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  1. Fuster

    Question about blocking/ignorning -is it mutual?

    geez who is this female poster who wants to kick peeps off the board i'd like to meet her
  2. Fuster

    my food

    i doan think that will be so tasty w/o some pork rinds and beer to wash it all down.
  3. Fuster

    'The People vs O.J. Simpson'

    sure hope he didn't make any money off that show
  4. Fuster

    The Overplayed and the Underplayed

    to much hepburn gives me heartburn
  5. Fuster

    The Last Living Silent Star

    never cared for her.
  6. Fuster

    movies are skipping/stuttering

    yeah it's like a hot mess.
  7. Fuster

    These Three (1936)

    the old one is so better.
  8. Fuster

    Sister Rose and Revisionist History

    It's a nun whadda you expect
  9. Fuster

    Young Frankenstein (Fronkensteen)

    favorite part? the sweet mystery of life song with Kahn
  10. the peeps who think there's a canon in noir are gullible which is why they believe in limiting the years.
  11. Fuster

    Back to the '90s?

    That glove fit like a glove
  12. Luv that hes giving the establishment gop a run for their money
  13. Fuster

    Off Topic: Favorite Classic TV Shows?

    Anything with Cleese like Fawlty Towers Heres Larry & Curb Your Enthusism
  14. Where's Maria Montez when ya need her.
  15. Fuster

    Two-part PBS special on Walt Disney

    Exactly, Jakeem. Probably more proof about Ted Williams though. I've visited Forest Lawn years ago on a search for Walt. Much remains to be seen. Get it?

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