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  1. Marysara1

    Cross Gender Acting Roles

    I heard Lassie was a male.
  2. Marysara1

    Tongue in Cheek Movies

    What about Casino Royale with David Niven or Charlie Chan and the dragon queen?
  3. Marysara1

    The Final Girl Concept

    What about Flareup .It's about a stripper (1969) Raquel Welch played the stripper.
  4. Marysara1

    Unknown Stop Motion Short Animation

    They were made in France. The full name is R.I.P. repose en paix (TV Series 2005– ) - IMDb. There are 4 pictures on a French website I can't find alot of information on them
  5. Marysara1

    Unknown Stop Motion Short Animation

    Sounds like one of the R.I.P shorts TCM used to show. They were only 4 min. long.
  6. Marysara1

    Movie title request

    Counter-Attack (1945)
  7. Marysara1

    Spotlight on--Penny Singleton

    I read the originally in the 30's comics Blondie was a flapper and Dagwood was the son of a railroad tycoon but they considered Blondie a gold digger and disinherited him. I read they did it because during the depression people didn't want to read about the wealthy.
  8. Marysara1


    Obliging Young Lady (1942)?
  9. Marysara1

    Film About Girl Who Lives by Night

    Your welcome.
  10. Marysara1

    Film About Girl Who Lives by Night

    Maybe, Della (1964) with Joan Crawford
  11. Marysara1

    What is this movie?

    You're welcome.
  12. Marysara1

    What is this movie?

    The Falcon in San Francisco (1945).?
  13. Marysara1

    Looking for movie title

    I'm afraid that's not the movie.The movie I saw was a B picture and didn't have any big names in it.
  14. Marysara1

    Looking for movie title

    It was made in the 60's or 70's. It was a spy drama set around WW2.It's a B picture, the female spy was the girlfriend of a German Officer. The girl's father was dying from cancer, so an American officer talked him into being executed for being a traitor( I think the girl and her father was French) because the wanted the officer to take the girl back to Germany with him. Somehow the American ended up in Germany but she had feelings for the German Officer but was helping the American get out of Germany, without betraying her husband.
  15. Marysara1

    Help for a title please

    I don't know what the English movie is but. The pad and know how to use it has a similar plot.(but it's an american movie. There's another movie called the knack and how to use it but I doubt either one is it .

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