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  1. chaz45342

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    One thing unusual I noticed about the schedule is they appeared to have abandoned some of the regular programming the last week in January. There's no Noire Alley or the regular Saturday morning programming on Jan 26-27, maybe due to the SAG Life Achievement Awards theme they have, and/or maybe they just want to give Eddie an extra week on top of February (in which he's normally preempted for 31 days of Oscar). In any case, I hope he's back in March - I've come to anticipate Noire Alley each week. Chuck
  2. chaz45342

    Pollyanna / Karl Malden

    By any chance, does anybody have Karl Malden's autobiography? I just got finished watching the delightful and under-rated Disney film Pollyanna, which I taped from the latest TCM "Treasures from the Disney's Vaults" programming that was on a few weeks ago. I was interested enough to read the article associated with this movie in the library, but was somewhat amused when I read this segment... I was amused because having just watched the film, I can tell you there is no Reverend Snow character in this movie. Karl Malden plays Reverend Paul Ford, while Agnes Moorehead played Mrs. Snow. And although both gave memorable performances, especially Malden, there was no Reverend Snow. I have to wonder if this is just an accidental slip up by the people who write these articles, or given that it is mentioned in the actual quote above, did Karl Malden get it wrong in his biography as well?
  3. chaz45342


    First off, my apologies if my post was taken the wrong way. That was not my intent to try and shame anybody, especially you ( I may not post often, but I read the forums often and always respect your opinion, even if I don't always agree with it). So again, I apologize if my post came across condescending. The main point I was trying to make was that by TCM's own account, February is already their most watched month, by far, for the entire year. I agree with the assessment that most of the daytime movies during February are ones that are shown repeatedly through the year, but I don't see them changing their format unless they think doing so will improve ratings. And although making changes may make readers of this forum more likely to watch, it sounds like the current format 31 days of Oscar does pretty well to the general public. And I do appreciate the TCM daytime tributes throughout the year. I didn't mean to sound insensitive, but it doesn't really matter to me if/when those tributes actually fall on the star's birthday or not. That's just my opinion and I mean no disrespect to fans of Robert Young and/or Anne Sheridan. And I hardly think TCM is perfect. I wasn't aware of the lack of equal representation from different studios during Oscar month, but that's a valid complaint. I'd like to see more representation from different studios, I'd like to see more representation from recent films and I'd like to see more representation from foreign nominated films. But at the same time I realize any changes they do or don't make are for the purpose of getting higher ratings, and not just to please me, you and their hard-core fans.
  4. chaz45342


