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  1. I think this might be the key! I've been confused for a while why I am hearing some are having problems and some are not. Each question in A QUIZ IS BORN is auto loaded, after you answer, don't hit any key - if you hit the next button or if you try to get to the next question, it won't work. Thanks Marianne! I think that will help many who want to play it.
  2. Thank you! Dr. Ament and I can't always respond to every post, so advice like this from CynthiaV is amazing! I couldn't have said it better myself! This is what the course is about. It really is about the community that the course brings together and an open forum to discuss all the great things about the musicals that we all love! There is no right or wrong way to do this course - it is designed to be flexible, it is designed to cover a lot of material in a short period of time, it is meant to stimulate your love of the movies!! But a special thank you for every student like CynthiaV who helps us out by being an ambassador for this course and helping other students. May your day be a bit brighter and full of song! Prof. Edwards
  3. Thanks for pointing this out. This error about Gibbons has been expunged from the notes. Appreciate you catching it! Hope you are enjoying the course.
  4. The word is "mise-en-scene," and it is literally translated along the lines of "to put or place into the scene." When talking about the mise-en-scene of a film, a person will be describing the design of the shot or the set. The mise-en-scene covers the actors and the set, and everything you basically see in the shot: the costumes, the makeups, the decor, the prop. So if someone says a film has a sumptuous mise-en-scene you are probably seeing on screen a beautiful and detailed set with great costumes and consummate production design. Hope this helps.
  5. Dr. Rich Edwards


    As usual, I can't say it any better than GeezerNoir! I love that there is interest in more courses, and that is something to consider in the future. Just so everyone knows, I do my best to share all of your thoughts and ideas with TCM.
  6. The games are all located in the modules section of Canvas. If you click on the link to a game, as in today's game in the module labeled 6/11, then you will see a submission tab in the mobile app or you will just enter the opening screen of the game on a desktop computer.
  7. Dr. Rich Edwards

    VIP Game Week 2

    Excellent! Hope you enjoyed it! It's just a game, and guessing is allowed!!
  8. The question 3 freeze problem has been resolved. Please go ahead and play again and see if you can beat Prof. Ament's time. The quiz is now based on content from Week 1 of the course, and I think most of you will find it be a fun way to see how much of the information you are retaining from Week 1 in your minds! Enjoy!! Sorry for the technical problem, and the previous set of questions - hopefully this is all better now!!
  9. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Tony Awards

    Just turned on the Tonys. Definitely makes sense to watch this year, as it is very related to what we are learning about here in Mad About Musicals!
  10. I understand your request, but it's just not possible with a course this size. Each day a new module opens, and that helps everyone stay in a similar conversation about the new material each day. The conversations matter because we have active communities on Twitter, TCM message board, and on Canvas. I am aware that many of you also do this course individually and would like things to open faster or in sync with the programming. Believe it or not, we do consider all those things in putting together the course but not every film we discuss will fall into the prime time slots. Hope this helps explain things a bit better, and I hope you are otherwise enjoying the course!!
  11. Thanks for pointing this out. This has been fixed. We strive to have high quality clips in all cases, and this video problem has been addressed. On the positive side, love the great discussions here about the differences between Ruby Keeler and Eleanor Powell. Keep up the great work everyone!!
  12. Absolutely, Cynthia! We are in agreement. I would say: challenging is good, frustrating is bad. Having to be prepared is good, needing to be prepared beyond all rhyme and reason, um, not so good. And let me reassure you, we make these courses for you, not for us. So my team and I like all your feedback, even feedback that isn't praise or thank you. You are investing your time in this, and we want you to always feel you are getting something important and valuable for that time investment. Maybe you don't have to pay for these courses, but I live by the credo that your time is as important as your money - so we are mindful of our responsibility here.
  13. Absolutely. I like the kinda dust you kick up, GeezerNoir! A little controversy is always fine, as long as everyone remains civil. This is my fourth course I've designed for TCM and I always realize that I hope the students are flexible because I am flexible. If something isn't working or not quite right, I hope you speak up. That is how these courses get better. By the same token, I just hope if something isn't quite right, everyone gives me and my team a moment to fix it as it is a massive undertaking each summer to bring this to the public. But we all love it, and hope you all do too!
  14. I spoke with the Game Design team - they have made numerous fixes behind the scenes. So, if you haven't tried TAP TO THE TOP since Monday - give it another whirl! This time it might just work - I have tested it on my desktop and iPhone and both versions are working great. You can use a skip button to get to new sections - the last section is a fun version of Guitar Hero using Tap Dance noises! So please try it again and let me know what you think! And please understand, no matter how much we test and test and test, we can't account for the scale of our course like this with users on every kind of conceivable device and with different setups. But I think the latest version is working much better: http://tcm-game.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/#/
  15. To paraphrase SOME LIKE IT HOT, No game's perfect 🙂

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