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  1. MovieCollectorOH

    film colorizing should be re-engaged

    That's pretty neat, but they still need to colorize it. Since you posted that, here's one that I've had around for a while. This is two songs spliced together with beat-mixing software. The brighter sounding tune which makes up the bulk of it is New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle. It also has parts from Depeche Mode - Strangelove, which has a darker sound. This is just random clips (mostly B&W) from around the Internet that the poster admitted he cobbled together, without having any idea about. Probably some clips from some foreign titles as well. Check out the one girl in a white and red polka-dotted shirt grooving by herself - I think she kinda looks like a young Judith Durham (of The Seekers).
  2. MovieCollectorOH

    August 2018 Schedule is up

    I don't know the story on that one either. Most Doris Day movies have been on several times by now. So I am leaning towards there actually being a reason.
  3. MovieCollectorOH

    August 2018 Schedule is up

    This one has been on the schedule 16x since 2001.
  4. MovieCollectorOH


    Among "touchy" communities, I think you have struck gold by joining here. LOL
  5. I borrowed a book on Edison years ago by Robert Conot. It was divided into two main sections: Edison The Inventor, and Edison The Industrialist (or something of that nature). Basically two different books under the same spine, and that pretty much described the real Edison. He was as much a businessman as he was an inventor, and that includes being one of the early patent trolls. He was good friends with Henry Ford. Henry Ford was basically more of the same. Tesla not so much. Maybe it is people looking for an underdog. I liked Thomas Edison in Spencer Tracy's "Edison The Man" very much, but don't confuse the real Thomas Edison with Spencer Tracy's Edison. They are two very different people. About 20 or 30 years ago there was an unusual joke I heard that Albert Einstein's wife was the actual scientist, and that left poor Albert to just be an unphotogenic guy who wasn't all that smart. Not funny to me, then again I don't get off on making fun of people, especially great talent like that. As far as the foolish images on the Internet of Einstein apparently sticking his tongue out, hey it's on the Internet so it must have really happened, right?
  6. Before I came to your post, I was thinking "the absence of indoctrination". Or someone who is still able to free-associate, in spite of indoctrination. Spot on.
  7. MovieCollectorOH

    how many new films has tcm added to their line-up...

    I'd say though that most have had a chance to repeat by now. So most shifted to later times. To get an idea, look at the surrounding years. I wouldn't expect that those are negatively impacting today's premieres list that much.
  8. I'd say it's definitely a server-side script or package that is broken. Perhaps a bit of middleware (perhaps a plug-in or add-on module) which the "TCMbar" (most likely a custom script) runs on, and some dependencies went *poof* due to a routine update of something else. You know how that goes. I suggest middleware since the rest of the website appears to be up. And if there is middleware, there is a chance for a time-bomb (as in trialware or shareware) - I was half kidding of course about this, but also half-serious. You really never know about me.
  9. MovieCollectorOH

    Sinatra, Elvis OR Bing???

    Come on, there's something to be said for those lounge acts.
  10. MovieCollectorOH

    Sinatra, Elvis OR Bing???

    Yes. He's just one of those character acters who never fails to deliver. Cracks me up every time I see him.
  11. MovieCollectorOH

    how many new films has tcm added to their line-up...

    This is not a yearly-cumulative "unique" list that gets reset each year (as my other quantitative reports are). This is just a count of movies as they premiered on TCM, across all broadcast years. That is, TCM's first occurrence of each feature-length film (45 min or greater), and the year that it was aired. So hypothetically speaking, if TCM aired Fletch for the first time in 2002, then it would only ever get counted once in 2002, then never again and never before. [edit: I just reworded the description on that report to match this.] The first few TCM broadcast years are the largest because they burned through most of their premieres during those years (you know, the golden era stuff they are best known for). Then that slows down and remains pretty stable up to now. Lately it has been a lot of Japanese film and other random stuff. But there is still some golden era stuff they can find to fit into that. 1998 and 1999 are going to be off, because I am missing about half of each of those years. P.S. To contrast, here is a different report showing my most simple count of all movies shown per year (unique by year - or counted only once per year).
  12. MovieCollectorOH

    how many new films has tcm added to their line-up...

    Here's a count of premieres, accurate for the most part. No hockey stick graphs. Just raw data.
  13. Since it appears the toolbar stopped working spontaneously, i'd say either they ran a routine update which broke it, or else they were using software that had a "time bomb". I'd give it about a 50/50 chance in this case, as they aren't that big on updates, whereas routine updates continuously break things all over the world. Especially Microsoft updates, from what I read and hear about.
  14. MovieCollectorOH

    The "When was the last time a movie played on TCM?" thread

    Thanks for the help! I'll have one of each of those.
  15. MovieCollectorOH

    Ben Mankie's HUAC Rants

    Easier to pronounce than "HCUAA" I suppose. (There was no "HUAC", outside of Pete Seeger's imagination) LOL HCUAA!!!! HCUAA!!!! HCUAA!!!!
  16. MovieCollectorOH

    The "When was the last time a movie played on TCM?" thread

    I didn't think so, or else I would have answered it differently, wouldn't I.
  17. MovieCollectorOH

    Sinatra, Elvis OR Bing???

    Just an addendum to my large post above, the post with the "World's Greatest Elvis" competition. The older judge in that video, towards the end of the segment, is none other than Joe Esposito - Elvis's long time friend and road manager! The most perfect judge they could have had. I should have watched that video all the way through before.
  18. MovieCollectorOH

    Brainwashing: Capra style----

    I see I am in good company with others here who enjoyed the movie for what it was. (note: this is a larger picture)
  19. MovieCollectorOH

    The Fugitive Lovers (1934) Robert Montgomery lost film?

    Okay, thanks for that. Mine was from their online monthly schedule too. That day is identical except it seems Angels With Dirty Faces was replaced with These Wilder Years (1956). 4:45 PM Johnny Angel (1946) 6:15 PM These Wilder Years (1956) 8:00 PM Hoosiers (1986) In this case I can confirm this schedule was retrieved in the middle of the month, well after that time slot had aired. I look at each of these individually, so if you notice other potential issues let me know. For others who might be wondering what we are talking about here, there is this: Also I don't keep track of shorts as carefully, they are moved around in the schedule rather frequently. So while shorts do get tracked, it is understood the original schedules (my source) do not attempt to completely track them.
  20. MovieCollectorOH

    The "When was the last time a movie played on TCM?" thread

    I have Nov 2006 for my earliest date.
  21. MovieCollectorOH

    The Fugitive Lovers (1934) Robert Montgomery lost film?

    What movies surrounded it in your version of the schedule? Was yours the print version?
  22. MovieCollectorOH

    Sinatra, Elvis OR Bing???

    Who's that, Bing? That almost looks like a scene from The Black & White Minstrels - a British TV production whose music sounded good to my ears (at least the LPs), but then I saw parts of the TV show and thought it looked a bit silly. P.S. I'm sure the BBC has burned all the masters by now.
  23. MovieCollectorOH

    The Fugitive Lovers (1934) Robert Montgomery lost film?

    1994-08 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 1994-08 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 1995-01 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 1995-11 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 1996-05 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 1996-07 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 2001-12 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 2006-01 Fugitive Lovers (1934) 2006-05 Fugitive Lovers (1934) Complete back to Dec 2000, missing months shows at bottom of this page:
  24. MovieCollectorOH

    Does anyone know how to get rid of wasps?

    No doubt less toxic than this forum, as of late.
  25. MovieCollectorOH

    new avatar

    I've been busy this past week, missed the color bars I think. So here is one for old time's sake.

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