    I keep reading how daytime programming for TCM "needs" to change, and I certainly understand your thoughts and opinion, but I just don't see it happening. Why does TCM need to change anything - they've repeatedly told us that February is far and above their most popular viewing month (and I assume this equates to more income for TCM)? Telling TCM they need to change their February programming is analogous to telling Macy's they need to stop promoting Christmas because it makes the stores so crowded... I'm happy with the programming as they have it. Is it really that big of a deal to move a star tribute to a day different than their birthday? I would think that the stars and/or their families/fans are happy that TCM honors and remembers them at all, regardless of the day. And for those criticizing the lack of variety during February, this years 31 Days of Oscars has opportunities to see a few stars that we hardly ever see on TCM. For example, this year we can see the following stars on TCM during 31 Days of Oscars - Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep and I'm sure a few others as they still have a couple open slots toward the end of the month. These stars are rarely seen on TCM at all, let alone have their own tribute day.
  5. Your point is well taken and maybe I shouldn't put as much stock in these ratings as I do (I tend to use them to determine what movies I want to watch or tape when I'm not familiar with the titles). I was still a bit curious about the Marion Davies films, and how they get such high ratings. I took a look at the distribution for the Davies' films I listed above within IMDB, and they all had these in common (with the one exception 'The Brides Play', which had less than 100 votes). All the Davies films seem to have around 1000 votes, maybe a little more or little less, but all pretty close. Of the 1000 votes, they all had 35-45% perfect scores of 10. Compared to other films with similar scores like the ones I listed above, the Davies films had a musher higher percentage of 10's than the non-Davies films. Again, compared to the non-Davies films with similar scores, the non-Davies films had much higher percentage of 8's - 9's, normally a combined 50% for these two scores. 8 was the most popular score for most of these other films. The Davies films typically had only 25% of their scores in the 8-9 range - still pretty good, but a big drop from the number of 10's. The Davies films normally have about 15% scores of 5 or lower. The non-Davies films with similar scores have much lower percentage of these low scores, like less than 5%. The high scores seem to all come from demographics of American voters over 45, mainly female, but a lot of male votes as well. There is a big drop in scores from this age group to a younger age group as well as to non-American voters. So it sure seems to me like someone with a lot of time, money and/or influence is doing what they can to ensure that films of Miss Davies are looked upon in the highest regards. Now who would have the interest and money to pay all these seniors to vote often and high for the Marion Davies' films? If only WRH weren't dead for the past 65 years....
  6. I noticed this in August when Marion Davies was one of the actresses featured for a day on TCM Summer Under the Stars. I use the IMDB ratings a lot to determine which movies to watch/tape when there's something I'm not familiar with. Normally, the ratings are pretty indicative of what I will think of the movie, but sometimes they are way off. Don't get me wrong, I like Marion Davies and I like many of her movies. But if you went by the IMDB ratings, you'd think she was the greatest actress in the history of film. Almost all of her movies seem to an artificially high rating. For example, these were the ratings I noted in August for her films featured on TCM.... Operator 7.8 The Bride's Play 7.7 Five and Ten 8.0 Peg O' My Heart 8.0 When Knighthood Was in Flower 8.2 Marianne 8.2 Blonde of the Follies 7.8 Page Miss Glory 7.9 For comparison sake, here some other random ratings of popular movies... The Graduate 8.0 Citizen Kane 8.4 The Grapes of Wrath 8.1 Young Frankenstein 8.0 Again, I don't have anything critical against the Davies films - I just watched Marianne tonight, and it was a good film, slightly funny in parts and enjoyable to watch. But its no where close to other films with 8.0+ ratings that are typically some of the best of film industry. I honestly think there is Marion Davies fan club out there somewhere that is stuffing the ballot boxes. Or maybe William Randolph Hearst is still looking out for her and using his influence to build up her ratings! :-)
  7. Wow, it's December 6th and the "March" schedule still isn't up yet! :-) In all seriousness, I've got to think the lack of the February schedule is likely due to negotiations for some movie rights to films not owned by TCM. I've seen a lot of complaints that February is just a rehash of movies already played, and although that might be partly true, historically, they've made an effort to get some more recently released oscar-nominated films. In past years, I can remember watching "Dreamgirls", "Chicago", "Broadcast News", "Running on Empty", "Goodfellas", "Diner", "Apollo 13", "Chariots of Fire","The Artists", "The King's Speech", "The Queen", "Shakespeare in Love", all 3 of the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy (back to back, I might add) and I'm sure a few more that I'm leaving off. Many of these have only been seen on TCM during 31 Days of Oscar and haven't been shown again. So I'm hoping when the February schedule is finally released, it will contain a lot of of new classics including some that are TCM premieres.
  8. I'm not sure either how they came up with their rankings. It's definitely not by the rating they calculate for each movie based on their user's individual ratings (on a scale from 1-10). I looked at 1920, and although Cabinet of Dr. Caligari appears to have the highest IMDB rating (8.1) for 1920 movies, the Mark of Zorro has a higher rating (7.3) than either Golem (7.2) or Dr Jekyll (7.0) despite being 4th on this list. And Way Down East didn't even make the 1920 top 5 despite a higher rating (7.9) than any of them except Dr. Caligari.
  9. I have to agree. There's no way they are going to do away with Oscar month, they've said repeatedly in discussion groups I attended that it's their highest rated month of the year. But it has to be a scheduling challenge for them. Not only is it Oscar month, but they always have a sub theme through the month as well. Last year, I thought the sub-theme was pretty lame - they just did the entire month of movies in alphabetical order. But even then, I think they made sure each letter of the alphabet was represented and then you have to make sure you're top rated movies are going to fall in prime time (and given last year's sub-theme, that had to be difficult - they just couldn't swap the order of a two movies to give one a preferred time slot).Also, they've been pretty good about scheduling some modern classic movies from the past two decades, and as sewhite2000 mentions, negotiating rights to these movies can be difficult. But I'm hoping they post the schedule soon. I need to clear some room on my DVR and hoping to find a couple movies that will be show up again in February that I can delete and re-record!
  10. chaz45342

