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    Likewise. I too didn't/don't think that of anyone they put on air. I like their current roster. One of those agree to disagree topics I suppose.
  2. MovieCollectorOH

    That winning smile.

    Alicia Malone comes to mind here for me. Really, no kidding.
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    I think Bayer just purchased them. (Monsatan, not Disney.) Their name is basically toast. (Monsatan, not Bayer)
  4. Oh goody, somebody posting something I can relate to for a change on here. He doesn't really get into it in the video, but when two frequencies are combined, there is an apparent third frequency called a beat frequency which can result (think of a Theremin, which operates on this principle using RF). You might have heard this with two different, physically separate sources of sound, producing two audible different tones at the same time. In some cases when you physically get in between them, you might hear a third "chopping" sound, not at all like the other two. In lab testing this has been achieved with two different sound sources in two different locations, as seen in video (but not necessarily placed that close together). The point here is that the beat frequency of the heterodyne, or the apparent third frequency can be engineered to be within the human hearing range, even though the sound sources are beyond that. So the two different sources can be both projecting ultrasound at an arbitrary common point on a brick wall for instance. Then at the point where the two sonic waveforms intersect, under careful conditions, this can occur. If it is randomly projected into free-space, it will likely not be heard, as the two sound patterns will just continue moving away from each other in two different axis. If it is bounced off a wall or surface, in half-space, then it will be reflected and likely be percieved to have originated from the wall. If it is reflected off a person, the person will hear it, and potentially others too. It won't have a hi-fi quality though. Not a replacement for audio speakers or headsets. Some have already tried. At best it is a tinny, victrola-like sound. Within at least the upper part of the vocal range. I am a bit skeptical of the utility value of this as it could apply in the real world, as air absorption over any amount of distance natually attenuates audible high frequencies at a faster rate than the rest of the audible sound spectrum. Ultrasound traveling through open space outdoors would have far more natural absorptive interference than that. Unless the source is up close, it would have variable results depending on temperature, wind direction, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. Also potential interference from surrounding structures. It may sound like it is coming from the building. It would all need to be very carefully set up. So yes this is possible, but it would need to be powerful and/or nearby. Don't confuse this with LRAD warning systems, used by task forces to disperse disorderly crowds in a non-lethal manner. These combine several very efficient special purpose audio drivers in a planar configuration to produce a unique highly directional, narrow sound pattern. Technically speaking, due to the large planar surface (really an array of wavefront-coherent smaller units), they have a deep nearfield region. So they roll off at a rate of 3dB per doubling of distance (or in this case perhaps even less) before they fall off into 6 dB/doubling of distance (typical inverse square law for a spherical sound producer in open space). Translation: they get damn loud, far away, though they don't sound that great. These can emit a shrill siren or a shrill voice. These are not ultrasonic. P.S. If I get bored enough, I might try and work through some of the other references you posted. A small but memorable part of my background is in live audio production (though today I am actually more familiar with modern design aspects and trends, rather than any actual "talent"), so that much was a given.
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    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    LOL I couldn't care less about Linus' physique. Well actually I take that back. I wish him the best of health and many more productive years to come. It is good to see he exercises.
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    We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    Who's paying, and why?
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    Please add SD versions ASAP.

    TCM is "broadcast" over Cable TV and Satellite (I put that in quotes and put it lightly because cable actually "is" streamed - i.e. multicast since it went digital, but just over a private network. For the sake maintaining terminology, I use the word "broadcast" here). On these broadcast mediums it is 1080i, it says so on their Wikipedia page and I can confirm from watching the commercials and the hosts on an HD TV. The movies on the other hand aren't necessarily reflective of what goes on these days. Rather than you seeing what technology we have now, you are seeing what was conveniently available at the time when the film was scanned in to digital format using the telecine machines. Since DVDs go back to the 1990s, much of that could have potentially happened back in that era, around 20 years ago. Before HD, before Blu-ray, etc. We are talking about the era that was the first generation of DVDs. So today TCM is broadcast at 1080i (whether or not the source material originally was scanned in at 1080i). From there it is also split off and downconverted to 480i to accomodate SD carriage needs (for the time being). So you have these two scenarios for HD: SD source >> upconverted to HD format (prepared ahead of time) >> sent for broadcast HD source >> sent for broadcast Meanwhile the SD feed goes something more like this: SD source >> upconverted to HD (same exact digital file as above) >> downconverted to SD (single-pass hardware) >> sent to broadcast HD source >> downconverted to SD (single-pass hardware) >> sent to broadcast So the HD feed has less processing, and I would much rather see less processing. Hardware downsizing/scaling has the advantage that it can be used in real time, but the results aren't ideal. That is just for broadcast TV. If you are talking about "streaming", as in video received in some way other than over-the-air, cable or satellite, then disregard.
  8. MovieCollectorOH

