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  1. Why doesn't TCM understand that fans of old movies are fans for a reason? We like movies where men and women are...well, men and women. We like movies where mothers like their kids. We get PC shoved down our throats 24/7, why must we get it here, at the very place we go to avoid it? I don't need Bloviator to describe anything, and I don't want to know which man did what with another man's private parts to enjoy the movie. Keep it private. I just want to see movies. It is like the blogs that review pre code movies. They LOVE pre-code yet egotistically, they feel the need to "apologize" for the characters. "uh, well, you know, lol, that in that day they pushed women into the kitchen and she was not allowed to, you know, lol, go out and have sex with strangers like women enjoy today and syphilis, OMG, like, and people of color were..." What tripe. If people wanted to see humans acting like moral-less alley cats, or see an overweight actress pass gas and fall down, posing for humor, they'd watch any modern movie. They love dialog and an era of sense and civility. C'mon, TCM, drop the political correct introductions. PC police, please don't tell me to fast forward past them. I have SLING TV and I can't. We turn off the sound and wait for the movie.
  2. I've noticed over the past two years that more and more comments on You Tube of classic movies express the sentiment that old movies "know" human nature more than moderns with the most dominant theme being "women were women" in the classic movies. We must go back to ancient times to find anything near the gender obsession of today, and even that seems more of the decadent ancient Romans dressing up like women. Locally, in just two years, parents are putting girls' clothing on their little boys declaring them "trans-gendered" so that the parent (singular) becomes the object of special attention in the school system. I rarely venture in modern movies due to the low brow dialogue. I am comfortable with the intelligent writing of yesteryear rather than the common and coarse dialogue and portray of human nature today. It appears by the comments that I am not alone. I think the popularity of classic movies, in a renaissance like we are experiencing, is only going to increase. I hope Hollywood gets the memo. How often can we see an overweight woman fall down and pass gas before we've had enough?
  3. I think "The Divorce of Lady X" is an excellent film that is under-rated and under appreciated by the public. It has very clever dialogue. An interesting point: Merle Oberon lifted her schtick from Jessie Matthew'w "There Goes the Bride." In the Divorce of Lady X, Laurence Olivier's character cannot resist Merle Oberon's smiles. This is evident in his acting and his verbal admittance of the same. It is magical, just as his speech on women in general (in court) is. The smiling, pouting and incessantly effective facials as well as voice inflection shows Oberon studied Jessie Matthews well and copied her throughout the movie. "There Goes the Bride" is a fun and light hearted movie. I have not seen in on TCM in quite some time, but it is on You Tube and it is great fun to watch both. Enjoy!
  4. Dialogfan

    Favorite Insult Movies: Part Two

    Agreed! Give us specific movie and if you can, the quote!
  5. Dialogfan

    Favorite Insult Movies: Part Two

    How did I forget one of my favorite actresses? EDNA MAE OLIVER! Now, to choose which movie she dishes out the insults on! Tale of Two Cities "You don't have a child, sir and by the looks of you, I don't think you will any time soon."
  6. This low budget B movie slipped past my radar over the years and was recently on TCM... and I loved it! Although there was so much to improve upon, the premise was fun and "Father O'Dowd" got out from his usual supporting roles and was fun. Jane Wyman, this past month, has been enjoyable to watch. From the annoying voice to drama, she has more versatility than I formerly realized. Even these "B" or even "C" movies from the 30's are preferable to seeing today's prototypical overweight actress falling and passing gas. Ugh! It seems like an endless treasure chest of unknowns from 1929-1945. I hope TCM stays the course.
  7. Dialogfan

    The Saint, Fri, Jan 20

    Thanks, El Cid. I think, as a boy, I saw some of the Sanders movies. I am looking forward to watching them in the "watch later" list.
  8. Dialogfan

    Pleasure Cruise OFF LIST??

