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    Obliging Young Lady (1942)?
  2. Marysara1

    Film About Girl Who Lives by Night

    Your welcome.
  3. Marysara1

    Film About Girl Who Lives by Night

    Maybe, Della (1964) with Joan Crawford
  4. Marysara1

    What is this movie?

    You're welcome.
  5. Marysara1

    What is this movie?

    The Falcon in San Francisco (1945).?
  6. Marysara1

    Looking for movie title

    It was made in the 60's or 70's. It was a spy drama set around WW2.It's a B picture, the female spy was the girlfriend of a German Officer. The girl's father was dying from cancer, so an American officer talked him into being executed for being a traitor( I think the girl and her father was French) because the wanted the officer to take the girl back to Germany with him. Somehow the American ended up in Germany but she had feelings for the German Officer but was helping the American get out of Germany, without betraying her husband.
  7. Marysara1

    Looking for movie title

    I'm afraid that's not the movie.The movie I saw was a B picture and didn't have any big names in it.
  8. Marysara1

    Help for a title please

    I don't know what the English movie is but. The pad and know how to use it has a similar plot.(but it's an american movie. There's another movie called the knack and how to use it but I doubt either one is it .
  9. Marysara1

    "Ode to Billy Joe"

    I think it was the doll, but it accidently went off the bridge. It was part of the small town being gossips, because the mother mentioned that somebody saw her and Billy throw some thing in the water. That's why it's so when the doll gets thrown back in because it's only a stupid doll, which the gossips were making such a big deal about seeing something thrown in the water.(and only a child would care about, and Bobbie was growing up) When the pair saw the minister, the girl said minister's always think the worst after Billy said they weren't doing anything .I think the girl had her own agenda. I think gay was misunderstood and illegal back then . If the truth came out I think she would of been looked down on that Billy preferred a man to her .She told Billy's boyfriend that the town folks would believe Billy got a desireable girl pregnant .I think Bobbie wanted to go to the big city, remember she talked her father in getting a toilet. She seemed to be pretty street smart in the way she handled Billy's boyfriend. The whole town seemed to be hypocrites, the only time I remember seeing her brother's girlfriend was at church, but when her brother told her to get an abortion he mentioned that his girlfriend had one.
  10. Marysara1

    Searching for old movie - WWII spy?

    The only movie I remember with the snake ring was the Robert Young movie Joe Smith American, but he was a normal guy .
  11. How close were the homes of the sisters? When after many years of marriage, the two sisters visit the third by train. I had the impression they lived far apart but when the dog came back home his sister told him to take it to Uncle Will .
  12. Marysara1

    Laura (1944) - question on plot (spoilers)

    think for Waldo Laura was his creation.He surrounded himself with beautiful items.He was on the radio and was used to people hanging on his word and I think he couldn't control Laura.Just like in My Fair Lady.Just like in the movie where George Sanders played a painter.His character told his wife to destroy his artwork after he died .I think Waldo was a snob and felt Shelby and a cop were not in the right class.
  13. Marysara1

    Oh wow! SUDDEN FEAR! (1952) on 12/14 at 8:00 PM

    Does anybody know if the husband was a bigamist. In the train Joan's character saw a ring and asked him if he was married and he claimed it was his mother's ring he was wearing.
  14. Marysara1

    Movie Titles Please

    Are you sure the second movie isn't the Terror with Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson.?
  15. Marysara1

    Looking for names of 2 movies

    Both movies were in the horror genre. The second movie these thieves were invited and told of hidden treasure, that's why the stayed greed. They made there mistake by going after the item by themselves. There were 2 people left a man and woman who went after it together. They got the item because one went for. the item while the other one watched to warn about the trap.
  16. The first movie I think is British. It about a family being killed off one by one. Nobody suspects the murderer because he acts drunk all the time and at the end of the movie they find out he was drinking tea all the time The second movie I think was made for T.V. set in a mansion. It was some kind of contest involving thieves but were getting killed off by booby-traps I can't remember any of the actors but I believe they were popular at the time 70's or 80's.
  17. Marysara1

    Looking for names of 2 movies

    Thanks for the reply but in the British movies. The characters were killed in grisly ways., but they didn't suspect the murderer because they had to wake him up from a drunken stuper to tell him what happened They knew it was a family member because of the inheritance but his character was the only one drinking but somebody finally figured out it was tea and not alcohol he had.(he was just pretending to be drunk all the time.
  18. Marysara1

    Youl get this one easily!

    Sounds a little bit like You can't take it with you ,but it had a lot of big names Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur Lionel Barrymore and Edward Arnold.
  19. Marysara1

    Can't remember title--Please help

    Sounds like Enchantment with David Niven and Teresa Wright.
  20. Marysara1

    Whose shorts are these?

    I think his name is Dave O'Brien. Is he the guy who did Wrong Way Butch?
  21. Marysara1

    Looking for the title of an old comedy.

    Could it be The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown.
  22. Marysara1

    name that movie...

    Was the woman blonde like Liz Scott. She was in a similar movie called You Came Along.
  23. Marysara1

    Makeover Movie, 1950s Paris?

    A slim possibility would be Ann Margaret's Made in Paris.

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