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    Please send me a message in Canvas inbox (you can access the course still through the 'completed courses' link) so I can send it to you. I cannot send it without a message in Canvas. Thanks, Richard
  2. Dr. Rich Edwards


    By now everyone should have received their Certificates. If you still haven't received your Certificate, email me directly through the Canvas course inbox messaging system. You can still access the course messaging system by finding Mad About Musicals in your Completed course list at Canvas.net. Once you send me a message, I will send out your Certificate as soon as possible upon receipt of request. Thanks to everyone who completed the course! Best, Richard
  3. Hi Everyone: The Certificates will go out next week, starting on July 16, and will take all week to send out the Certificates to everyone. Below is the information on Certificates from the Canvas.net site (it was the last module published in the course): 1. Who will get a Certificate of Completion? In order to earn the Certificate of Completion, you must receive a score of 70% or higher on all four weekly quizzes. The Weekly Quizzes are the quizzes that appear in the Saturday modules and are worth 100 points each. Please note: We are only using the Weekly Quizzes for determining the Certificates. We are not looking at any of the following activities or games: None of the games (the VIP Game; Tap to the Top; The Nitrate Adventure; A Quiz is Born) – please do not email us about these scores, they do not matter about the Certificate. We are not looking at the “mark as done” buttons on the module – that feature was for your own personal benefit. 2. What name will appear on the Certificate? The name on your Certificate is the one in your student profile on Canvas. Due to the size of this course, we must use that name in the Canvas Network system. Please verify that it is the name you want on your Certificate. If you want a different name, you must change it by midnight of the day SUNDAY 7/7/18 inside the Canvas Network system (that is only one day after the end of the course, so do it quickly!) To make changes to your FULL NAME in the Canvas system, log into your profile page at https://learn.canvas.net/login/canvas, click the EDIT SETTINGS button, update your profile name, and then click UPDATE SETTINGS. 3. How are the Certificates being sent? The Certificates are being sent to your email name you use when you log into Canvas. Due to the size of this course, we have to use that email address. The Certificates are being sent as PDF attachments to your email address. We do not send out a paper version. If you want to print out the Certificate, it is designed as a 8.5 x 11 document, and at your own expense, you can print the Certificate out to your home printers on standard letter-sized paper. 4. When are the Certificates being sent? The Certificates are being sent starting on Monday, July 16, 2018 and the process will be completed by Friday, July 20, 2018 Please do not email us before 7/20/18. It will take us two weeks to get everything ready to send out the Certificates due to the size of this course. We understand everyone is eager is to get their certificates but we cannot make any exceptions due to the size of the course. We cannot send any Certificates out sooner. 5. What If I Don’t Get My Certificate? There are three steps we ask you to perform before you email us on or after 7/20/18 that you have not received your Certificate: Verify you are in the same email account as your Canvas account (many of us have multiple email accounts, so make sure you are in the right one) Verify that the Certificate is not in your SPAM or JUNK folders! We have learned from the last three courses that our bulk email service is sometimes flagged as spam or junk by your email provider. If it is not in your Inbox, please check your folders marked spam or junk – it is probably in there. Wait at least 1 day (Saturday, 7/21/18) before you start emailing us – many things can happen when you send attachments around the world – so at least wait 24 hours before you assume they you have not received your Certificate. If after following these three steps, you still have not received your email, then please contact your instructor through the Canvas Inbox. Please do not try to call us or track down the Certificate by any other means. An email through Canvas is sufficient. We will do our best to quickly resolve your issue. Thank you! And congratulations (in advance) if you are one of the students who earned a Certificate! Well done!
  4. Here's the link to the video:
  5. I believe this link should still work if you still want to buy a T-shirt: https://shop.tcm.com/tcm-presents-mad-about-musicals-tee/762184195308
  6. I just checked. I believe other sizes are available. It defaults to small, but if you click other sizes, it should add that size to your checkout cart. Hope this helps.
  7. It's been fixed. Thanks for the heads up. You may retake Quiz 4 as many times as you like.
  8. HI MGM Fan, Those instructions are not up yet. They are coming tomorrow on the last day of the course with new content. And I will fix those completion buttons. Thanks, Richard
  9. That module isn't open yet. I don't send out the instructions till this Saturday. It will continue to show as blank until we are ready to start awarding Certificates. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! I just fixed it. It references the correct week now.
  11. Thanks for catching this! Both misspellings have been now been fixed! Hope everyone is enjoying the games!
  12. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Mad About Musicals