    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    Here's a link to a story about Torvalds' work space, in particular it references his "Zombie shuffling" desk. It says he keeps at a pace of 1 MPH - it seems he has something like one of these:
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    TCM Premieres

    Just posting to say I have uploaded my latest premieres now: as well as overall project updates:
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    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    That's something, that the recording studio was still open. Back at you on the wine. Ok just for you here is a giant diagram of all the known desktop Linux distros, as found on Wikipedia. In true Wikipedia fashion, it is mostly just academic in nature and probably the only time anyone has ever compiled such a list. They had it in SVG format, a vector graphics format. This behaved a bit sluggish for me, so I converted it to a more standard JPG image. This link goes to the full-sized image. You might want to save it first, and open it in a picture viewer, just so you can zoom in and actually read it. I also put up a reduced version, just for this thumbnail. Almost the entire top half is the Debian tree of Linux distros. That includes the Ubuntu tree (just to the right, within the Debian tree), and then eventually Linux Mint. Linux Mint has two versions, the main version that is built from Ubuntu, and also Linux Mint Debian Edition which is built directly from Debian (for advanced users and more specific use-cases). Below that are some other trees, including Slackware, Red Hat, and Arch (from which Manjaro is built). Then you see some straight lines, distros not related to any others. These are mostly for specific purposes. Puppy Linux is in there. Finally at the very bottom is a small group of specialty Android distros intended for desktop use. I don't think I see Astra Linux in there. That is the Debian-based distro built specifically for the Russian military and intelligence agencies, and now the rest of the Russian govt is/will be replacing all their Windows desktops with. I would too. Not shown are various Linux-based applications NOT intended for desktop computer or server use, as these tend to be proprietary and/or undisclosed (i.e. Android for smart phones, smart watches, tablets; Siri, Roku, Smart TVs, Cable and Satellite boxes, a bunch of that sort of junk and too many other things to mention here). As a case in point, here is a diagram of how the Linux kernel is used with the Android operating system.
  11. MovieCollectorOH

    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    Can I interest you in a bottle of wine to go with that? It's really good wine I hear.
  12. MovieCollectorOH

    Glitch? Phone Call from a Stranger

    The freezing problem is an issue with transmitted digital media. It doesn't happen to everyone all at once, or else you would see more reports on the same issue. With satellite, it might be an intermittent weather condition. Not directly overhead either. That is one of the reasons I left Cable and went to Directv a few years ago. Overall our cable was quite bad in our area and this was a frequent occurrence, and in my case the Directv has been much better. There is another issue, involved in digital media, where you get dropped video frames or dropped audio frames. This is simply due to interferences and intermittent issues. Since the audio and video elements of digital media arrive at different times on different frames, if any bit of it gets dropped or doesn't make it to you, then it will most likely cause it to go out of synch. This can also sometime be an issue with DVRs, when hard drives begin to wear out. The quality of Cable varies rather wildly, based on how busy the use is for a particular area. (It doesn't actually broadcast like analog cable, broadcast TV, or satellite - it has to send an individual signal to each customer - just like streaming Internet video, so when you get more viewers it gets more congested). Directv, on the other hand, can sometimes have issues but for usually for different reasons.
  13. MovieCollectorOH

    Schedule wrong

    This tends to happen in general to shorts or any non-movie types of segments shorter than a feature film (< 45 minutes). It is a scheduling issue that seems to be diffic. For instance if there is a block of Harold Lloyd shorts, it is almost certain that there will be a recorded segment or two that includes the end of one, and the beginning of another. It seems to me that the schedule provders that make the schedules which end up on your DVR just can't keep up (3rd party schedule provider companies such as Tribune Media or Gracenote). TCM has been known to change the schedule all the way up to airtime. They are usually pretty good with movies, but I have noticed that shorts constantly get added and moved around all month long. Alternatively, the schedule you are looking at may already be obsolete, and the one that is used by both TCM and the 3rd party schedule providers may actually be on track with each other. (This is more of an issue for people who record manually, or manually set their DVR to record at a specific time, without the use of built-in scheduling services.) To compensate, if I see a short I really want, I record everything that surrounds it on the schedule.
  14. A few years ago for me it was Singing In The Rain. I avoided it for years solely because of this dumb looking poster. Great movie.
  15. MovieCollectorOH

