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  1. NickAndNora34

    Highly Unlikely Pairings!

    Most of his stuff pre-2006 (the year Click was released) I can handle. But then it all just went downhill for me.
  2. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    THE HAUNTING (1963) *Score: 4.75/10* Starring: Julie Harris, Russ Tamblyn, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Fay Compton, Rosalie Crutchley, Lois Maxwell, Valentine Dyall. I had only seen the Netflix serial adaptation of this back in the fall, and was unaware this movie even existed until I randomly came across it. Side note: if you have never seen the Netflix series, I would definitely recommend giving it a try; the plot, acting, and characterization are all great. Although, one of the more unsettling aspects of it did not have to do with the actual haunting/house, but Henry Thomas' blue contacts that made him look like an alien. It'll freak you out, I promise. The plot surrounds Hill House, a magnificent 1800s mansion that is rumored to be haunted. Professor Markway (an avid believer in the supernatural) gathers a small group of people to stay in the house with him, in an attempt to hunt ghosts and prove that the house harbors some otherworldly presence(s). This group consists of the heir to the house, Luke, the bold and sarcastic bohemian, Theodora (Theo for short), and Eleanor (Nell), a neurotic with a craving for freedom. One of the more interesting events in the film, was Theo and Nell's relationship. I picked up on the fact (rather early on, I must say) that Theo was what one might call "inclined romantically towards the fairer sex." Granted, her attraction towards Nell was unrequited, but the lesbian undertones (or, "overtones," I should say, as Theo was not very discreet) were an unexpected, yet interesting subplot. It did seem like they kept having all these little "lover's quarrels" though, throughout the film. As much as I wanted to thoroughly enjoy this one, I think I went in with too high of expectations. That being said, I enjoyed only one of the characters. Claire Bloom's "Theo" was the most likable out of the 4 "ghostbusters," in my opinion. Dr. Markway seemed like a rather pretentious idiot, and Nell was completely unlikable, and I did not sympathize with her in the slightest. I wouldn't buy this movie to have in my collection, but I might re-watch it again sometime in the future.
  3. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    I like SCTV too And I agree about this movie. There were some scenes that really depressed me... I would have loved to have seen Andrea Martin in it as well.
  4. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    1. "it's an off-Broadway musical... 'Nuff said." So, Off Broadway musicals can't be good/enjoyable? Okay. Agree to disagree. Some people do theater, not for the awards/recognition, but because they are passionate about it, and want to entertain. I, for one, find that to be as noble an endeavor as being in a show on Broadway. 2. Are you referring to strictly Off-Broadway shows when you say this: "if it's showing on Broadway HD, and never got a movie, it's probably an obscure one that only had a few weeks..." Puffs is not a musical... but it's one of those rarities you're talking about: it's an off Broadway play that will have been running for 8 months as of this coming Sunday, the 17th. All I'm saying is, don't knock it till you try it.
  5. NickAndNora34

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    Return to Oz (1985) A sequel to "The Wizard of Oz" done by Disney, no less. I watched this for the first time a couple years back around the age of 18 or 19, and I was... almost terrified. The film starts out with Dorothy (somehow several years younger than she was in the original) getting taken to an insane asylum by her "beloved" Auntie Em. Shock therapy is involved (or, rather, the implications of shock therapy), and Dorothy travels back to Oz, but it's definitely not the Oz audiences know and love. It's a horror-fest for children (so to speak). There's a headless queen who captures/kills young women, and uses their heads for her own... I could go on, but I'm scaring myself as I type this...
  6. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    It's mainly "Gypsy" with hints of "All About Eve" and "The Bad Seed." The singing was great, and the acting was great as well. Not one of my favorite shows of all time, by any means, but it was entertaining.
  7. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    RUTHLESS! THE MUSICAL (Broadway *Score: 6/10* A musical that parodies such classics as "Gypsy," "All About Eve," and "The Bad Seed" (among others). There isn't too much I can say without giving away the plot, but I really liked this one. I had never heard of it before, and I was just browsing the Broadway HD website, and decided to give it a try. It's a small cast of about 6 people. Everyone was great, but the little girl who played the lead really stole the show for me. She is very talented. I should just go ahead and leave the business now...
  8. NickAndNora34

