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    anything released before 1977 (it's okay if they would have had to work on it in 1976), fantasy, science fiction, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, video games, Wicca/Witchcraft, neo-Paganism
  1. I saw Ricky a few days ago. It was really good. I wonder if it's an Incredible Hulk trait to not resolve everything at the end of the show; the one about the abused kid was almost inconclusive too though on a more crucial point than in Ricky.
  2. I'd like to make a meme of a John Wayne submarine movie where a character says something like, "When you're achin' all over and you don't know why, that's dames. And there's nothing anyone can do about it." Does anyone know the name of the movie and the actor and character who said that particular line?
  3. Intellectually disabled twins would be really interesting.
  4. I'll try. I was born in 1983 so I wouldn't know.
  5. Thank you! I didn't know there was a version without "Lieutenant Dan," in it.
  6. Does anyone know any pre-1977 movies with intellectually disabled characters?
  7. Big Kid

    Male Bookworms

    Herry Fonda's definitely a bookworm in The Lady Eve. There's a nice restaurant scene where all the women are paying attention to him while he tries to read, one of them even comes to talk to him. It takes a professional to really distract him.
  8. Big Kid

    Male Bookworms

    Thank you for those!
  9. Big Kid

    Male Bookworms

    Thank you RMeingast! Any ideas on how to get something made into a DVD? I'll see if I can find the series episodes for free. I like seeing what Burgess Meredith did before Rocky. I wonder if any chickens are in the movie >.>
  10. Big Kid

    Male Bookworms

    Thank you for those! It must have taken some nerve to use sterile in a movie name when they still had compulsory sterilization in the U.S. And California sterlized more than any other state at 10,000.
  11. Big Kid

    Male Bookworms

    Thank you! That's a good viewing list. I'm glad Cary Grant plays one of them.
  12. Big Kid

    Male Bookworms

    Thank you! My local library has The Thin Man and Born Yesterday.
  13. Big Kid

    Misogynism in Cinema

    It would have to be all of them. If it's just certain ones it could come out as namecalling, as opposed to thinking, "What else is new," or "Big surprise," sarcastically. But you could start by disliking certain ones and then become a misogynist when you can't find anything better, or compare the pros and cons and see she's just as bad in different ways.

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