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  1. Favorite Foreign Stars

    Delphine Seyrig Louis de Funes Liv Ullmann
  2. Trivia

    Thank you, Terrence. Two songs with exactly the same title were nominated for Best Song Oscar. Can you name the title and the two movies?
  3. ClassiCategories

    Weekend at Bernie's
  4. Double Feature

    The Big Steal next: Born Free
  5. Anthology Films

    Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. It inspired me to watch more Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren movies
  6. They Had Voices Then...

    Herbert Marshall and John Gielgud are the first two that came to my mind, delivering their lines with perfect modulation and impeccable diction.
  7. *A to Z of Movies*

    Quick Change
  8. Favorite Foreign Stars

    From Spain: Francisco Rabal Fernando Fernán Gómez Fernando Rey Ana Torrent Carmen Maura Terele Pávez From Mexico: Andrés Soler Germán Valdéz "Tin Tan" Fanny Kaufman
  9. Double Feature

    The House of Fear next: The Moon is Blue
  10. Trivia

    Holly Hunter, Best Actress for The Piano, set in New Zealand,and Best Supporting Actress for The Firm? (Those darned Grisham titles!)
  11. ClassiCategories

  12. Cinema Segue

    The Angel Wore Red Garters
  13. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Gloria Grahame

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