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  1. heatwave1

    Tim Allen

    I would loved to see Tim Allen on the Guest Programmer
  2. heatwave1

    Steven Ford

    bring steven ford on the Guest Programmer
  3. heatwave1

    Nicholas cage

    I would love to see Nicholas Cage for guest programmer
  4. heatwave1


    I would loved to see some Godzilla movies
  5. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

    please bring the tcm guess programmer this sat
  6. heatwave1

    Off Topic: Favorite Classic TV Shows?

    how about the Flinstones
  7. heatwave1


    How about Godzilla marathon
  8. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

    for 2017 star of the month marie osmond
  9. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

    bring marie osmond on the GUEST PROGRAMMER
  10. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

    bring marie as a guest programmer
  11. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

    its been along time since i seen thier coin coconuts movie on hbo
  12. heatwave1

    Donny Osmond

    Bring donny to chost with Marie
  13. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

    that would be great thier 1978 goin coconuts
  14. heatwave1

    Marie Osmond

  15. heatwave1

    mickey mouse cartoons

    i would loved to see some old mickey mouse cartoon classics on tcm

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