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    TCM 2016 Cruise Cabin Mate Wanted

    Tina, have gotten message! Please disregard previous post. Thanks so much!
  2. brookers2

    TCM 2016 Cruise Cabin Mate Wanted

    TinaAnj, I have not received an email Please resend to [...] or [...] Thanks so much!
  3. Hi, I am looking for a Cabin mate for the 2016 Cruise. I am female, 42 yrs old and can get along with anyone. This will be my 5th cruise. I usually share a room with two people, but one is not going and the other is sick and unsure if she can make it. If she is well enough to come, we can divide the cabin three ways but right now I am working on the assumption that she is not. To illustrate my point of getting along with all types of people my friend who I room with, (who I met on my first cruise) is in her 70's while I'm in my 40's. I'm very easy going and hoping to find someone to cut down the cost etc. Best Wishes, Brooke
  4. One of the best film openings EVER. It grabs you and pulls you right in.
  5. It has become common place nowadays for a film's opening sequence to be content that happens much later in the story. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that story narrative began in film noir. Immediately the Letter and Mildred Pierce come to mind.
  6. The style of the opening shot definitely pulls the viewer in; the viewer feels as if he/she is riding on the train and a part of things. The documentary style makes me feel slightly claustrophobic- like I'm suffering from sensory overload.

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