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    I've created a facebook group for Summer Of Darkness, I do not have a twitter and thought a facebook group would be a nice place for some discussions on the topic.
  2. I agree, the close up was powerful. I was also intrigued by the train entering the tunnel, Seems our instructor meant us to go there, to stay in the shadows
  3. As many of you also noted, the children's song reminded me of the numerous children's songs in horror movies, no doubt influenced by Lang, I agree that this could be the start of this, overused trope. The girl walks into the street and is almost hit by a car and a policemen has to protect her. The theme of protecting the vulnerable seems to come up in Film Noir a lot, A woman or a child is in danger, a precious item is stolen, I wonder how important this is. The world is a dark and dangerous place, and there are people in it who need help, protection of some kind.

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