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  1. Judy Garland Movies

    The song "House of Singing Bamboo" as sung by Howard Keel in Pagan Love Song was originally written for Judy's 1946 film The Harvey Girls. Here is a clip of both versions. I find it interesting how the melody is the same, just with different words.
  2. Mirror, Mirror...on the Silver Screen

    I always liked the use of the mirrors towards the end of The Lady from Shanghai (1947). Rita Hayworth shoots the mirrors right in front of her and the camera work is great. Makes you feel all sorts of ways. The way they filmed with the mirrors all over the place and shattering/moving really emphasizes the action and intensity of the scene. ]
  3. Martin Scorsese: 'Cinema is gone'

    Personally, I'd like to agree with Scorsese to an extent. I have a lot of friends who don't know anything about the Golden Age of Hollywood, but I like to try to introduce them to different movies or entertainment they aren't used to. I have made the point several times that films certainly aren't what they used to be. All this CGI and special effects to distract from an otherwise lacking-in-plot movie... But the public eats it up. And why shouldn't they? Let's be real, special effects are very cool. Add this to the seemingly perpetual stream of remakes/reboots/sequels, and you have a film buff's worst nightmare, so to speak. Sometimes I find myself guilty of complaining about upcoming remakes and sequels and I try to remind myself: what's the use of complaining? If I'm upset about the movies being made today, I should just go out and do something about it.
  4. I Just Watched...

    THE MUSIC MAN (1962) Re-watched this with my grandparents last night. I love this movie. The score manages to be one of the rare ones of which I will listen to every single song on the line-up (others being Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, & Les Miserables).
  5. I Just Watched...

    THE LAND BEFORE TIME (1988) Don Bluth animated film from the late 80s. I saw this when I was a lot younger, and wanted to re-watch it. I still enjoyed it, although it's no Pebble and the Penguin (also a Don Bluth-helmed film). I'll admit, the plot-line is a tad shallow, but it's still a cute movie nonetheless. Score: 3/5.
  6. I Just Watched...

    I love this film! Thanks for the review; it's a reminder to me to rewatch this gem.
  7. I Just Watched...

    MUST LOVE DOGS (2005): starring Diane Lane, John Cusack, Christopher Plummer, Dermot Mulroney, & Elizabeth Perkins (fun fact: when I was very young, I used to confuse Perkins with Geena Davis). The last (and only other) movie I saw Diane Lane in was Six Pack (1982), so there's that for reference. Not much to say about this one; it's a rom-com. It didn't put me to sleep. *Source: Netflix
  8. I Just Watched...

    PIGLET'S BIG MOVIE (2003) So sue me, I love Winnie the Pooh.
  9. I Just Watched...

    WELCOME TO ME (2014): starring Kristen Wiig. *Source: Netflix Wiig stars as Alice Klieg, a woman with borderline personality disorder, who ends up winning millions in the lottery and decides to start her own talk show. Alice ends up quitting taking her prescribed medication, which leads to dissension among her family, friends, and tv show employees. I've really only ever seen Wiig in comedic roles ever since her stint on SNL (one of my favorite cast members from the 2000s), but was pleasantly surprised by her dramatic prowess in this. Score: 3/5.
  10. I Just Watched...

    A QUIET PLACE (2018): starring John Krasinski & Emily Blunt (married in real life). I went and saw this last Thursday, and I enjoyed it. I'm a huge wimp when it comes to "scary movies," but this one was very tolerable (I saw "It" and was afraid to turn the lights off for about a week). Without giving too much away: The film is set in the year 2020 after some kind of an invasion/apocalypse (whatever you want to call it), the audience follows one family as they try to survive. I can't type much more since I don't want to spoil the movie since it is still very new... Score: 4/5.
  11. What Are You Watching Now?

    Trying to make my way through the Marvel tv shows on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed "Jessica Jones," and I've finished it, much to my disappointment. I'm hoping the other shows will end up being as good as this one, but somehow I doubt it.
  12. Donny & Gene

    I remember watching Sing You Sinners (1938) a little while ago, and being impressed with Donald even at such a young age. He just had this lovable and humorous quality about him, in my opinion.
  13. I Just Watched...

    IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934): STARRING CLARK GABLE & CLAUDETTE COLBERT. This is the 2nd time I've seen this one. Forgot Frank Capra directed it. I'm visiting my paternal grandparents and we watched it together last night. I am not obsessed with either Gable or Colbert, but I do like them in the films they've done that I've seen (only seen 2 of Colbert's, and possibly 5 of Gable's). I haven't watched an older movie (which I classify as being released between 30s-60s, because to me, the 70s wasn't that long ago even though I wasn't alive) in a while, so it was very refreshing, to say the least. We will probably watch The Music Man (1962) tonight, as it is one of my favorite movies of all time, so that's exciting.
  14. Judy Garland

    Somewhat blurry, but cute nonetheless.
  15. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time


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