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  1. garovick

    Summer Under the Stars 2019

    Great choices!
  2. garovick

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    June 30th Claudia double feature might be a TCM premier.
  3. garovick

    Lead character actors / actresses

    Yes, I'd say he definitely belongs on this list. Seems like he was always in character.
  4. garovick

    Lead character actors / actresses

    This is interesting. Would Paul Muni make this list?
  5. I totally agree. Nice work.
  6. garovick

    July 2018 Spotlight: 50 States in 50 Movies

    Neat idea. They have some creative people in scheduling and programming.
  7. garovick


    I requested "The Happy Years" starring Dean Stockwell about a year ago and it aired on TCM on March 5th of this year. That's not bad, considering that they plan the schedule months in advance and all the work that is involved. That would be a dream job for me - Working on scheduling and programming at Turner Classic Movies.
  8. garovick

    What has happen to AMC?

    I still have a lot of AMC on VHS. i'm in the process of transferring to DVD.
  9. garovick

    TCM Primetime Themes

    Thanks posting these. And the schedules.
  10. Anthony Perkins. One of the best American actors of all time. And one the most underrated. He gives Psycho that extra lift. Not that it needed it. He should have been nominated for an Oscar for his amazing performance
  11. garovick

    Summer Under the Stars

    Hoping to see Jeanne Crain and Dean Stockwell for Summer Under the Stars in August.
  12. I agree with everybody. I've had such a wonder experience taking this course. Summer of Darkness far exceeded any of my expectations. Thanks to Richard Edwards, Ball State, TCM, and all the students for making this a fun, fascinating learning experience. The films were great and Eddie Muller was a fantastic host. I wish we could continue this!
  13. I really enjoy listening to the podcasts. I've listened to over half now. The podcasts add yet another perspective to what is probably the most in depth, and thorough inquiry into the subject of film noir ever. For example- I watched Union Station a number of years ago and I was struck by the impressive photography throughout the film. I learned now while listening to the DOA podcast that Union Station was directed by Rudolph Mate who was cited as being one of the great cinematographers. i"m now looking forward to watching Union Station and DOA with fresh eyes looking for particular techniques in filming that gave Mate his unique style. I'm so glad to have discovered these podcasts and I hope you can some day find time to continue doing them. This entire course has been such a great learning experience for me and I can't thank Professor Edwards enough for providing me and the 20,000 other students who participated in this - (the largest of it's kind learning project) - this great opportunity. This was truly ground breaking!
  14. Wow! This was definitely not Louis B. Mayer's MGM. I don't think he was on board with this new trend. If he even had any say at this point. In substance and style, with John Huston behind the camera, it's a stark, gritty portrayal of an urban landscape that gives one a sense of unease. Some really nice outdoor filming adds realism. In this scene, the unnamed city with it's look of desolation, even abandonment, conveying a sense of fear and danger are possibly what led to the title "The Asphalt Jungle" Sterling Haydon's glare and scowl are menacing. I wonder if he did it in one take? Did he come up with it on his own? It's been a long time since I saw this movie. I'll try to watch it again this weekend hopefully. Based on the film clip, this might be one of the best films noir. And maybe the best heist movie ever made.

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