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  1. What about a play inside a movie in the Jeremy Irons movie Madame Butterfly, the Asian guy was playing a female character in the play Madame Butterfly . I read somewhere it was based on fact.
  2. Marysara1

    Highly Unlikely Pairings!

    Maybe the Jean Harlow thing was a tribute to Beau Hunks the laurel and Hardy short. Everybody seemed to have a picture of Jean. That's why they were in the foreign legion.
  3. Marysara1

    Anti-Bullying Themes in Films

    What about Cinderella, she was bullied by her step-mother and step-sisters. I think they lived to regret how they treated her.
  4. Marysara1

    Best Old Biddies

    I don't know the name of the character but in Sitting Pretty with Clifton Webb . He hinted that he got the information from his book from a male snoop.
  5. Marysara1

    Blondie tonight at 8pm

    If you have the channel Comic-Con through Amazon . They have most of the Blondie movies.
  6. Marysara1

    Columbia Gangster at Coney Island

    I know in Man in the Dark , he ends up on a roller coaster. It's going to be on in August.
  7. Marysara1

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    Thank you. I guess it can be eliminated. It has the same characters as the strike, so it's probably a remake of it . I think we're looking for something early 60's when the real story was fresh. I saw it in the 80's ,so it survived until them. I knew I was watching something old but didn't recognize any actors , so I don't think any of them became famous that's how I know it isn't sole survivor because I'm familiar with several of the actors in that .Rendezvous(according to IMDB has a actress in it) I was born in 1966, so if a saw what you did , which is what I remember .
  8. Marysara1

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    I watched whatever it was in the 80's.I'm a average person and not on Facebook but Rod's daughters is. She's a writer, who wrote about her father. I don't know how Facebook works but could somebody ask her about Come in Razor Red( a Armchair Theatre ep.) her father wrote I can't find a synopsis on IMDB and was hoping somebody could at least put a synopsis on IMDB. It was shown on Feb. 14.1960. If you go to IMDB it gives the actors . Maybe that could help eliminate it. Even though now it's a vague memory, I think somebody would of noticed if his Twilight Zone ep. was copied from somebody else at the time.
  9. Marysara1

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    I don't know what the show is but I saw it too. I don't think it's soul survivor because when I watch it I didn't recognize any of the actors I'm a huge Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fan and think I would of remembered Richard Basehart. I don't think Rod Serling would have stolen somebody else's story . It's very frustrating because I looked up Rod on IMDB. He did do a lot of T.V Nothing match up but I couldn't find a synopsis of a Armchair Theatre ep. he wrote Calling Red Razor (1960) and has the actors and roles all military but I can't find the synopsis anywhere it was a British T.V. show
  10. Marysara1

    Cross Gender Acting Roles

    I heard Lassie was a male.
  11. Marysara1

    Tongue in Cheek Movies

    What about Casino Royale with David Niven or Charlie Chan and the dragon queen?
  12. Marysara1

    The Final Girl Concept

    What about Flareup .It's about a stripper (1969) Raquel Welch played the stripper.
  13. Marysara1

    Unknown Stop Motion Short Animation

    They were made in France. The full name is R.I.P. repose en paix (TV Series 2005– ) - IMDb. There are 4 pictures on a French website I can't find alot of information on them
  14. Marysara1

    Unknown Stop Motion Short Animation

    Sounds like one of the R.I.P shorts TCM used to show. They were only 4 min. long.
  15. Marysara1

    Movie title request

    Counter-Attack (1945)
  16. Marysara1

    Spotlight on--Penny Singleton

    I read the originally in the 30's comics Blondie was a flapper and Dagwood was the son of a railroad tycoon but they considered Blondie a gold digger and disinherited him. I read they did it because during the depression people didn't want to read about the wealthy.
  17. Marysara1


    Obliging Young Lady (1942)?
  18. Marysara1

    Film About Girl Who Lives by Night

    Your welcome.
  19. Marysara1

    Film About Girl Who Lives by Night

    Maybe, Della (1964) with Joan Crawford
  20. Marysara1

    What is this movie?

    You're welcome.
  21. Marysara1

    What is this movie?

    The Falcon in San Francisco (1945).?
  22. Marysara1

    Looking for movie title

    It was made in the 60's or 70's. It was a spy drama set around WW2.It's a B picture, the female spy was the girlfriend of a German Officer. The girl's father was dying from cancer, so an American officer talked him into being executed for being a traitor( I think the girl and her father was French) because the wanted the officer to take the girl back to Germany with him. Somehow the American ended up in Germany but she had feelings for the German Officer but was helping the American get out of Germany, without betraying her husband.
  23. Marysara1

    Looking for movie title

    I'm afraid that's not the movie.The movie I saw was a B picture and didn't have any big names in it.
  24. Marysara1

    Help for a title please

    I don't know what the English movie is but. The pad and know how to use it has a similar plot.(but it's an american movie. There's another movie called the knack and how to use it but I doubt either one is it .
  25. Marysara1

    "Ode to Billy Joe"

    I think it was the doll, but it accidently went off the bridge. It was part of the small town being gossips, because the mother mentioned that somebody saw her and Billy throw some thing in the water. That's why it's so when the doll gets thrown back in because it's only a stupid doll, which the gossips were making such a big deal about seeing something thrown in the water.(and only a child would care about, and Bobbie was growing up) When the pair saw the minister, the girl said minister's always think the worst after Billy said they weren't doing anything .I think the girl had her own agenda. I think gay was misunderstood and illegal back then . If the truth came out I think she would of been looked down on that Billy preferred a man to her .She told Billy's boyfriend that the town folks would believe Billy got a desireable girl pregnant .I think Bobbie wanted to go to the big city, remember she talked her father in getting a toilet. She seemed to be pretty street smart in the way she handled Billy's boyfriend. The whole town seemed to be hypocrites, the only time I remember seeing her brother's girlfriend was at church, but when her brother told her to get an abortion he mentioned that his girlfriend had one.

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