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  1. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    Just a quick reminder that this challenge ends one week from today, on Saturday February 24th. We've had several fantastic schedules submitted already, and hope to see some more. Have fun!
  2. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    It's nice to see you back SansFin, and I'm happy you submitted a schedule! I'm so glad to see Toshirô Mifune is getting a day dedicated to him. What a fine actor. I just love him. And I agree about wishing TCM would show Love in a Teacup. I've never seen it. I laughed out loud when I read your choice of "hell" as a vacation destination. Your means of transportation and traveling companion are fun as well (although I might choose Pond as my companion ). And finally, I'm happy to see Roger Corman represented. I know his films can be something of an acquired taste, but the man himself always comes across as a knowledgeable and well-spoken filmmaker/film-lover, and I too think TCM should take advantage of that resource while they still can. Great job SansFin, thanks for participating!
  3. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    LonesomePolecat, I absolutely love this schedule! Where to begin? Doc Brown is an inspired choice for a traveling companion. Crank up the Delorean! Your "Oxymoronic Titles" and "Bring the Whole Family" blocks are both just so clever. Your tribute to 1944 goes to show what a fantastic year for film that was. Your dream vacation sounds like a blast, and pirate ships...? Yes, please! Finally, your desert island films. I always find it interesting learning about other people's favorites movies, and I couldn't agree more with several of your choices. Outstanding job!
  4. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    That would be such a great choice. Just yesterday, I heard The Sorcerer's Apprentice on our local classical music radio station and it immediately conjured up images of Mickey and those broomsticks in my mind. I couldn't help but smile.
  5. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    Very nicely done CinemaInternational! I am 100% in favor of Eve Arden as SOTM, and there would definitely never be a dull moment with Mame as your travel companion. I also really like the "Into the Shadows" segment, your Ann Sothern and Joan Leslie birthday tributes, and it's nice to see Mulholland Drive as your Underground selection. Great job!
  6. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    Wow, CinemaInternational, you're a machine! Impressive!
  7. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    You never know! Maybe I was subconsciously inspired by it. If so, thanks!
  8. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    Thanks guys! I know you'll come up with some outstanding ideas. You always do. I can't wait to see them! I've already pm'd the mod about pinning the thread, so hopefully it will be taken care of soon. Have fun!
  9. TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time!