    We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    You know it's bad when this is one of the top threads. This has probably been posted here before. Not Dr. Evil...the cans of spam.
  16. The Wild Party (1929) did appear in my data (2000-08 & 2001-05), but mysteriously out of order in the way it was sorted. It appears in my table before the 1923 movie of the same name. I will look into this and see why it sorted it this way. Strange. Ceiling Zero (1936) - from IMDB trivia: After the 1993 VHS release, legal complications reared their ugly heads, and this title was taken off the market; as a result there has, so far, never been a DVD release, and except for a single presentation in May 1994, it's never been broadcast on Turner Classic Movies. The remake, International Squadron (1941), also fell into the same legal quagmire and has never been released on VHS nor DVD nor aired on TCM. These are the only James Cagney and Ronald Reagan titles to remain legally unavailable for public viewing at this time. See more » [I will add this in for May 1994, even though I don't have that month] In looking for any evidence of The Trial Of Mary Dugan (1929) having aired, I see it was scheduled for July 24, 2014 here: but then was replaced by The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929) [confirmed by more than one of my sources] Then in 2009 there was a bunch of Internet chatter about TCM having a Norma Shearer block. But no concrete mention of this movie actually playing at that time. Here's the best I can find on Mary Dugan: In this thread, it is stated that TCM did have it scheduled for April 1994. Again, this month isn't in my project. Maybe I should add this into my entries too. The reply in the thread conforms to my requirements, it is reported (by someone I consider to be a reputable source) to have appeared in the schedule, though there are no reports of anyone who actually saw it firsthand. Little side note I came across: Norma Shearer turned down the role for Mrs. Miniver.
  17. Glorious Betsy didn't make it to my project, by design. More later.
  18. Here's what I have for She Couldn't Say No (1930). I put this up as an example of what the early printed schedules were like.
  19. That could be the case for these. This project goes way beyond just gathering a bunch of old schedules together. Every bit helps.
  20. Now that I have something to look for, I'll look into those. There may be some evidence out there. If I can find it, I'll tack it on.
  21. MovieCollectorOH

    We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    Mostly Windows 8 and Windows 10 pushed people onto cell phones and onto tablets. Well either that or it is a mighty big coincidence. Anyhow, Android actually has a wee little version of the Linux kernel underneath the pretty wrapping of Android OS. So a large number of people have been using it and are none the wiser. It is restricted access though, only the Android programmers at Google have any say about what goes on with the hidden Linux portion of it. There are plans out on the Internet though, for people to "root" their Android phones, and install an open version of Linux instead. Phone still works and regular service charges still apply. It is just no longer connected to Google. (I have no input on this, as I don't have any Android gear.) Good you at least like the Mate Desktop Environment and might be able to use that. It is a close second to the Cinnamon DE in my opinion (I prefer Cinnamon because it has dimmer window borders and taskbar - easier on the eyes for me). Either of them are laid out close enough to the older versions of Windows for most to find them easy to use. Mate is also a little bit less power hungry than Cinnamon, a little less fancy. So some people put Mate on older machines. Also there is the XFCE DE for low power, but I am not really a fan of that. It is just too far of a departure for my taste. After you get rid of the Windows anti-virus, the Malwarebytes, the System Defender, the Automatic Updates, etc in the move to Linux, the same system runs faster and cooler in many cases. PHPBB is just a forum provider, like Envision is for this forum. No biggee. Stay safe out there in CA!!
  22. MovieCollectorOH

    We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    Click on all the storefronts, click on all the buses, click on all the street signs, etc. It usually takes me two or three of those games before I win.
  23. MovieCollectorOH

    We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    A word search for any combination of the words Kate, Katharine, and Hepburn could be incorporated into it.
  24. MovieCollectorOH

    We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    Just ask a simple movie question. Who was Spencer Tracy bonking. That will at least clue us in a bit on potential locale of the spammer. "Maths" are too universal. Duh.

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