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  1. For Audiophiles Mostly

    Nice selections! It is good to know I am not completely alone in this. I PM'd you with the rest of that Don Costa album.
  2. Examining Cognitive Dissonance in Media Personalities

    Just out of morbid curiosity (and boredom) I put this list together from several sources. There are many more entries, but my time is limited and my interest wasn't in pseudo-intellectualism and word games, so I tried to stick with the less obscure and easiest to understand. This was so I could see for myself some of the more common ways people try to justify themselves. Everyone makes an inadvertent mistake here or there, but basically these are used as a crutch by those who are less socially competent, less honest, or as in this case an assumed "boilerplate" MSM-variety outcome is not only expected of their interviews with possible "opposition", but is also a core part of their business model. ------------------------- Regression fallacy – ascribes cause where none exists. The flaw is failing to account for natural fluctuations. Faulty Generalizations / Cherry Picking - suppressed evidence, incomplete evidence Survivorship bias – when a small number of survivors of a given process are actively promoted while completely ignoring a large number of failures Inductive fallacy – A more general name to some fallacies, such as hasty generalization. It happens when a conclusion is made of premises that lightly support it. Poisoning the well – a subtype of ad hominem presenting adverse information about a target person with the intention of discrediting everything that the target person says. Appeal to motive – a subtype of ad hominem that dismisses an idea by questioning the motives of its proposer. Traitorous critic fallacy – a subtype of ad hominem where a critic's perceived affiliation is seen as the underlying reason for the criticism and the critic is asked to stay away from the issue altogether. Appeal to authority (argumentum ad verecundiam) – where an assertion is deemed true because of the position or authority of the person asserting it. Appeal to emotion – where an argument is made due to the manipulation of emotions, rather than the use of valid reasoning. Appeal to fear – a specific type of appeal to emotion where an argument is made by increasing fear and prejudice towards the opposing side. Appeal to ridicule – an argument is made by presenting the opponent's argument in a way that makes it appear ridiculous. Argumentum ad populum (appeal to widespread belief, bandwagon argument, appeal to the majority, appeal to the people) – where a proposition is claimed to be true or good solely because many people believe it to be so. Association fallacy (guilt by association and honor by association) – arguing that because two things share (or are implied to share) some property, they are the same. Fallacy of relative privation ("not as bad as") – dismissing an argument or complaint due to the existence of more important problems in the world, regardless of whether those problems bear relevance to the initial argument. For example, First World problem. Judgmental language – insulting or pejorative language to influence the recipient's judgment. Motte-and-bailey fallacy: The arguer conflates two similar positions, one modest and easy to defend (the "motte") and one much more controversial (the "bailey"). The arguer advances the controversial position, but when challenged, they insist that they are only advancing the more modest position. Straw man fallacy – an argument based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position.
  3. For Audiophiles Mostly

    Okay one more for now. This one is a one-off album for Don Costa from 1958. He served as one of Frank Sinatra's arrangers and band leaders, as well as having a career of his own. One night Don Costa and his band rented a big bar in town and they invited all their friends for a sing-along. They ended up going through the songs fairly quickly, as most of the people in the crowd were drinking, and the band began to realize the crowd was fading and they didn't have all night to get things perfect. I don't see much up on Youtube so here are a couple audio samples of that. This is from my collection as well. Don Costa and his Freeloaders - A1 - Five Foot Two.mp3 Don Costa and his Freeloaders - A3 - When You Wore A Tulip.mp3 Don Costa and his Freeloaders - B1 - Seems Like Old Times.mp3 Don Costa and his Freeloaders - B4 - My Melancholy Baby.mp3
  4. For Audiophiles Mostly

    If you hang in there you might get milk and cookies.
  5. For Audiophiles Mostly

    Not from any movie, but this lounge music has a special place in my collection. I have an original LP of this, originally packaged under the Enoch Light label. I have to admit the CD I made of it spins around quite well too. Here is a direct link to a point where they seem to get in the zone. Possibly one of the best tracks of this type of all time.
  6. For Audiophiles Mostly

    Maybe this will make you feel warm and safe.
  7. For Audiophiles Mostly

    Surprised nobody recommeded this.
  8. coffee movies

    Herbie The Love Bug (1968) The Buddy Hackett character is always holding a cup of Irish Coffee whenever he is in his repair shop. Also he heats it up in the pot you see in the first picture with a blowtorch. I have tried that same thing in the past at a friend's. Works well. I forgot where I first saw it - for years I imagined it was a Dom Delouise scene until IMDB started up.
  9. Your thoughts are in line with mine above, in that they are probably doing nothing more than using defaults for that.
  10. Hey welcome back. Nice to see your upvoter isn't broken.
  11. I didn't get into that thread because well, I just didn't get into it. It looked benign to me, no ad-hominem attacks on fellow posters as far as I remember. So no complaints from me. Far more toxic things have been left up on this forum.
  12. How do you delete your account completely???

    As was promised to their audiences by The Seekers each time they sang, The Carnival Is Over.
  13. programming changed

    Here are a couple more. This is from the same band. Great refrain. Here is their singer Chris Norman, and what he looks and sounds like today. Joined by his own band and 1980s German pop star for a song at a concert in Russia. Original was released in 1978 as a duet with Suzi Quatro and made the US charts.
  14. I wasn't even aware this site had any kind of quota system in place - and if they do it's for the wrong things. I guess that's "inside info" around here.
  15. It just makes zero sense to me that anyone at TCM would take the time to go in and just do that to your account, or that it might even be possible. One thing to consider is that you just used the same user profile, but with a different revision of the same browser. So I wouldn't expect different results. If you want, in Firefox you can click on Help/Restart With Add-ons Disabled. Then after it prompts you for "Refresh" or "Safe Mode", click on "Safe Mode". Be sure to click on Safe Mode. That will restart it without add-ons. You can resume later on by closing and reopening as usual.

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