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  1. JamesStewartFan95

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Ball of Fire, for only the 2nd time, starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck! I'm so excited!
  2. JamesStewartFan95

    You Watched TCM Where?

    Where is the strangest place you have ever watched TCM or classic movies in general? Have you ever watched it while intoxicated? I recently watched TCM (They were showing On Your Toes) while in the dentist chair getting a routine checkup! Anybody else have any weird TCM-watching experiences?
  3. JamesStewartFan95

    A Wrinkle in Time

    By the way, sorry for highjacking this A Wrinkle in Time thread. I just had a few things to get off of my chest concerning Lilo and Stitch.
  4. JamesStewartFan95

    A Wrinkle in Time

    Yeah, but the reason that Nani was go exasperated with Lilo, and in turn Lilo was so “psychotic” around her sister was that both were demonstrating their respective feelings on their situation (their parents having just died). I didn’t have any siblings growing up, but I, like many other people could clearly see that their was a relatable sibling relationship at the heart of Lilo and Stitch. That’s what is and what should be the focus of the movie. Not the aliens. Maybe it’s misleading, but I’d rather have the movie that we got than a movie sold purely on alien sight gags. I think we have the TV show (and movie) My Favorite Martian for that!
  5. JamesStewartFan95

    A Wrinkle in Time

    Oh, and also, I was going to theatres to see Disney movies at that time, including Treasure Planet which I still hold as an underrated gem in the animated Disney catalogue.
  6. JamesStewartFan95

    A Wrinkle in Time

    Wow! You didn’t get the point of Lilo and Stitch, did you?
  7. JamesStewartFan95

    A Wrinkle in Time

    There certainly was a lot of rambling and buzzwords in that post EricJ. It seems like you have a lot of misplaced anger toward Disney, or more specifically, towards Lilo and Stitch.
  8. JamesStewartFan95


    What exactly did he say during the interview that you viewed as inane?
  9. JamesStewartFan95

    Mary Poppins Returns Teaser Trailer

    "Eek!!! Uh! I mean . . . (takes minute to clear throat) . . . it looks like it could be interesting."
  10. JamesStewartFan95

    Rotten Apples

    Has anybody on here heard of the movie database website Rotten Apples? It's sort of like Rotten Tomatoes, but instead of reviewing and eating films, viewers can see which movies starred, were directed or written by, or were produced or executive produced by individuals accused of sexual assault or sexual abuse. If so, what are your opinions of the website and/or its content? Would you not watch a movie that was featured on this database?
  11. JamesStewartFan95

    What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    I know you said you thought the rest were terrible, but I enjoyed the Latin flavor of the Remember Me song from DisneyPixar's Coco. I think it's great that there are more movies being made that explore the culture of Mexico, because it's a fascinating topic. I also liked the song that Surfjan Stevens sung from Call Me By Your Name.
  12. JamesStewartFan95


    Why are you so hung up on the "PC CROWD" recently spence? That doesn't seem like you!
  13. As you can see, I like Bill Murray!
  14. "Star Wars!!! The theme from Star Wars!"
  15. JamesStewartFan95

    study says more diversity needed in hollywood

    Ya know?! I kind of like Falling Down NipkowDisc!

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