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  1. Fred Allen was a wit whose quips were apt and sometimes prescient, like the following. All the sincerity in Hollywood you could stuff in a flea's navel and still have room left to conceal eight caraway seeds and an agent's heart. Everything is for the eyes these days-TV, Life, Look, the movies. Nothing is just for the mind. The next generation will have eyeballs as big as cantaloupes with no brain at all. Any others by others you like will be appreciated.
  2. GordonCole

    February 2019 schedule is up

    Good to see Pontecorvo's Battle of Algiers is playing in February. That is the last movie on my friend's film want list to see before he leaves this world with his raft on the Styx.
  3. GordonCole

    I Just Watched...

    Yeah, Sabu could satisfy if his cologne didn't knock you out.
  4. Apparently you don't know that Clare Booth Luce frequently posts here.
  5. GordonCole

    Best Party Scene

    If I'm going to be at a party I want it to be one filmed by Fellini like from something like La Dolce Vita.
  6. GordonCole


    The people who talk only about the technical sides of movies or the box office returns, probably would miss that humanistically poetic vision of the film or any film of its calibre. They probably also don't get Lubitsch films or the humor but that's another story. Thanks for such a well articulated post.
  7. GordonCole

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Speaking of actors I get confused, your avatar, Brian Donlevy used to be confused by me with Neil Hamilton but that might be because they both were Arrow Collar male models as someone here once wrote. They both had rather attractively structured male facial physiognomies though Donlevy was more masculine overall. I also get Alan Curtis and Robert Sterling confused sometimes.
  8. GordonCole

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Only a real movie fan would even know who Kay Lenz and Lee Purcell are, Sgt. Markoff. I bow to your movie knowlege but visual disfunction.
  9. GordonCole

    Films and evolution of human being

    Too bad they didn't show that similar sequence from I Love Lucy episode last night in living color, Sgt! I wonder if he ever did find that man?
  10. GordonCole

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    None of the above, not that they're all not great but I choose Tony Randall in the Seven Faces of Doctor Lao.
  11. My sister had a life-long crush on Rafael Campos from the film. I told her he was a punk who would treat her badly and at least trade your crush for Jameel Farrar. Not sure that's how Klinger spelled it back then. At least if sis would have fallen for him, she would have married into having two complete female wardrobes to choose from.
  12. GordonCole

    Had Kevin Hart Hosted the Oscars Before?

    You're killing me, Sgt. since you are the H.L. Mencken of the board. Speaking of Kevin Hart, anyone who must submit his name and everywhere he goes daily to the E-Channel to keep his face on screen isn't worth watching at any event. And no, I don't watch the E-Channel but everytime I flip past it all I see are reports on whatever worthless thing this Kevin Hart is doing. I'd rather have Mary Hartmann hosting the Oscars. Bring back Louise Lasser, unless she's dead of course and even then she'd be more amusing.
  13. GordonCole


    Raised on MTV? Thanks, now I realize all your posts make perfect sense.
  14. GordonCole


    Boring, eh? I would suggest that you never again view any films regarded as silent classics as it would really be a waste of time. Two films you might enjoy more, which have similar letters in their titles to Metropolis would be El Topo or Allegro Non Troppo. Enjoy.
  15. Boy, this post was way over my head with a lot of big words but I think I get your drift, Sgt. and you're basically saying a lot of people today are dense and have no concept of the past or what anything means beyond just what their little psyche has attained so far in contemplation of worldly things and their meaning. Another thing about the past and movies. Many people now forget that in the early days of film, viewers at theatres did not know of a a future when they would be able to see these films again. They lived for the day and then were gone and disappeared from view. TV was not envisioned as a source for reseeing an old favorite nor was the idea of videotapes to be bought of silent films in the minds of anyone except maybe someone like Tesla. I remember my aunt saying once that she loved Rudolph Valentino as a teenager, and then he died and years later in the early 1940's she and some friends did get to resee Son of the Sheik at a revival and were so thrilled to be able to revisit the past and enjoy the film again. She said this rarely happened and was only done for really major films from olden times which people still talked about. So as a star aged his or her past on film was mostly forgotten unless old photos showed up in movie magazines and people accepted that ageing process as part of life, not as a means to judge a beauty like Lily Langtree from her past photos, and incur from them that now that she was a mature lady she was never a beautiful woman. As Rod Serling once showed on Tz, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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