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  1. Marysara1

    Problem with "A Slight Case of Murder."

    If you watch the movie again. When the bankers saw the money. They insisted on giving him an extension of the loan, which happens. Then he gives his daughter's boyfriend the money
  2. Marysara1

    Problem with "A Slight Case of Murder."

    There was a reward for the crooks (that he found dead in his house, that's why after he got rid of the bodies, he retrieved them for the reward money)
  3. Marysara1

    quirky submarine captains

    What about Down Periscope (1996)
  4. Marysara1

    Sympathetic Characters And Someone To Root For

    I'm sure the filmmakers feel the same way. Sometimes on TCM they show Jack Lemmon talking about the Apartment and ,who could you route for his character was letting others use his apartment so he could get ahead in business. The boss was cheating on his wife.
  5. Marysara1

    The Thin Man movies

    Rose-Marie (1936) James Stewart played a murderer.
  6. Marysara1

    Watch TCM

    3 of the Disney movies. Absent-minded professor ,Strongest Man Alive and Gus seem to be on Watch TCM after the cartoons that are before them. You'll have to watch the cartons first.
  7. I can't find any movies after Cover-up on WATCH TCM. What am I doing wrong.
  8. Marysara1

    Germans in GB during th' war
  9. Marysara1

    Mistake in Tales of Manhattan Introductions

    I decided to watch Tales of Manhattan on FXM today. They showed the W.C. Fields segment.
  10. In Night of Terror ( 1933) the Maniac is not caught at the end of the movie he warns the audience not to reveal the ending or else he'll hurt them.
  11. Marysara1

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    What about Dudley Moore in Arthur?
  12. Marysara1

    Title of a film I can't remember, here goes

    Are you sure that how it ends, because the only movie I remember recently with somebody getting out of jail and a bench was strawberry blonde , but it didn't end like that I don't remember what time of the year it was. Another possibility was The Sisters with Bette Davis but the husband wasn't in jail but the ending takes place at a ball.
  13. Marysara1

    Now, that's the way to die!

    What about the husbands in What a Way to Go?
  14. Marysara1

    Did I dream this one up.

    I've tried to look up all musicals, but I can't find it. It's about a Broadway show. The producer has a bad heart. He left his family years before, and his daughter which he doesn't recognize her bankrolls the production.
  15. I saw it on TCM a couple of years ago .Some woman hides something in some random guys house. She convinces the guy to pretend they are married. Something about her protecting her father from blackmail.

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