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  1. AzuriTigerClaws

    Movies waiting to be made

    I'm a fantasy fan and studying medieval literature at uni, so I'd love to see a movie of The Saga of Hrolf Kraki, an Icelandic saga based on pretty much the same legends as Beowulf even though the story isn't the same. It has a final battle involving a sorceress who keeps on resurrecting her warriors after they're killed by the hero (her brother) and a berserker who fights in the form of a bear. In fact any Icelandic saga would make a good movie, so I'm surprised there were and are no movies based on these stories. Think of the drama! (When will someone make a Laxdaela Saga movie?) Or a biopic of Snorri Sturluson...
  2. AzuriTigerClaws

    The Desert Song

    Thanks, film lover 293! I will
  3. AzuriTigerClaws

    The Desert Song

    Is it just me who finds Azuri slightly sympathetic in the 1929 movie? After all, Captain Fontaine rejected her for Margot... I think the 1953 movie seems a bit weird based on how it distorts the story so that the Red Shadow/El Khobar is fighting for the French instead of against them. And here's a review of the 1929 movie.
  4. AzuriTigerClaws

    The Desert Song

    Well actually bother isn’t the right word and I've edited the post to say what I actually meant (thanks James for the explanation of the studio system and how it affected casting). It doesn't bother me in older movies the way it would in a recent one and the reason for this is due to representation and the fact that the there are more opportunities for hiring non-Anglo/Western European actors today than in the decades when these movies were made. The Eleanor example is entirely different because it's possible for a person to stop being royal by abdicating/marrying a non-royal and refusing a title or to change their nationality while they can't change their race or ethnicity that easily. Being French is a nationality and an ethnicity. If I got plastic surgery on my eyelids it wouldn't change the fact that I'm ethnically Chinese Australian.
  5. AzuriTigerClaws

    The Desert Song

    And in terms of the movies the one thing that I notice is all the Arab roles being played by non-Arabs.
  6. AzuriTigerClaws

    New here

    I'm posting from Australia and have lived in Sydney most of my life.
  7. AzuriTigerClaws

    New here

  8. AzuriTigerClaws

    New here

    Everyone thanks for the welcome.
  9. AzuriTigerClaws

    New here

    Thanks CaveGirl. I'm Asian as well so you'll also be hearing opinions from someone who isn't White.
  10. AzuriTigerClaws

    The Desert Song

    One of my favourite musicals is The Desert Song which even my friends and people I've met at uni who love musicals and know a lot of shows haven’t heard of. I've only seen clips from the first and third movies and haven't seen all of the second one. But I listen to recordings of the stage score practically all the time. Aside from the songs, which are great and make me suspend my disbelief that the hero can sneak out of the fort without anyone noticing that he's always disappearing and that a lot of raids and attacks seem to happen when he's not there and the heroine doesn't notice that her friend and her crush are the same person, the reason I like this is the premise is adaptable even though the musical's so grounded in the 1920s in the references and even its basic inspiration. And that's why I personally kind of like the idea of another movie - not a remake but one updating the original show - along the lines of the 1943 version with more focus on the adventure but a lot of the musical numbers carefully worked into the plot. And with actual Moroccans playing the Riffs.
  11. AzuriTigerClaws

    New here

  12. AzuriTigerClaws

    New here

    I'm new here and looked for an introduction specific thread or subforum but couldn’t find one so started a thread here. I'm Ann. I'm 21, from Australia (Sydney) and I love musical theatre and movie musicals even though I only just started to watch TCM.

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