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  1. RipMurdock

    Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler

    Never could get into them. They seemed kind of fake but I guess the musicals were meant to be more for the ladies.
  2. RipMurdock


    I'll tell our family members to move to the part which won't fall off into the ocean.
  3. RipMurdock

    Release the Memo

    I'm all for transparency so let's see what's in it and go from there.
  4. RipMurdock

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1971

    I think all foreign legion films should have Buster Crabbe in them. He was my hero in the serials he starred in and looks great in uniforms.
  5. Yeah wasn't she supposed to be having an affair with Walken and there were battles about it on the boat? Who knows. Probably just baloney as people love a scandal like that.
  6. RipMurdock

    The Left Side of Claudette Colbert's Face

    I was just thinking about this while watching her the other day. But I also was thinkjing about if her eyebrows are painted on. They seem clownlike at least to me.
  7. Good call. Maybe then Muller would have a story for one of his lackluster books that is worth reading. Incidentally, anyone who thinks Muller knows anything much about films in general or any background knowledge off the top of his head that he has not looked up first on the net, I have some nice swampland for sale cheap.
  8. RipMurdock

    Playing Yourself!

    Just thought of a couple more. Seems like boxers often were playing themselves in movies with people like Joe Louis and Max Baer and even the glass jawed Primo Carnera. ONe movie that had both Baer and Carnera was with Myrna Loy called The Prizefighter and the Lady, but the funny part is Baer was playing a character and Carnera was playing himself.
  9. RipMurdock

    Playing Yourself!

    Yeah that's it with Maris on the left and Mantle on right. Frawley was a big baseball fan.
  10. RipMurdock

    Noir Alley

    He is on all the time in primo time on the wine ads.
  11. RipMurdock

    Playing Yourself!

    No, though I've seen that film. I'm talking about a film called something like Safe at HOme Plate which had both Mantle and Maris in it from the early 1960's during the home run contest for Maris. Pepper was really good as Maris in that film though. Looked like him and had his personality.
  12. Or giant alligators in seweres.
  13. RipMurdock


    Wasn't Paul LYnde in New Faces? Also maybe Alice Ghostley. Too bd they didn't have parts in Frankenheimer's filme.
  14. RipMurdock

    Noir Alley

    They shold call them Blanches since they are awfully tame at ten am.
  15. RipMurdock

    Strange things in 50s and 60s sci-fi movies

    I'm old enough to remember watching those hearings or whatever ya wanta call them. Didn't good old LBJ twist his elbow into presiding over that mess? Magic Bullet now only means some kind of blender thing.

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