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  1. MovieCollectorOH

    Host replaced?

    Take it from me, she's fascinating.
  2. MovieCollectorOH

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    I was wondering what happened to you. It's okay to disagree on certain things while agreeing on others, that is called diversity of opinion. It seems to be lacking around here.
  3. This is just the very tip of the iceberg. If anyone should know about these types of title semantics and their challenges, it is me. One word titles, like weak passwords, are the most likely to recur. So they are the biggest offenders. Take that into account, along with the consequences of International AKA titles and differing release dates for various countries, mix it all together into one big pot of steaming goo, and you have every reason to not want to attempt this. I won't bother with examples, but rather give some likely scenarios - these are bound to occur in varying combinations for me in my project, but just not all at once: TCM IMDB title (year) <====> original title (year) [wrong movie] <====> original title (year +/- 1) [correct movie, but one year different] <====> original title (year) [short feature for correct movie, still wrong] <====> AKA title (year) [correct movie, wrong year, a British movie for instance using US title but UK release year, no match] <====> AKA title (year) [english AKA for same-year Pac-Rim movie, wrong movie] TCM TCM title (year) <====> AKA (year) [this is a case where TCM or AFI changes from original to AKA, or vice versa over the years, and I detect and normalize prior entries to latest usage just to prevent multiple entries of the same movie, and incorrect tabulation of repetitions] I have a number of different tests which I have developed and run each month, just after importing the fresh records and prior to generating my reports, which expose and report all these possibilities to me. The fixes include a disambiguation mask which gets filled in by me on a per-case basis each month for the outliers. In the end roughly about 2.5% of incoming records each month fail my automated tests and require attention. In addition to above scenarios, this also includes all the cartoons, seriels, and TV episodes as well as some obscure or poorly titled shorts.
  4. MovieCollectorOH

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    That's part of the cheese. Mmm cheese. A bit like having someone like Elmer Bernstein do the music for a movie like Robot Monster.
  5. MovieCollectorOH

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Hey welcome back (If I am correct here). It all depends on what their priorities are. On the plus side they could squeeze twice as much in (but would they really - maybe it would turn out to be 1.5x or less). On the minus it would stretch out their resources, and I think that is what people around here are considering. One thing's for sure...if it weren't for TCM, I would have "cut the cord" a long time ago. And that's a fact, Jack...I mean Jimmy (I think).
  6. MovieCollectorOH

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often? It just depends. At times, yes. I like cheesy goodness too. As some may be aware, I tune in and watch/record mostly based on the rarity of the movie itself, not the theme. If the theme actually provides them with some sort of an incentive to play stuff that otherwise wouldn't get played, then fine. Whatever floats everyone's boat, and there are some real dingys on here. I'm not one of those complaining though. In any case here's a bubble-sort of stuff they have played, in order of how recent: and in order of how repetitive (hat tip to Stephan55): Then there are some more possibilities - stuff my listings don't say TCM has shown so far, which can be found by scrolling down to the "X-files" section on this page: If it adds more rarities or previously unshown movies, then I think it is better off. If they are using it to recycle the same ol same ol, then never mind. Overall I would say it is the former.
  7. MovieCollectorOH

    Anybody gonna' see new version of A STAR IS BORN?

    In another day and age, Stefani Germanotta would probably be a burlesque madam and own her own burlesque theater in some seedy part of town (until the city decided to tear it down and replace it with some magnet project). What she and her peers have taken up is what is going on today. It is sheer coincidence she can actually sing on top of that, as evidenced by "that album she did with Tony Bennett".
  8. MovieCollectorOH

    star trek the mess

    I didn't realize, but Shatner is on tour now. WILLIAM SHATNER - LIVE ON STAGE FOR CONVERSATION AND Q & A AFTER THE SCREENING OF STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN Appropriately, he will be coming through my area and his appearance will be at the Akron Civic Theatre, a 1929 "atmospheric" theater built by Marcus Loew. Oddly enough he won't be signing autographs. Yeah baby.
  9. MovieCollectorOH

    star trek the mess

  10. MovieCollectorOH

    star trek the mess

    Here. I think this is from Shatner's Priceline ad campaign. Captain Kirk is back.
  11. MovieCollectorOH

    TCM Premieres

    This posting is just to update my premieres list and other reports for Nov 2018. All other months are from data captured earlier. Main report page:
  12. MovieCollectorOH

    Host replaced?

    You are too kind.
  13. MovieCollectorOH

    moviecollectoroh's database down?

    I took a look and it seems well. I had the site's default page blank up to just now. That goes back to the days when we used to have a signature area. Well the damn search engines, which are intentionally crippled these days, are finding it anyhow (thanks to the links they harvest from this forum). Also there is no more signature area on this forum (thanks guys), so I'm like 'what's the difference, why do I even care about this'. So I went ahead and put in an .htaccess redirect to bring up the actual home page. So it's the same as it's always been for those who bookmarked it. Now it's just easier to get to Hope that helps.
  14. MovieCollectorOH

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    Not a good day. Reynolds knew how to have fun, he expressed it on film quite well. Now I just need to find a place where I can drink and drive, chew some gum, grin, and pass cops in an out-of-state ambulance and expired license plates. All at the same time. No, that wouldn't help. RIP.
  15. MovieCollectorOH

    Old Churches Transformed Into Something Different

    The Church Brewery in Pittsburgh PA I've been there in the past for a business dinner or two back when I was on the road. There are some different places I have been to, but this one was memorable. They serve beers such as Celestial Gold, Pipe Organ Pale Ale, Pious Monk Dunkel, and one I could even grok - Non-Denominator Doppelbock. They've replaced the statues of Saints and Apostles with brew tanks

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