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  1. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    Did people of their time really consider these women beautiful?

    Bette Davis considered herself an actor rather than a glamorous Hollywood starlet. She knew that she was not conventionally beautiful. And she wasn't afraid to look unattractive on screen if it was right for the role
  2. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    And the "Tony Award" Goes To...

    Rita Moreno did her own singing on "America" but her singing was dubbed on "A Boy Like That" and most of the "Tonight" Quintet.
  3. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    November 2018 schedule is up

    I'm wondering if the spotlight is going to be hosted (or co-hosted) by casting directors.
  4. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    I saw Ali: Fear Eats the Soul when it aired on TCM and was totally captivated. The Hollywood melodramas of Douglas Sirk was a major source of inspiration for this Fassbinder movie.
  5. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    November 2018 schedule is up

    Three of my favorite Max Fleischer Popeye cartoons are scheduled to air this month: A Clean Shaven Man on November 3 Brotherly Love on November 17 I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski on November 24 The first two cartoons feature a song sung by Olive Oyl (voiced by Mae Questel) and third one includes a song sung by Popeye (Jack Mercer) and Bluto (Gus Wickie).
  6. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    I Just Watched...

    Potboiler style of The Glass Menagerie? You must have seen or read a different version than the rest of the world has.
  7. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    Everyone knows I'm just Secondhand Rose

    There were more songs in the stage musical. If you include the reprise of “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” there were 16 songs in the original Broadway production. For the movie adaptation all of the songs not sung by Fanny (Streisand) except for “If A Girl Isn’t Pretty” were cut, although as is often the case with film adaptations of stage musicals instrumental snippets of the cut songs can be heard in the movie (“Henry Street,” for example can be heard being played in Fanny’s mother’s saloon at the party celebrating Fanny’s Ziegfeld Follies debut). In the Funny Girl movie there are only 13 songs if you count “Second Hand Rose,” which isn’t included on the movie soundtrack album.
  8. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    Everyone knows I'm just Secondhand Rose

    I think the question is meant to be "New?" rather than "Noo?" since the Rose from the song's title has already established that she never gets anything new. "Second Hand Rose" is one of a number of songs actually sung by Fanny Brice that were added to the movie adaptation of Funny Girl. Others were "I'd Rather Be Blue" (with lyrics by Billy Rose, who would later marry Fanny Brice) and "My Man." None of these songs were featured in the Broadway stage musical Funny Girl, which also starred Barbra Streisand
  9. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    A STAR IS BORN (2018) trailer

    Is this a serious question? Of course, Lady Gaga's enormous fan base would be interested in this movie. And, hopefully non-Gaga fans won't be turned off because of any preconceived notions they have based on her costumed musical performances. Judging by the trailer it looks to be a very honestly acted love story.
  10. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    A STAR IS BORN (2018) trailer

    By using a Shakespeare play to make your point, you don't seem to understand what is generally meant by the term "dated." A movie or a play or a novel can be "of its time" stylistically and can still be timeless or it can be dated. The Wizard of Oz, for example, is a product of its time, but it is also timeless. Gone with the Wind, on the other hand, I would say is dated.
  11. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    NickAndNora34's Disney Movie Journey

    That means you will be watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year but not High School Musical or High School Musical 2.
  12. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    Art of Disney Animation

    Artist Jirka Väätäinen did a series of illustrations depicting the Disney princes in a more "realistic" way. Here are some examples of his work: Aladdin Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
  13. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    I Just Watched...

    EricJ, a bit of fact checking here: It was the Fleischers who moved their studio from New York City to Florida. After Paramount (the distributor of the Fleischer cartoons) took control of the studio they re-organized it as Famous Studios. Famous moved operations back to New York City. Technically the Fleischer brothers were not fired although they were forced to resign. First Dave and then Max Fleischer submitted letters of resignation at the request of Paramount.
  14. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    Holy Do-over! Beatty and Dunaway to present Best Picture again?

    Kim Novak and Matthew McConaughey presented the award for Best Animated Feature to Frozen. There were some mean comments about her face looking frozen.
  15. BagelOnAPlateOfOnionRolls

    I Just Watched...

    Bette Davis meant the upbringing was wicked (evil), that it was wicked for parents or society to tell girls that they had to wait until marriage to have sex with someone they loved.

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