    Haunted Houses

    It's a comedy, but The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966) is always fun.
  9. NickAndNora34

    Kid Sisters

    While we're on the subject of Joan Carroll: Here's Joan Carroll with Margaret O'Brien (and Vincente Minnelli). Joan and Margaret played Judy Garland and Lucille Bremer's little sisters in "Meet Me in St. Louis."
  10. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    SCROOGE (1970) *Score: 5/10* I have been eyeing this one at my local library for a while now, and finally broke down and checked it out (despite the fact that the holiday season has long since vanished). The only person I recognized from this was Mr. Albert Finney (rest in peace, good sir). I have been a fan of Leslie Bricusse's ever since rekindling my love for "Doctor Dolittle" (1967), and was excited to hear another good score, but this wasn't it. Sure, some of the songs were catchy, but nothing really stood out to me. In fact, the only things that stood out to me were the characters of Scrooge and the street urchins. Finney was made up to be a much older man than he was in real life, and I found him to be very consistent with his portrayal of an older gentleman. On the subject of the street urchins: I know this isn't necessarily true to life, but these boys seemed to have a great time living on the streets and insulting Scrooge to his face. Although, I must say, two of these so-called "urchins" looked to be at least 21, so I'd say their urchin-membership has long-since expired, and it's time to give it all up and find a job. Of course, I am familiar with the classic Dickens tale, although I have never read it. I think this, "Oliver Twist," and "Jane Eyre" are three classic stories that have been done to death. That being said, I really do enjoy the whole "turning your life around" message in this story. Overall, I enjoyed this. Especially enjoyed Alec Guinness as the ghost of Scrooge's dead business partner, Jacob Marley. That was certainly a surprise.
  11. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    Looking through this thread is reminding me to get back into watching some b&w films. The last "old" movie I watched was "Wait Until Dark" back in summer 2018, but that was 1967, so it doesn't quite count.
  12. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    I watched the "Ordeal by Innocence" 3-part series just recently. I actually enjoyed it. Not as much as some of the other adaptations, though. I have also seen the recent Glenn Close "Crooked House" remake. I would suggest giving that one a try. I really liked it. The acting was fantastic.
  13. NickAndNora34

    I Just Watched...

    AGATHA AND THE TRUTH OF MURDER (2018) *Score: 5.5/10 Starring: Ralph Ineson, Ruth Bradley, Blake Harrison, Pippa Haywood, Tim McInnerny, Michael McElhatton. This is a fictionalized account of prominent novelist Agatha Christie's 11-day disappearance back in 1926. Evidently, Christie never revealed where she was or what she was doing during that time; the writers of this film imagined what it would be like if Christie went off and solved an actual murder. Christie is approached at her home by a retired nurse who wants Christie to solve her lover's murder. The murder happened several years ago, but the trail went cold, so the police gave up and moved on to something else. Christie eventually agrees to help, disguises herself as a law-firm secretary, and formulates an imaginary will-reading at an old house, that names each of the nurse's murder suspects as heirs. Another murder does occur (as is generally the pattern of these things), and it's a race against time to discover who the true killer is before they strike again... I enjoyed the overall feeling of this film. I am a huge Agatha Christie fan, and I like to watch film adaptations either about her, or about her books. I solved almost all of the murder by myself (for once) and was immensely proud. Although, maybe reading Christie's books at least two times each had a hand in my success. *Source: Netflix
  14. NickAndNora34

    Disney Channel

    Maybe check the Disney Channel website, and then scroll all the way down to "Contact Us." Really the only thing I can think of at the moment. Don't know how effective this is, but it's something to try.
  15. NickAndNora34

    The Curse of Kerr, IT RHYMES WITH STAR!

    I was surprised that Glenn didn't win, but maybe that stems from all the buzz about how she was "bound to win." I haven't yet seen "The Favourite," but I enjoyed Olivia Colman in the BBC mystery series, "Broadchurch." I know she certainly has talent; I'm happy for her. I don't think it's a question of "who deserved it" because, frankly, all those women deserved it. They all put in the hard work and dedication to each of their respective roles, and were recognized for it simply by being nominated. It is disappointing, though, to constantly see someone be nominated year after year, and not win the coveted "golden man" (as it were).

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