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  1. 1. Sciuscià/Shoeshine. (One of my favorite movies of all time) 2. La Belle et La Bête/Beauty and The Beast 3. Paisà/Paisan
  2. The Seven Degrees of Paul Newman

    Gale Robbins was in The Barkleys of Broadway with Fred Astaire Fred Astaire was in The Towering Inferno with Paul Newman next: Mona Freeman
  3. I think Dolores del Río gave her better performances for Roberto Gavaldón in La Otra (The Other One, 1946), and El Niño y La Niebla (The Boy and The Fog, 1953).
  4. A to Z of Characters

    Quested, Adela - Judy Davis in A Passage to India
  5. The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    When a Stranger Calls next: Interrupting a wedding
  6. Cinema Segue

    Man of the People that Time Forgot
  7. Happy to do that. 1. Roma, Città Aperta/Rome, Open City (Italy) 2. Les Enfents du Paradis/Children of Paradise (France) 3. La Barraca/The Shack (Mexico) Note: Is it too late to include Distinto Amanecer/Another Dawn for 1943? One of my truly favorite films from Mexico.
  8. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Randall, Tony
  9. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Let's Make Love
  10. *A to Z of Movies*

    Blithe Spirit
  11. Very good movie, with splendid performances all around, especially by Domingo Soler and Anita Blanch. The story takes place in Spain, and most of the cast and crew were Spanish exiles from the Civil War.
  12. The Seven Degrees of Paul Newman

    Betty Garrett was in My Sister Eileen with Dick York Dick York was in Inherit the Wind with Fredric March Fredric March was in Hombre with Paul Newman next: Eduardo Ciannelli
  13. Cinema Segue

    Let's Make Love With the Proper Stranger
  14. Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Sally Field was in Norma Rae with Beau Bridges
  15. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Dalton, Abby

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