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  1. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    Wait.... It's not a real tree? It's made of concrete? Now, I'm having flashbacks of two weeks ago when my parents told me Santa wasn't real.
  2. A Wrinkle in Time

    I remember this one. I tried watching it for the first time about a year ago, and couldn't get all the way through it. I don't see its appeal, although I know it has a fanbase
  3. A Wrinkle in Time

    I may have mentioned before that I'm an avid Disney fan, but honestly, I'm not looking forward to this film. I feel compelled to watch it only because I made a goal to watch every Disney movie in theaters until the day I die, so...
  4. Curious to see what other people think of this teaser. I'm excited, but hesitant. I was not a fan of Disney's recent Jungle Book remake, although I did enjoy Beauty and the Beast. I think this might be a sequel, not a remake, as the second book in the Mary Poppins series has a similar title (Mary Poppins Comes Back). I will say that I noticed a few Easter eggs.
  5. Mary Poppins Returns Teaser Trailer

    I wouldn't, but as I've made a goal to see every Disney movie in theaters until the day I die, I feel morally obligated to do so.
  6. Mary Poppins Returns Teaser Trailer

    Exactly my sentiments.
  7. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    *updated* (as of this moment in time) 1. Bette Davis 2. Katharine Hepburn 3. Carol Burnett Runners up: Madeline Kahn, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Angela Lansbury, Carole Lombard.
  8. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    I had no desire to watch the Awards this year. Ever since I stopped working at the movie theater, my movie-game has been significantly, subsequently at an all-time low. I really wasn't all that interested in a lot of the nominees anyway. I'm fairly certain I only watched nineteen 2017 movies in 2017, but some of those were Netflix original movies, the Newsies Broadway recording, and the Barbra Streisand live concert special.
  9. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    I would say I'm on board with a lot of the call for social and professional reform these days, but there is a fine line between bringing attention and calling for a change, and shoving it down people's throats (i apologize if that sounds rather strong).
  10. What's in a Name?

    Movies with names in the titles... Laura (1944)
  11. What Are You Watching Now?

    I always got a kick out of the fact that the cat's name is Lucifer. I bet the people in charge were huge cat people, no?
  12. What Are You Watching Now?

    One of my favorite Cogsworth quotes is: "Well, there's the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep."
  13. I Just Watched...

    LETHAL WEAPON (1987): starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. I don't have too much to say about this one. It was on my list so I felt compelled to watch it. It started out fairly promising, but didn't end up that way. The ending with Mel beating up one of the criminals really seemed pointless and annoyingly drawn out to me. I'm glad I was able to watch another of the movies on my list, but I probably won't watch this again.
  14. I Just Watched...

    I loathed Fearless Vampire Killers and I agree with you about Rosemary's Baby. I really was barely able to finish it. I guess other people like it, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.
  15. I Just Watched...

    You're not missing much.
  16. I Just Watched...

    DICK TRACY (1990) Starring Warren Beatty & Madonna, with Charlie Korsmo, Dick Van Dyke, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Mandy Patinkin, Paul Sorvino, and Kathy Bates. I'm not overly impressed. I think Warren does a good job of portraying the iconic serial detective, and Charlie Korsmo is certainly endearing as "The Kid." It took me a little while (I embarrassingly admit) to realize the character of Big Boy Caprice was played by Mr. Pacino, and almost no time at all to realize that the "Mumbles" character was played by Mr. Hoffman. I enjoyed all the bright colors and some oversized props (reminds me a little bit of the whole aesthetic of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit...") Decent enough, although Madonna's attempt at nightclub singing really got on my nerves throughout the film, but alas.
  17. What Are You Watching Now?

    Yes, she does. My mom senses when she's about to lay eggs, and attaches it to the box when it's "time."
  18. What Are You Watching Now?

    I have birds too (2 parakeets, named Broadway and Bernadette; Bogart died unfortunately a little while ago). We are currently stuck with 7 baby birds, and have inadvertently become bird breeders, as "Fertile Myrtle" over here laid her 3rd clutch in about 7 months.
  19. What Are You Watching Now?

    SCROOGE (1970): the musical version starring Albert Finney. I saw that Leslie Bricusse did the music and lyrics for this, so I have high hopes as far as the score goes. He wrote the music/lyrics for Doctor Dolittle (1967) which I adore, as well as for Willy Wonka (1971) and Goodbye Mr. Chips (1969) and Victor Victoria (1982). Quite the movie musical resume, if I do say so myself.
  20. I'd like to thank all the little people!

    This isn't a specific performer, but I often wonder about that huge group of extras in that one Gone with the Wind (1939) scene in which Scarlett searches for the doctor to deliver Melanie's baby, and all the wounded Confederate soldiers are laying on the ground, and the camera pans out to show just how extensive this group is. I just wonder who all those people are, and whether or not any of them are still alive to this day.
  21. I Just Watched...

    DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID (1982) Starring Steve Martin, Rachel Ward, and Carl Reiner. My first time watching this comedy/mystery; I liked it enough. I appreciate the decision to film it entirely in black and white; the reasoning for this primarily being because of the several "cameos" by such stars as Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster. The writers really did their research. Bits of movies of some of Hollywood's most illustrious stars like Stanwyck, Cagney, Crawford, Lake, Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Bogart, Laughton, Price, Ladd, Bergman, Cary, Kirk Douglas, Gardner, and Lancaster were incorporated into the movie's plot. It was interesting to see classic Hollywood actors "co-starring" with Steve Martin. I thought that was an original and ingenious idea. I thought it was funny how Veronica Lake's character was named "Monica Stillpond." I quickly figured out who they were talking about once they said her name. I'd give this one a 3/5.
  22. What Are You Watching Now?

    Just like in THE MUSIC MAN (1962). Shirley Jones plays a 20-something woman with young Ron Howard (he was 8 when the movie was released) as a little brother, and Pert Kelton played their mother (she was 55 at the release of the film). It really didn't make sense to me when I first watched it, and it still doesn't. While we're on the subject of older women with tiny children (there's nothing wrong with that, believe me), I have to agree about Mrs. Potts and Chip in the animated "Beauty and the Beast." She has white hair, and is clearly meant to be "past her prime," yet she has a 7 yr old son. Not to mention all of Chip's teacup siblings; there's gotta be at least 15 more of the little tykes... Now that I think of it, maybe Mrs. Potts in the animated film is an older woman who has taken young orphans into the castle to care for or something. But they essentially didn't show any other teacups in the recent remake.
  23. I Just Watched...

    CORALINE (2009) for the 7th time in 6 months or so. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I just really enjoy the use of color and the animation style.
  24. What Are You Watching Now?

    No surprise here, but I'm most likely going to watch the movie, Coraline, for a 7th time. I really don't know what it is about this one that captivates my attention, but here we are.
  25. I Just Watched...

    This is honestly one of the first older movies I remember watching during my re-immersion into old movies. I could not tell you what this movie was about without reading your synopsis; you are correct, it certainly is forgettable. I didn't hate it, but we can't all be The Thin Man or Bringing up Baby.

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