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  1. Jackie Gleasaon used to say to go on vacation and get some rest he would rent out somehow or pay to get a room at a local hospital and just got there to relax for a couple weeks. Sure he probably had his own meals shipped in since he would not have liked hopital food.
  2. GordonCole

    Your fav. character players???

    Jack Holt
  3. GordonCole

    I Just Watched...

    Had the plearure of watching a serial I had not seen since kid thispast weekend. BAck during the depression there wwer theaters which were showing revials of old silents. My older sister had been a fan of Valentino and also a serial called A Woman in Gray with Alreen Pretty. She made me go with her to see the revival of the original Sheik and the serial was playing with it on week one and we went to the serial evey after week after since she wanted to get a complete set of dishes they would give out. I liked going since there would also be a vaudeville show and comics and even a monkey once. A friend of the family has a movie collection he has acquired from places like Blackhawk and others and showed a print of The Woman in Gray the other night. I was surprised it was so good as my memory of it was that it was a lot like Pearl White cliffhangers. The fifteen or so segments had some thrilling moments and brought back memoris of other western serials I liked as kid and things like The Phantom. Too bad Turner doesn't show some silent serials just for fun.
  4. GordonCole

    Favorite Con Men or Women

    Great film but don't know about an earlier one. For best con men I'd go with the possible source for the movie The Great Man with Jose Ferrer. Though not all of it is accurate about Herb Fuller in comparison with Mr. Lipton Tea, enough is and I'm sure the author Al Morgan did not want to get sued. I'm sure the McQuire Sisters, and particularly Ruby could have written a tell-all book about the egotistical host they worked with who was hated by most in the industry and conned a lot of people through their tv's and radios.
  5. GordonCole

    Portrait in Black

    Lana's always a dish so yes, I liked it.
  6. GordonCole

    Best Ecdysiast Movies

    As played by Marian and Beverly they end up as tarts always. But I get your point.
  7. GordonCole

    Best Ecdysiast Movies

    Missed that one. Never have seen that film sadly.
  8. Gables ears used to make that Fwap sound when the gluey stuff holding them back would give way.
  9. Being that my grandmother was a pugilism fan and actually saw Gentleman Jim Corbett in action, she said Flynn did an admirable job playing him in films. So I will go with Flynn as being superior to Gable. I heard he was kind of a wimp in his hometown area of Martin's Ferry.
  10. GordonCole

    Theory of Relativity

    No, no, no. David Canary does NOT look like Dana or Steve. Everyone I thought agree that David Canary looks like Richard Bakalyan. Check it out and you'll see. They both have the flattened nose thing, which makes them look like unsuccessful boxers. This thread is what film is all about with people who know all about film. Only real film buffs would even know who Mary Morris or this group of names mean to the celluloid dream. I am proud to know each of you that have posted.
  11. GordonCole

    Theory of Relativity

    You are totally out of line with this Dwayne Hickman in drag comparison! I think all would agree Mary looks more like Darryl Hickman in drag.
  12. GordonCole

    Theory of Relativity

    What exactly were you hoping Keith and Robert would get from good old Johnny in the looks department since he always looked like a deranged skeleton with wild eyes, even in films like Blue Beard, Sepiatone? I do think Wayne's son Patrick looks a bit like the young and virile Marion. Agree with you though on the essence of your thoughts and definitely Steve and Dana have little resemblance. Thanks.
  13. GordonCole

    Best Ecdysiast Movies

    Talking about the art of Gypsy Rose Lee on another thread, made me also think about so many Hollywood films which feature the art of the ecdysiast. Now Sally Rand was getting a little long in the tooth, to be playing such ladies with or without feathers by the war years but I remember seeing so many B-actresses like Marian Martin and Beverly Michaels who would portray such tarts and who can deny the nostalgia for such backstage dramas. We all know about Gypsy, and I regret they had nothing in the film about her affair with Otto Preminger but alas and alack. Who doesn't enjoy Lady of Burlesque or films with the word G-String in the title [which sadly has nothing to do with music]?
  14. I caught an interview with what's her name from the Little House on the Prairie show, on that Megyn Kelly show the other day. It just came to me, is it Melissa Gilbert? She came out to promote a book I think and then launched into an attack on Oliver Stone, who she says was abusive to her during her audition to be in the movie he made about Jim Morrison. Gilbert said something about having to assume a sexual position and play out a scene for Stone and she was appalled. I'm assuming she was auditioning for the part of his girlfriend in the film, and what person of any intelligence or knowledge of Morrison's life would not expect all sordid aspects of his life to be portrayed in the film? What confuses me is even more is, surely knowing the facts of his life as most did back in the day, why was she choosing to want to be in the film? This would be like Natalie Wood wanting to play Gypsy Rose Lee and then flipping out when they said she might have to show some epidermis during some of the scenes set during the ecdysiast performances. Stone apparently has responded saying it was well known what was to be expected of any woman audtioning for this part so why was Gilbert so in shock. Apparently she says that his assistant [?] left her alone in the room with him while he gave her directions, which seemingly sounded like to do some heavy breathing or such. Personally I think Gilbert is just trying to get her name back in the papers, and is completely out of line. Anyone else see this interview with her on tv?
  15. Though I am more inclined to the aesthetic in film, I have to admit that films with limited appeal but bombastic takes on society are occasionally of interest, if only for comparison sake. This brings to mind off the wall genres like Mondo film, Santo travesties, Giallo and folks like Mario Bava, Faces of Death depictions, J.D. exposes [particularly on the Sunset Strip], Hallucenogenic masterpieces, Sexploitation with masters like director Doris Wishman, and the like. All can be enjoyable in their own right. Probably the first such film I ever saw was Mondo Cane when it came out. The title song, More became a giant hit on radio, and was not probably a true reflection of what one was to see in the film. I can still remember the bits about eating certain things like peeled snake being common in another world, and the Rudolph Valentino lookalike festival in some small village in Italy. I think there was also a piece about force feeding geese to make some kind of pate de fois gras of sorts, and coloring the feathers of baby chicks for Easter. All such viable topics for entertainment supposedly. Add to this list of smaller genres in film, with your thoughts on their importance in the whole spectrum of moviemaking. It is not only blockbuster movies which make the art of film interesting it would seem for without these oddities, we do not see the world as it really exists but only a pastiche of sorts.

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