    The Challenges: TCM Programming Challenge #38 “Vacation Time!” Challenge #1: Vacation Destination This time of year, with the holidays over and the dead of winter upon us, many people start wishing for more appealing climes, or a change of scenery (I know I do!). So, for the first challenge, you are to program a block of films (minimum of 4) that feature a location(s) you would like to visit on vacation. You are allowed 2 premieres that will not count against your limit. Mark these: (destination-exempt) Challenge #2: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Sometimes the journey to your destination can be as rewarding as the vacation itself (and sometimes not). For the second challenge, you are to program a block of films (minimum of 4) that feature some form of transportation as a main setting or plot point. You are allowed 2 premieres that will not count against your limit. Mark These: (transportation-exempt) Challenge #3: Travel Companion Sometimes it doesn't matter so much WHERE you're going on vacation, but rather WHO is traveling with you. So for this challenge, first you should choose a film character you'd like to take with you on vacation. That character will be this month's guest programmer. You are to program a block of films (minimum of 4) chosen by that guest programmer. You are allowed 2 premieres that will not count against your limit. Mark these: (companion-exempt) Challenge #4: Desert Island Films One way to get away from it all would be to vacation (or be shipwrecked!) on a desert island. If you had to choose only a handful of movies to have access to on a deserted island, what would your choices be? You are to program a block of films (minimum of 4) that you would choose to take with you. You are allowed 2 premieres that will not count against your limit. Mark these: (island-exempt) You may use up to 12 premieres in this challenge. The week selected must be between Jan 1, 2019 and Dec 31, 2019. This challenge begins on Saturday January 27th at 12:00PM and concludes Saturday February 24 at 11:59PM. I look forward to some great schedules. Have fun, and thanks for participating!
  10. TCM Programming Challenge #38 “Vacation Time!” RULES Some background: Path40a created the first TCM Programming Challenge in February, 2006 to give people a glimpse into the complexities of the programming process. The challenge has endured because it allows entrants to exercise their imagination, display their knowledge and introduce rare classics. TCM Programming Challenges are neither sponsored nor endorsed by TCM but tcmprogrammr has stated that programmers happily steal ideas from these schedules. Many entrants have had the joy of seeing their themes and movie selections air on TCM. The Challenge is to create a week’s schedule following TCM’s standard format. When it begins/When it ends: This challenge starts at 12:00PM Saturday January 27, 2018 and ends at 11:59PM Saturday February 24, 2018. A voting thread will be started shortly after the end of the challenge. Who can enter/Who can vote: Everyone is welcome to create and post a schedule. Don’t be shy! Anyone who was a registered forum member prior to December 1, 2017 will be allowed to vote for their favorite schedule in a separate voting thread after the challenge is closed. You may either vote by posting your selection on the thread or by directly messaging the moderator. The winner has the honor of running the next challenge. What you need to do: 1. Create a week's schedule which begins at 6 AM (EST) Sunday and ends at 6 AM (EST) the following Sunday. The week selected must be between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. 2. Each day’s programming should begin at 6 AM (EST.) However, if you begin an occasional day at 6:15 AM or 6:30 AM that’s no problem. 3. Primetime/Evening MUST begin at 8 PM (EST.) 4. Feature films must start on the hour, quarter-hour, half-hour or three-quarters hour. Short films or other material can be used to “fill-in” between movies so that there is never more than 14 minutes of unscheduled time between features. Your schedule must include: 1. Star of the Month -- At least 4 movies on one evening to showcase an actor. The SOTM must have a body of work large enough to allow similar blocks the other weeks in the month. 2. Silent Sunday Night -- A silent movie which begins at approximately 12 AM (EST) Sunday night/Monday morning. 3. TCM Imports -- A foreign film that begins at approximately 2 AM (EST) Monday morning. 4. TCM Spotlight -- A group of films which showcase a theme which appears in primetime each one night a week for a month. 5. The Essentials -- An indispensible classic film that begins at 8 PM (EST) Saturday night. 6. TCM Underground -- A little known or “cult” film which begins at approximately 2 AM (EST) Saturday night. 7. Mandatory Challenges as outlined for TCM Programming Challenge #38 Oh-by-the-ways: Silent Sunday Night, TCM Imports and TCM Underground are exempt from the limit of premieres stated in the requirements for this challenge. You may include a Guest Programmer but you are not required to do so unless it is a mandatory challenge requirement. Programming related to birthdays, anniversaries of historical or cinematic importance, genres, places or anything else that can reasonably be thematically grouped together is encouraged. Thought provoking, humorous and/or outrageous themes are especially welcome. Programming notes to explain your themes or to provide additional information on your selected movies are not required but are greatly encouraged. These notes should be on a separate post following the posting of your schedule. Format and Justifications: Follow the standard TCM scheduling format for each film: Time, Title, Year, Actor(s) Director(s) Studio, Running Time and justification. For example: 6:15 PM The Big Movie (1932) Kay Francis and Porky Pig. Dir: Lionel Barrymore. Colossal Films, 162 min., Premiere. Running times and studio information may be found in the TCM database or at Justifications: P/S for movies or programs which have been previously shown. E or “Exempt” for Silent Sunday Night, TCM Imports or TCM Underground films. PD or “Public Domain” for films in the public domain. “Premiere” for movies which count toward the Challenge allowance on premiers. No notation is needed for any movie in the original Turner film library. Film library, SOTM, and previous challenge archive links plus other information: The original Turner library consisted of: Warner Brothers (pre-1948 only,) MGM (pre-1986 only) and RKO (all years.) Disney animated feature films are never allowed because Disney will not license them to TCM. Disney live action films are allowed, either as previously shown films or as premieres. Animated movies created by other studios whose rights were later acquired Disney are allowed as previously shown films or as premieres. Disney shorts or cartoons which have been previously shown on TCM are allowed. All other theatrical films are allowed as premieres. Movies in the original Turner library are: Warner Brothers (pre-1948 only): MGM (pre-1986 only): RKO (all) Movies in the public domain are: All other theatrical movies are allowed as premieres. The most commonly used libraries are: Columbia Pictures United Artists Samuel Goldwyn J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors: 20th Century Fox: Paramount Pictures Universal Pictures British Gaumont Pictures: A link of previous Stars Of The Month can be found here: Previous Challenges can be reviewed here: How to tell if a movie has aired previously on TCM: Many thanks to MovieCollectorOH for his “unofficial report” of what has aired on TCM since 2001. It can be a great resource as you are creating your schedule. Thanks to previous Challenge Moderators for the opportunity to liberally "borrow" from their instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  11. Just a quick heads up to let you know the next Challenge will begin two weeks from today, on Saturday January 27th. Stay tuned!
  12. Thank you guys very much! Special thanks go to LonesomePolecat, CinemaInternational, JamesStewartFan95 and speedracer5 for their outstanding schedules, and of course to lydecker for hosting yet another fantastic challenge! This was such a fun one. I will do my best to do it justice with the next challenge. And speaking of that, if anyone has any thoughts or input about when the next challenge should take place, feel free to post here, or PM me. Thanks again!
  13. I'd like to cast my vote for LonesomePolecat, please. Thanks!
  14. I Just Watched...

    Just a quick tip for this. If you go to the post you'd like to quote and highlight a selection of text, a little black box that says "Quote this" will pop up. Click on that, and it will add only your selected text as a quote to your post. Hope this helps!

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