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  1. FItzMularkey

    Diahann Carroll Has Died

    Such a shame. I always thought she was so beautiful and extremely talented.
  2. She sure seems to relish to role as "Chief-Witch-In-Charge." If you can find it on YouTube, it's definitely great for Halloween (or anytime) screening.
  3. Personally, I find The Dark Secret of Harvest Home to be a guilty Bette Davis pleasure. Late 70's I think.
  4. FItzMularkey

    Which stars deserve a primetime spotlight?

    Watching Meet John Doe and it occurs to me that Edward Arnold deserves a spotlight.
  5. I bet Jay Leno is all over this. Isn't he a big motorcycle collector?
  6. Full disclosure here, I pretty much hate anything Brando did (no idea why he is considered such a genius) with the exception being The Godfather films. Way less being "over the top" in those films. (Thank you, Francis Ford Coppola for keeping him under control.)
  7. Well, thank God that's been cleared up!
  8. For me, it's A Streetcar Named Desire. I am not a Tennessee Williams fan by any means, but it seems that all anyone does in this particular movie is scream, slap people around and overact like crazy. Which "venerated classics" make you cringe?
  9. FItzMularkey


    Can't believe you said that you viewed Hussey & Heflin in a similar light. I was thinking the same thing. Very talented, very understated actors who always plussed up every film.
  10. FItzMularkey

    How About Those Not So Hot Films of 1939?

    I have to ask: WHAT is this movie about?? Pretty strange title . . .
  11. FItzMularkey

    How About Those Not So Hot Films of 1939?

    Daughter of the Tong and Television Spy??!!! Definitely a couple of films to check out just to see how bad bad can be.
  12. Looking forward to this one even though I am generally not a Tarantino fan.
  13. Though I will be the first to admit that I think 1939 is a "magical year" in Hollywood film history, apparently there are more than a few not-so-hot films from that year. Recently TCM aired a movie I had never seen -- LUCKY NIGHT starring Myrna Loy and Robert Taylor. I was excited to see this since I figured it had to be good with those 2 stars, produced by MGM. Was I wrong! What a ridiculous plot and, while Myrna Loy did the best she could with a stupid script, Robert Taylor's performance was really, really bad. Though Myrna Loy seemed to have great chemistry with every leading man she ever worked with, that did not seem the case with Taylor. (Maybe why MGM never teamed them again?) I thought the ending was ridiculous -- After Myrna decides to leave Taylor since he is such a juvenile screw-up, unbelievably they kiss and make up at the end. Why in the world would she do that when she has spent most of the movie having major doubts about him?? Of, I get it. Must have the HAPPY ENDING.
  14. FItzMularkey

    October Schedule Up!

    Paul Muni & Godzilla, Together at Last . . . I'm looking forward to the Julie Andrews/Jack Lemmon film. I didn't even know she even did a film with him.
  15. FItzMularkey

    The 100+ Club

    Thanks for finally doing a salute to Ward Bond. Amazing that he was in eleven Best Pictures. Wonder if that is a record?? Fitz

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