EDIT:" below my original post. Or a capital "P.S.". Nothing screams "I can't organize my own thoughts" louder than using the "Reason For Editing", especially if there is the option to not use it.
  3. MovieCollectorOH

    photo size

    This bit from Morons From Outer Space comes to mind:
  4. MovieCollectorOH

    Amazon key, Alexa, etc. ....

    *poof* Ok, next challenge?
  5. MovieCollectorOH

    photo size

    Too tedious.
  6. MovieCollectorOH

    photo size

    Hmm I just messed around with it some. I uploaded a new image and temporarily added it to my post, using this forum's storage space. The first time I saw any trash can at all was when I first uploaded it in that post - it was underneath the post being edited, inside a small thumbnail of the pic. Then later on I was able to get back to it if I returned by clicking "edit". Then I went to the My Attachments screen and refreshed it, but no trash can. So I went back to the post containing it. Clicked on edit, got the small thumbnail of the same image underneath with a small trash can. I clicked on the trash can, and that removed it from the post and clicked "save". Then I went back to the My Attachments screen and refreshed that. A small trash can icon appeared to the right, as LawrenceA noted. I clicked on that and it asked me to verify. So maybe my theory above could be revisited. I don't know if older posts (pre-forum upgrade) can be deleted that way too. I don't use this feature though and I'm not interested enough to find out.
  7. MovieCollectorOH

    photo size

    I remember noticing this back during the forum software upgrade, and posting on it. Back then there was no way to delete old uploaded images which had been uploaded prior to the upgrade and were carried over, so it wouldn't surprise me if nothing has changed. That's not the thing that surprises me though. Space is really cheap these days, and there aren't that many actual posters. 3MB quota? Really?? That is like the late 1990s.
  8. MovieCollectorOH

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    I added a UK list to my "unshown" category of lists. Unlike the US lists, I put everything into one file here for UK movies not shown on TCM [for instance it includes The Devils (1971)]: Project:
  9. MovieCollectorOH

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    Not yet...
  10. MovieCollectorOH

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    More ideas here: Just scroll down to the "unscheduled" reports. These are simply different variations of IMDB's data minus my TCM Schedule data.
  11. MovieCollectorOH

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    Here's my quick little Wile E. Coyote diagram of a typical Directv Genie whole-house satellite system. Not that much different than wiring up a cable system (I have had both, I have Directv now). Notice there is only one DVR unit, then the units in the other two rooms get everything from that. Each wire you see represented here is literally just a single coax cable - just like the one that comes into your house - except for the TV connections. Simple. If you just have one TV set, then you would eliminate the splitter and client boxes. The power injector and splitter are just two little things on the floor behind my TV cabinet in the living room. I have read that some people have the splitter at the point of entry in the house, for logistical reasons, then have the power injector at the DVR and TV set where there is a place to plug it in. (It is also possible to wire it with the splitter before the power injector.) Under the hood, the DVR communicates with the clients using MoCA protocol (multimedia over coax), More specifically it allows two or more networked devices to communicate over coax. So the clients actually stream video from the DVR, a little bit like the way a Roku works. But it is not necessary to know any of that in order to use it.
  12. MovieCollectorOH


    Yeah, we are talking about two different things here.
  13. MovieCollectorOH

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    Ughh So that became another TV Land? Great.
  14. MovieCollectorOH


    If I feel like it I might look for an example online. There were just some moments when I had it on and remember having a good laugh over it. This was in the past when I was not in such great health myself. It literally hurt to laugh at the time. This guy's crazy vocals in the middle of the show got me to laugh pretty hard though.
  15. MovieCollectorOH

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    Yeah, I think the OP has maybe put this out there before. I like the idea of rarities. There are plenty of things they can show without having a bunch of repeats. In my schedule tracking project there is evidence that each year (as I tabulate it) there are time slots where they could be showing more rarities. In the end though it is a balance between the familiar and the obscure, with them trying to pick up new viewers while many of us hunt down the obscure. Having said that, my own preference is the obscure, from the early sound movies up about the 1960s, but we each have our own interests here. Some of the "crappy" 1980s stuff in the middle of the night can be interesting too I think. If anything, they have been playing more foreign films in recent years. There used to be a thing called the Sundance channel, not sure if that is still on some cable systems. I just don't channel surf, and it bothers me when others leave the TV on other channels - for me that is like leaving the toilet seat up.

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