    TCM On Demand

    It started working again shortly after posting this, so whatever the issue was, it looks like its working, at least for me, now.
  11. chaz45342

    TCM On Demand

    Anybody else having issues using TCM On Demand today? I was watching something this morning, and it worked fine, but now I get message I'm not authorized to view a thing. I've tried several movies, including the one I was watching earlier, as well as the live feed, and I get the error every time from multiple devices. It says I'm logged in with my ATT U-verse credentials, and I tried logging out and logging back, but still no luck.
  12. chaz45342

    Now Playing Guide

    I'm really confused on the status of the TCM Now Playing Guide. I realize TCM has discontinued the print version as of this month, but I thought they would still be producing an electronic version. I've signed up, at least 5 times, to receive this and have yet to see a September electronic version of Now playing. If you click on "Magazine" at the top of their web page, a page still comes up that says "we want to ensure you that the new FREE email version with all of your favorite Now Playing features plus so much more". But I've yet to see anything in my email (and I've checked my junk mail folder). And if you go to the "Full TCM Schedule" page, there is a small block in the upper right that takes you to the current Now Playing Guide. But this is nothing more than a printable schedule of the programming for the month. What I am looking for specifically that I used to get out of Now Playing is the theme information - daytime and evening (evening themes are listed on the website schedule page, but not daytime), TCM premier info, and articles on the month's programming. That information doesn't seem to be available any more.
  13. chaz45342

    To Tell the Truth

    I'm confused. The first installment of To Tell the Truth series aired tonight, and the title clearly said "Episode 2:Working for Change". The schedule shows that Episode 1 was supposed to air tonight and Episode 2 next week. But the movies featured tonight seem to match the supporting movies that are being played the rest of the evening. Did TCM air the wrong episode, is the schedule wrong, or did they skip Episode 1 for some reason?
  14. chaz45342

    February schedule is up

    I know TCM uses some imaginative ways to tie the movies together in February Oscar month -- there's always a sub theme -- such as Oscar movies by year, or by studio, or last year's clever Kevin Bacon game inspired theme. But the 2017 February schedule makes little sense to me where they are just showing all the movies in alphabetical order. Unlike previous years, there won't be any real theme or common bond that ties one movie to the next. I can't imagine anybody tuning in on February 2 because they want to watch the Oscar movies that start with 'B'. I guess this brings a new definition to a B-movie. Perhaps on the positive, I would think the schedule is pretty much set in stone. Any schedule changes would be pretty difficult to keep the alphabetic theme in tact.
  15. chaz45342

    Where is the December schedule?

    I'll take you're word on what it's been in the past but I would be surprised to see it posted Oct 1. Per previous discussions It's always been posted 2+ months in advance on the website, normally in week 2 or 3 (but sometimes earlier) in the third month preceding the new schedule. It always first appears on the website during a weekday, and never on a weekend that I can remember. So unless they post December by Friday on the webiste, my guess is that the IOS apps will belayed as well and will not appear on Oct 1 (which is a weekend). But who knows, hopefully you are correct. Speaking of the iOS apps, I had no idea the schedule showed up that far in advance. I took a look at mine, and I couldn't even figure out how to quickly scroll that far -- the best I could do is scroll one day at a time and it would take far too long for me to scroll that far in advance.

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