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    Here's a nice review. http://planninecrunch.blogspot.com/2015/02/tod-brownings-dracula-defense-of-often.html TCM needs to feature this book.
  2. Burt Wilson

    Leonard Nimoy has died aged 83

    Seems like we keep losing all the great ones.
  3. Burt Wilson


    Hey...why hasn't TCM reviewed this book?
  4. Burt Wilson

    Lew Landers: Mask of Diijon

    I always saw MASK OF DIIJON as a Bela Lugosi vehicle; not that Erich Von Stroheim did a poor job.
  5. Burt Wilson


    It's definately a good read. The following is reproduced here with permission from SIGHT & SOUND MAGAZINE; February issue. As for the surreal setting....that's what the movie is for.
  6. Burt Wilson

    Louis Jourdan has passed away!!

    No apology needed. I always thought Jourdan was on par with Lugosi but one not better than the other. Yet apologies could be in order for the Jourdan/Jordan mix up. The thought of Jourdan playing the blues is an entertaining thought, though.
  7. Burt Wilson

    Louis Jourdan has passed away!!

    You may want to examine his resume to answer that question.
  8. Burt Wilson

    Louis Jourdan has passed away!!

    He is also great on TV in Charlie's Angels and Columbo and the BBC version of Dracula.
  9. Burt Wilson

    Louis Jourdan has passed away!!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. One of my favorite actors. Even though he has been in retirement for sometime, I'll still miss him.
  10. Burt Wilson


    If you haven't gotten a chance, pick up this fascinating read. It dispells a lot of myths and controversies surrounding the film. As many have said before, Gary D. Rhodes takes a scholar's pen to researching and unearthing long forgotten information; shedding new light on Tod Browning and the making of DRACULA. Worth every penny and was released 84 years ago this very weekend. http://www.amazon.com/Tod-Brownings-Dracula-Gary-Rhodes/dp/0956683452/ or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tod-Brownings-Dracula-Gary-Rhodes/dp/0956683452

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