    Pleasure Cruse was not added to the Watch later section of Sling TV app. Would you mind posting a "SPOILER ALERT" heading and revealing the ending? I cannot find the movie anywhere and methinks I missed a fun one.
  9. Dialogfan

    Favorite Insult Movies: Part Two

    "Private Lies" Watching Robert Montgomery and his on screen ex wife Norma Shear trading insults is now added to the list of Insult Movies following Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier's "Pride and Prejudice" and "​His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant matching wits with Rosalind Russel. I seek classic movies with well written, pithy dialog of insults for this list. "Private Lives" is a lot of fun to watch. Can you add to my list for me? Even as each month shows new movies on TCM, I hope to establish a solid list for dialog fans where comedic writing stands out. Thus far: 1. Pride and Prejudice 2. His Girl Friday 3. Private Lives 4. The Divorce of Lady X 5. Merrily We Live 6. The Women (I love this!) 1939 version ONLY Olivier: "I don't care if you wear nothing at all...', Merle Oberon: 'That's just like a man; always thinking of himself...' Logan: Modern woman has no loyalty, decency, or justice; no endurance, reticence, or self-control; no affection, fine feelings, or mercy. In short, she is unprincipled, relentless, and exacting; idle, unproductive, and tedious; unimaginative, humorless, and vain; vindictive, undignified, and weak. And the sooner man takes out his whip again, the better for sanity and progress. Logan: Because of my profession I happen to be able to know what lies behind those dear deceiving lips... Leslie: Oh - you're a dentist? Logan: No! I'm a barrister. . Bringing Up Baby (?) after accumulating a more lengthy list, we can work on order of priority of 'best' later. I know Errol Flynn gives some insults when dueling, but these verbal jabs are not...well, some are okay....thoughts? Also, which Marx Bros movie had the most verbal shots, surpassing physical comedy? thank you! Please no modern movies of bathroom humor, foul language, etc... This is not a "one liner" but movies with quality dialog containing lots of clever zings!
  10. I've posted that 1940's "Pride and Prejudice" remains my all time favorite "insult" movie, but am still looking for more good ones to watch. P&P insults, particularly at the dance, are barbed arrows. They must be clever and witty dialogue They must have some element of understatement Preferably from the Golden Age British movies are often good at this, so British recommendations welcome. They should not include post modernism typical **** insults which appeal to junior high schoolers. (well, just start at 1929 and end around 1949 to be safe). Maggie Smith, al la Downton Abbey should have been untethered and allowed to zing away, but even restricted, she had some excellent jabs, including, "Any port in the storm?" I enjoyed this but prefer classic movies. Barrister: "You can sleep in nothing for all I care" Lady X: "That's just like a man; always thinking of himself."
  11. Dialogfan

    Pleasure Cruise OFF LIST??

    Yeah, they did not put it on the On Demand list and it is not on you tube nor on Epix nor the usual sources. How did it end?
  12. Dialogfan

    TCM is changing ....

    I think fans of Turner CLASSIC movies loved the black and white movies of yesteryear and the lack of commercials. I don't need a phalmadhyde induced host. I don't want modern movies and I don't want documentaries --- I just want classic movies. I have found other sources took and I may drop TCM. It is bad enough watching it through the SLING app anyway. DirectTV after more than 20 years, went out the door with main stream media's lies. I was sick of it and I was down to just movies and just documentaries. But History channel dropped history but TCM was still classics. Now that is going down the drain.
  13. Dialogfan

    TCM is changing ....

    so if so if we want to express disagreement with you we should just remember we have a remote to change the channel? Would it be okay if we decided to post here our "whiney" disagreement with the change, to TCM, so maybe they might consider our voices? TCM, please stick to classic movies.
  14. I have every Dylan album, every bootleg known to mankind (all the outtakes, rehearsals), lots of live unreleased material and... cannot believe that he received a Nobel prize for literature when much of what he does is not literature but relies upon musical backing. Then, I thought about how Barak Obama was given the Nobel Prize for Peace though he had not done anything yet. Nobel Peace Prize is not what it once was. I think Dylan's own embarrassment at this is why he did not go, why he delayed and when he finally issued a statement, he reference Shakespeare. He tries to be accommodating. Remember when he played at the White House for Obama but then declined to shake hands, infuriating Obama? He tries. Remember, his pro Israel song, "Neighborhood Bully" is not what is popular among the Nobel committee today.
  15. Dialogfan

    Pleasure Cruise OFF LIST??

    PS: thanks for not listing the spoiler. I am going to search online for it, in the event TCM does not air it. On YouTube, some of these pre code movies have their titles deliberately misspelled so they can remain available. There are quite a few pre code fans who would like nothing but "obscure" movies from this period. I am one of them.

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