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  1. request for darkblue

    Why Mark Levin. Please explain.
  2. From around the galaxy

    For those kind of clams I'd rather start a small business, while the environment is ripe. @hamradio P.S. Also meant to mention - If I had a theater like that, it wouldn't remain "private" for very long. I can assure you that. I like to share things. That is why I worked with live events, improving various aspects so others could enjoy, instead of just purchasing music to listen to by myself. So it would be highly likely that licensing issues would arise at some point if I had a theater like that.
  3. programming changed

    Nailed it.
  4. From around the galaxy

    But wait, there's more.
  5. From around the galaxy

    Cool. Here's a digital cinema, it's good if you can understand him. Works a bit like Technicolor, but just for the lighting element - which now is a blue laser - at least here.
  6. TCM is the Only Channel Not Working on My Cable Tonight

    A couple days ago my satellite DVR went black for a few movies on TCM. No service upgrade messages, no "cannot find signal" messages, no DVR bootup messages before the picture came back online (I had that recorded too coincidentally), it just went from nothing to a picture and sound. So this is what was received under normal DVR operating conditions. I guess there's a first time for everything. I wasn't around, so I didn't look into it further. Being that this is February it is all stuff that is easily replaced, so not a big deal on my end.
  7. programming changed

    @Stephan55 Don't get me started on this. Glad to see this one is still up. He was a big hit in Europe with this some time ago. LMAO
  8. Movie Mysteries

    A Freeman named William perhaps?
  9. TCM Premieres

    It is a bit unfortunate that with the new forum website design the signature area has not been enabled. I still put my website link in the tiny letters up by my name, though people would need to copy and paste it into the browser. In general I think my "Report #3" is probably the best for this purpose. There are other reports which either get broader in scope or more specific in various ways. But this one mainly covers unique instances of feature length movies by year.
  10. TCM Premieres

    Yeah, all that indicates is that they burned through a lot of the 1930s premieres earlier on. In the real world that doesn't mean much of anything, it is just a number, as you have seen in my prior "Report #3" in this thread they still have a bell-curve type of emphasis on the mid-century films. It is true they have been including more foreign films over the years, as they become available, especially right now since this is Feb. May these serve as a reminder that different countries do each have their own irrevocable identities and long-term heritage, in spite of whatever money junkies try to do or say in their infinite greed. There are still the out-of-house films which need to be shown for the first time on TCM from American studios like Paramount, Disney, Fox, Universal, poverty row, etc. Also I think they should continue to go through the rare early sound stuff that they have shown before. It was easy to go all the way back to 1994, using some of my original work from other reports. Computers can speed things up though one shouldn't lose sight of "trust but verify", which is critical for any real analytical work. So much of the time goes into spot-checking to make sure it is working correctly. The numbers in the earlier years might be a little different with a more complete set of data (in particular from 1998 and 1999), but overall this is getting pretty close. The early 2000s seem kind of sparse in premieres, though they are complete. All in all no big surprises for me.
  11. TCM Premieres

    Okay, that was easy. Let me know what you think of the numbers. These are only entries which I have IMDB data for, and >44min. This includes all feature-length movie premieres, but not the shorts. There are about one or two non-movie entries for each year (though not consistently) which account for the red carpet silliness and so forth that they stick in. Whether or not they get counted here just depends on whether or not there are IMDB matches for them - if not, then they don't get counted. In this report, that is generally only expressed in the last line of any TCM broadcast year. These types of programs also add a few entries here and there in the later decades on my other reports, that is about the biggest discrepancy.
  12. That Wine Club sure gets around!

    I didn't imagine they actually took a real IMAX film camera along. Those are about the size of a kitchen table. Well you just said so... So I guess somewhere at a large proprietary IMAX theater there is/was tornado footage, in addition to a reality show. Twice the amount of bang for their buck.
  13. TCM Premieres

    Oh, okay. So no schedule discrepancy for what actually was shown, and what it says was shown.
  14. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    I'm not sure on those, I just think they weren't individually listed during the Cartoon Alley days. So mark those up as a "maybe". My data project is really geared to track the feature films. I wouldn't be surprised if the MGM ones had been shown before.
  15. That Wine Club sure gets around!

    Survivorman had a nice flow to it. I never did get around to seeing the spinoff of Survivorman, mostly when a show ends you never hear from them again, and I just wasn't aware he had a newer series. Probably the most flawed was American Chopper. They would literally pick each other's work off the bench and throw it down to the floor, smashing it. So not very good continuity if you were actually trying to follow them on their bike construction. I never got into the whole Stormchaser thing. I think from what I've read in the past, including comments, the form of digital IMAX being marketed for standard dimension theater screens aren't really anything out of the ordinary compared to what else is out there in digital cinemas. That wouldn't include the larger proprietary IMAX screens you find in museums and science centers, which have also recently been refitted with digital projectors - I'm sure those are quite special. P.S. Oh yeah I agree on your last point.

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