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  1. GordonCole


    Baseball season upon us, since the Final Four might not be as much fun as expected due to the current pairings.
  2. GordonCole

    ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) - Howard Hughes' cult film

    Saw this movie while on a date when it first came out, while in college. STill find it an interesting and well done movie worth watching.
  3. GordonCole

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Watching some English mid-1950's movies for a research project a friend is working on, which will expand into a book. We are consulting with his relative who was in the British forces for more information on field movements and the veracity of the films of the time relative to what was really happening with ground forces.
  4. GordonCole

    For Gastronauts Only!

    What was the movie with Price where Robert Morley got served his French poodles? That's my selection.
  5. Hadn't read an article with this information.
  6. GordonCole

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    He will keep saying "No collusion" till the cows come home though.
  7. GordonCole

    Kings of the B's

    Why look any further than your thread for a perfect casting choice for Bardo?
  8. GordonCole

    How did Rock Hudson REALLY catch AIDS?

    If anyone knows it might be his friend, Doris Day though I doubt she would betray his trust.
  9. GordonCole

    America's Gun Culture...

    Just saw online that one of the Parkland survivors killed herself. I guess there is always an aftermath of such tragedies.
  10. GordonCole

    Slavoj celebrates 70th Birthday

    Wish I could be there. Thanks for the information.
  11. GordonCole

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Looking forward to full disclosure, since "principal conclusions" semantically sounds a bit restricted.
  12. GordonCole


    Is your recorder set in the same time zone as you...LOL!
  13. GordonCole

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    I always got a kick out of the saying "It's better than sliced bread." Boy, that must be from way back. Great topic by the way.
  14. GordonCole

    Parallel Plots

    Not that they have to correspond in all ways, just like Craven's, Last House on the Left was shall we say, a wee bit different from Bergman's, The Virgin Spring, which was also slightly unique from its 13th century predecessor, but it's interesting to see how many similar themes can be the basis for very different movies. One fun example would be 1962's British film, All Night Long which starred Patrick McGoohan [not No. 6 or a Prisoner this time] but the film was based on Shakespeare's, Othello in the palimpsest version with much rubbed out, from the original. Still it made a great film with wonderful jazz sequences by people like Dave Brubeck, though I heard no Take 6 or even 7 from the soundtrack. Got another, please post it.
  15. GordonCole

    I Just Watched...

    Saw that way back at a theater and it had some of the best 3-D effects of all time. Much better than Andy Warhol's foray into horror with 3-D chunks of human flesh thrust out over the audience in some sequences. As silly as it was, I even enjoyed the ridiculous paddle ball scene in HOW.

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