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  1. Hello all you Wizard of Oz fans! We're a week away from seeing it in the theater! The Twin Cities backlot chapter is gathering for the 1/27 show around 1:00 (show is at 2:00) at Emagine Willow Creek off 169 and Betty Crocker Blvd. We'll be in the lobby behind the ticket counter - look for TCM on display. We'll talk summer plans and debate what's scarier - the witch or the flying monkeys (are you kidding? flying monkeys hands down!!) Hope to see you then. Ellen
  2. This Sunday (12/9) is White Christmas at Emagine Willow Creek! The movie is at 2:00, we'll meet around 1:00 in the lobby behind the ticket counter. The slate of 2019 Big Screen Classics has been announced! Here's the rundown of chapter screenings: 1/27 The Wizard of Oz 2/17 My Fair Lady 3/24 To Kill A Mockingbird 4/14 Ben-Hur 5/5 True Grit 5/19 Steel Magnolias 6/16 Field of Dreams 7/21 Glory 8/11 Hello, Dolly! 9/1 Lawrence of Arabia 9/22 Shawshank Redemption 10/13 Alien 12/1 When Harry Met Sally The Heights is showing Meet John Doe in theater on Sunday 12/16 at 7:30 and Holiday in on New Years Day at 1:00 (sold out!) and 4:00. Anyone interested in seeing either in theater? Fortunately both movies are on TCM this month a couple of times, but it's always fun to see them in theater. Hope to see you Sunday! Ellen


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