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  1. To Kill A Mockingbird is the next Big Screen Event, at 1 pm on the 24th. Not sure if all future movies will be at the 1 pm time or if that's due to film length. Standard time/place - Emagine Willow Creek 169 & Shelard Parkway. We'll meet around noon and will talk movies, the upcoming TCM film festival (there are a few of us who are going!) and possible plans for a summer drive-in. Join us if you can! Ellen
  2. Hello all you Wizard of Oz fans! We're a week away from seeing it in the theater! The Twin Cities backlot chapter is gathering for the 1/27 show around 1:00 (show is at 2:00) at Emagine Willow Creek off 169 and Betty Crocker Blvd. We'll be in the lobby behind the ticket counter - look for TCM on display. We'll talk summer plans and debate what's scarier - the witch or the flying monkeys (are you kidding? flying monkeys hands down!!) Hope to see you then. Ellen
  3. This Sunday (12/9) is White Christmas at Emagine Willow Creek! The movie is at 2:00, we'll meet around 1:00 in the lobby behind the ticket counter. The slate of 2019 Big Screen Classics has been announced! Here's the rundown of chapter screenings: 1/27 The Wizard of Oz 2/17 My Fair Lady 3/24 To Kill A Mockingbird 4/14 Ben-Hur 5/5 True Grit 5/19 Steel Magnolias 6/16 Field of Dreams 7/21 Glory 8/11 Hello, Dolly! 9/1 Lawrence of Arabia 9/22 Shawshank Redemption 10/13 Alien 12/1 When Harry Met Sally The Heights is showing Meet John Doe in theater on Sunday 12/16 at 7:30 and Holiday in on New Years Day at 1:00 (sold out!) and 4:00. Anyone interested in seeing either in theater? Fortunately both movies are on TCM this month a couple of times, but it's always fun to see them in theater. Hope to see you Sunday! Ellen


  6. Our next movie is this Sunday 11/11. We'll be seeing Die Hard at the Southdale AMC16 at Southdale Center (not our usual theater). We'll meet at the Caribou Coffee at Southdale near the Apple store at 1:00. Next month for White Christmas on 12/9 we'll be back to our typical theater - Emagine Willow Creek. Hope you can join us!
  7. I'm a big fraidycat and not into horror, but both the Trylon and the Heights have scary movies in theater for October. The Heights is showing Rosemary's Baby tomorrow night (10/22) in case you're interested. I'd love to see it, but I'm waayyy to scared to see it after dark! In November the Trylon's featuring Robert Bresson - showingg Au Hasard Balthazar 11/4-6 and A Man Escaped 11/11-13. Au Hasard Balthazar was one of Roger Ebert's Movie Greats, here's a link TCM showed A Man Escaped a few years ago - I saw it then and highly recommend it. The next TCM Big Screen event is Die Hard on 11/11. We can debate its status as a Christmas movie!
  8. Next up is Mr Smith Goes to Washington on 10/14. I'm out of town so will miss the show. Standard time and place is Emagine Willow Creek Theater - just west of 169 at Shelard Parkway. Movie at 2:00, conversation prior to the movie. Sorry to miss this movie! (If you're a chapter member you should have gotten emails from me this week ( If you haven't check your spam filter.)
  9. It's another two TCM Big Screen Event month! Reminder that the TCMisfitsBacklot chapter meets this weekend for Rebel Without a Cause on 9/23. Same place (Emagine Willow Creek Theater - just west of 169 at Shelard Parkway), same time ~ 1:00 for chatting (and popcorn?) in the lobby behind the ticket counter, with movie at 2:00. Post here or contact me at if you have questions. Hope to see you Sunday!
  10. Any a huge Music Man fans ready for a road trip? The Des Moines chapter (Cinematheque) is touring The Music Man Square in Mason City IA on September 8. Is anyone interested in going? If so, you can let me know Update: Music Man Square was a fun day trip. Mason City built a wonderful tribute to a favorite son. The house is beautifully restored to early 1900s glory. Louie of the Des Moines chapter posted great pictures on the Cinemathequedesmoines facebook page. Look for Music Man Square in the photos tab.
  11. It'll be hot this weekend so skip the fair! Sunday (8/26) is our next Big Screen Event - South Pacific. Our chapter show time and place, as always, is 2:00 at Willow Creek Theater (just west of 169 at Shelard Parkway/Betty Crocker Blvd). We'll start gathering ~1:00 in the lobby for conversation before the movie. Join us if you're a backlot chapter member - even if you're not, you can stop by and check us out! ?
  12. Is anyone interested in a Busby Berkeley musical this week? A few of us from the Backlot will be at the Heights theater on Thursday 8/16 for the Gold Diggers of 1935. The Heights is at 3951 Central Ave NE, Columbia Heights. Movie starts at 7:30, but we'll get together around 7:00, maybe earlier? This is a 35mm print of the movie, so if you have a discerning eye, it should be a treat! I'll be wearing a TCM shirt of some sort. Look for me if you want to talk movies! Ellen update: I forgot to send a reminder of this. It was a pretty full theater, and the organ started at 7:00. Sorry if I missed connecting with anyone!
  13. The Twin Cities backlot chapter (TCMisfits) goes to the Emagine Willow Creek theater for the 2:00 Sunday show of the Big Screen Classic. It's just west of 169 at Shelard Parkway/Betty Crocker Drive. We usually meet 45 min - an hour before the movie. They have a nice seating area (and maybe a full bar?) there.

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