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    The Sound of Music in theaters!

    Thank you for mentioning this - after seeing your post I ordered tickets and was able to see it again tonight there! Before the movie, there was 10 minute talk by Tom Santopietro, who has a new book out called The Sound of Music Story. There was an extra surprise when he said that a cast member was present tonight, who turned out to be Marni Nixon! She stood up from her seat in the audience holding a cup of coffee, turned, waved, and then left after the film started (it was the second showing of the day). When I saw her, I remembered being right near this lady when getting my own coffee! She seemed like a get-up-and-go-getter and happy to be there. There was even a minor mishap when the reel wasn't switched - when Maria and the Captain are about to kiss, the screen faded to black. At first, the audience reaction was confusion that quickly turned into laughter upon realizing how funny the situation was. About 30 seconds later, the movie picked up from where it went off. It was nice to see a packed sold out theater with folks of all ages from all walks of life - looking forward to seeing it again at the movies sometime!
  2. TCM, thank you for showing The Sound of Music in theaters! This movie has been one of my absolute favorites since I was little and my mom has mentioned many times what it was like to see it as a kid in theaters when it came out. It was nice for the whole family to have that experience this evening, in a mostly full theater with people of all ages . I was actually quite amazed at how different it was to see it on the big screen, and yet how relaxing it was to just sit back and enjoy. It is a shame that this movie will only be shown in theaters for two days - this is not enough. It would be terrific if it could be out for a week or two. Please consider adding on more showings!
  3. NYsquirrel83

    The Whole Cast is Dead

    Ziegfeld Girl: James Stewart Judy Garland Hedy Lamarr Lana Turner
  4. NYsquirrel83


    Donald O' Connor was tremendously underrated. He was just as good, if not even better, than Gene Kelly. Anytime I watch the "Moses Supposes" number in Singin' in the Rain, it's O' Connor I end up watching.
  5. NYsquirrel83

    The corniest musical ever...?

    LOL - good topic. One of the first that comes to mind is Good News, though it is a good movie.
  6. NYsquirrel83

    That's Entertaiment III

    I've loved this series for years! As much as I would love to see a That's Entertainment IV, it wouldn't be the same considering only one of the personalities that "hosted" the series is alive. It would have to be done with great care with the right people to be worth seeing. That's Entertainment! is a fantastic introduction to musicals and entertainers you might not have otherwise considered watching. They're also good for those all-nighters when you're trying to finish a paper on time and need some mindless entertainment to keep you going!
  7. NYsquirrel83

    Andrew Lesnie (1956-2015)

    This was so surprising and sad to see yesterday - I had forgotten that he did win an Oscar in 2002. Below is a link to a short film made by Sean Astin called The Long and Short of It, in which Lesnie stars. This is what almost always comes to mind when I see him in the documentaries on the DVDs.
  8. NYsquirrel83

    EASTER PARADE (1948)

    Ah...I was left with a tough choice on Easter Sunday. It was either Easter Parade or The Ten Commandments, even though I have both on DVD! I chose the latter, but have always loved Easter Parade. I've been a fan of Judy Garland musicals since being a kid in the early '90s. The music and dancing are great, but it also highlighted Judy and Fred's comedic talents - Fred trying to teach Judy how to dance when she can't remember left leg from right, Judy looking like a blowfish to prove to Fred that men look at her on the street, and their first awful show. The tramp number was also unique.

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