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  1. FItzMularkey

    The 100+ Club

    Thanks for finally doing a salute to Ward Bond. Amazing that he was in eleven Best Pictures. Wonder if that is a record?? Fitz
  2. FItzMularkey

    The 100+ Club

    Are you going to salute Ward Bond?? It seems as though he was in a million movies.
  3. My vote goes to Lonesome Polecat for many things but mostly those Warner Brothers' cartoons!!
  4. FItzMularkey

    VOTING THREAD for TCM Programming Challenge #34

    Is there still time to vote?? If so, my vote goes to Lydecker.
  5. FItzMularkey

    TCM Challenge #33 - VOTING THREAD

    I agree -- they were all awesome schedules but my vote goes to Stevomachino!
  6. I know nothing about Constance Cummings but I am looking forward to her day. Any suggestions??
  7. I thought all of the schedules were awesome but my particular favorites were Lonesome Polecat's and Lydecker's. I've gone back and forth between the two but I think Mrs. Danvers as Guest Programmer tipped the scale for me. So, my vote goes to Lydecker with a big regret that you can't vote for two schedules. FitzMularkey
  8. Two very interesting but very different schedules. Skimpole's for the foreign film lover and CinemaInternational's for the classic American film devotee. Way too early in this competition to be able to know where my vote is going. I look forward to seeing more schedules before I make up my mind.
  9. FItzMularkey

    July 24-Summer of Darkness

    Wow. Thanks for all of the recommendations. I really appreciate them.
  10. FItzMularkey

    July 24-Summer of Darkness

    I can only tape 8 hours worth of films on Friday and want to tape the best of the best noirs. Recommendations, please.
  11. FItzMularkey

    A Kiss Before Dying - 1956 ???

    I'm so sorry about this. I didn't see another thread about the same film. Just call me a newbie.
  12. FItzMularkey

    A Kiss Before Dying - 1956 ???

    Wow. Thanks for the quick responses. Next question: Is there any suspense to Robert Wagner as the killer or does it become clear very early in the film that "He's the guy." A little suspense would be nice but I get the sense by reading the Article about the film that he is revealed very early on. Skipped the synopsis in the interest of having a few surprises. The title is great. Was this based on a book? FitzMularkey
  13. Hi: I'm new to the message boards but noticed that A Kiss Before Dying (1956 version with Robert Wagner) is on today. I've never seen it but intrigued by the idea of Robert Wagner as a killer. Is it worth watching? FitzMularkey

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