    I just checked. I believe all sizes of the T-Shirt are still available. I know during Hitchcock we sold out of most sizes by the end of the course, but I still think there is time to get your preferred size. If you select the size you want, then add it to the cart. If it is in stock, it will be loaded into your cart. Thanks!
  13. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Porgy and Bess correction

    Yes, in technicolor and 70mm Todd AO. The correction has been made in the podcast. Thanks!
  14. Dr. Rich Edwards

    shop tcm

    The discount code can be found in the Start Here Modules at the top of the modules list - it is listed as "Special TCM Announcement from Shop TCM" - it's an excellent discount. I can't publish it here because it is only for enrolled students in the course. The exact page is here: https://learn.canvas.net/courses/2206/pages/0-dot-7-special-tcm-announcements-from-shop-tcm?module_item_id=218022 And yes, hurry to use the discount code, because it expires on 6/30.
  15. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Friday Shindig

    Yes, you can just watch, you do not have to turn on your webcam to see the rest of the Shindig live. You only need your webcam on if you want to interact with other students or with the moderators (Dr. Ament and myself)
  16. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Friday Shindig

    Quiz 4 only covers the last week of the course (1960s and Beyond) - there is no cumulative test in the course.
  17. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Friday Shindig

    No special equipment needed! You only need a webcam, no microphone. There is not even a program to download. I like Shindig because it all works inside your regular browser. See you on Friday! Richard
  18. Yes, please ignore the first "blank" email - that was sent in error. You can delete that one. The actual announcement is a list of the movie theaters showing WEST SIDE STORY this Wednesday, and that seems like relevant information for this community of musicals lover. Thanks! Richard
  19. Dr. Rich Edwards

    Friday Shindig

    Hi BlueMoods: Vanessa Ament and I are hosting a live video chat with any students who want to spend an hour on Friday chatting about the course content. It is completely optional but should be fun. We call it the World's Study Hall, because there is no limit to how many students can attend. We are calling it a "study hall" a bit tongue in cheek - it's really just a large-scale gathering of the students in thisc course and a great chance to live discuss musicals and the course material. You do not need to put in a title or organization - those fields are optional. Hope you can join us! Best, Richard
  20. Try this direct link to the voting page: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYEbKU_wdwirFG2oVPzZ-N967OYRofMKJFc8IyQEQtHvS-BA/viewform?usp=sf_link Hope this helps! Richard
  21. Quiz #3 now has the proper setting for taking it multiple times. FYI: Hope everyone enjoys this week's badge! It's one of my favorites - If you pass the quiz, and you can earn this:
  22. Dr. Rich Edwards

    An American in Paris

    What a wonderful reflection on the film! Wish the MOOC had extra credit, because you would have gotten it today for this post! Best, Prof. Edwards
  23. Mise-en-scene is not tied to symbolism, but mise-en-scene can be designed to deliver symbolic meanings in a film. The mise-en-scene is simply the literal "things" that are put and arranged in front of a film camera. Any element of the mise-en-scene (from the decor to the makeup) can be "elevated" to mean something more than its literal meaning. A staircase might just be a staircase, or it might be used by the storytellers to convey the idea that the character on screen is "descending into the underworld" to give one example. But there is nothing necessarily symbolic about a mise-en-scene in and of itself. For symbolism to occur, there needs to be some form of additional signification (usually signs that have broad cultural understanding such as religious symbols). Additional meanings in a mise-en-scene can also come out of the world of metaphor and similes, such as the use of color that is reinforced by the scene's overall context to mean more than just the literal color as your example of the "green/envy" dress. Finally, objects themselves can be become motifs in their own rights if the storytellers use an object and imbue it with meaning inside the film's own storyworld. Rosebud, in CITIZEN KANE, for example. Hope this helps!
  24. I think this might be the key! I've been confused for a while why I am hearing some are having problems and some are not. Each question in A QUIZ IS BORN is auto loaded, after you answer, don't hit any key - if you hit the next button or if you try to get to the next question, it won't work. Thanks Marianne! I think that will help many who want to play it.
  25. Thank you! Dr. Ament and I can't always respond to every post, so advice like this from CynthiaV is amazing! I couldn't have said it better myself! This is what the course is about. It really is about the community that the course brings together and an open forum to discuss all the great things about the musicals that we all love! There is no right or wrong way to do this course - it is designed to be flexible, it is designed to cover a lot of material in a short period of time, it is meant to stimulate your love of the movies!! But a special thank you for every student like CynthiaV who helps us out by being an ambassador for this course and helping other students. May your day be a bit brighter and full of song! Prof. Edwards

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