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  1. MovieCollectorOH

    TCM Looking for Spring 2019 Intern

    You'd fall off the face of the earth and then nobody would see your posts again. Sounds like a fun time for someone. Consumer/market trends can be a good career. I do have some gray hair and am not as malleable as I once might have been if I were 'straight out of college', so I'm out.
  2. MovieCollectorOH

    TCM Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    My main concern here is the undocumented replacement, and also undocumented later airing of certain features. I have excellent info coming in on what they actually air, and I can confirm the accuracy of the web schedule for movie-length features has been getting sloppy since last month. The shorts are normally all over the place, but since last month the features have had some odd things going on too. Is this the new norm? Thankfully the on-screen guides tend to get it right, as posters here have posted on-screen changes which come true. That all seems a bit like the tail wagging the dog though. How is it that the website schedule sometimes isn't updated in the short term while the on-screen guides are? How is that even possible? Who is doing the actual scheduling here, TCM or the content providers involved? Inquiring minds and all.
  3. MovieCollectorOH

    Where's CaveGirl?

    Being able to arbitrarily change thread titles after people reply is dumb enough. I'm not a fan of multiple or rotating identities on forums either. I have my suspicions too on certain identities but honestly don't even care. This sort of thing just isn't for me though, it is far from having the allure of a murder mystery evening.
  4. MovieCollectorOH

    TCM Newsletter

    Here's the ongoing thread to bookmark, though I can't promise somebody else won't diverge and create a new thread next time:
  5. MovieCollectorOH

    The Muppet Movies

    Here's one of several lookup tables I put together and maintain. This one is the one you want. It is a large 5MB file so may take a while to open.
  6. MovieCollectorOH


    Maybe pound on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. AT&T's too. I'm not a proponent of this, but someone will get back to you in the form of damage control.
  7. MovieCollectorOH

    Schedule problem?

    Did that have anything to do with the daylight savings time? I have Directv too but don't usually use the Directv on-screen schedule. I use the 3rd party Schedules Direct guide, which is a consumer offshoot of the Gracenote/Tribune guide for commercial use. So I might have different experiences with that. In any case I didn't miss anything. Weird.
  8. MovieCollectorOH

    November 2018 schedule is up

    Some more so than the rest.
  9. MovieCollectorOH

    Schedule problem?

    I think this is a good idea for an ongoing thread. Recently it has happened where the programming changed, the on-screen programming was correct, and the TCM website was wrong. So far this thread has been helpful for me. P.S. Oops, that was a different thread, the one concerning Eight on the Lam (1967). But same idea. It looks as if we are on our own here.
  10. MovieCollectorOH

    November 2018 schedule is up

    Still sounds like a bunch of work, and a bloated result at the end.
  11. MovieCollectorOH

    Movie Magazine Memories

    Here's an online reference. I even see a reference to Photoplay on the right-hand side.
  12. MovieCollectorOH

    FilmStruck/Criterion Channel is being shut down!

    Like...duh. (to the first paragraph) As per the second quoted paragraph - LOL yeah capitalism sure sucks, except for the capitalism that worked to create all these old movies. Judging only by results, I'd say it's more broken now than it was back then. Fewer studios and less variety, but you do get your choice of behemoth action films with very little intelligent dialog made specifically for international distribution, if that is your thing. Which it isn't, because you are here. Or rather at Flavorwire.
  13. MovieCollectorOH

    Schedule problem?

    I was going to post some of the details on what last month looked like, as I have some very detailed info coming in on what actually airs. Since this place is already thoroughly nitpicked apart on a regular basis by people who otherwise seem to have nothing else to do, I will just say...yes, last month was brutal with the unpublished changes.
  14. MovieCollectorOH

    TCM Premieres

    My project updates are posted for this month, including January premieres so far. premieres: main project:

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